BlackBerry App World Now Viewable From the Web

Finally! One of the big pitfalls of BlackBerry App World to date has been the fact apps have only been viewable from the on-device client. Now RIM has launched a web portal for it at that allows you to browse apps from your desktop computer. When you find an app that you like in the catalogue, you can email yourself the link to complete the purchase and download via the App World client on your device (you can't purchase or download from the site). It's not a full desktop solution, but it's much handier than trying to browse apps in the on-device client. Overall the solution looks really nice - good job RIM!

CrackBerry Tip: If you check out the apps in app world and find one you like, be sure to click back to the CrackBerry App Store at - you may just find it for cheaper ($99 cent minimum pricing vs. $2.99 and developers run lots of promos and sales here) plus you're helping to support! You can learn more about App Stores available for the BlackBerry here.