BlackBerry App World: Nine Must-Do Fixes for RIM's App Store

It's been on the mind of some since BlackBerry App World launched, but good friend of CrackBerry Al Sacco lays out a few things for us all that must be done with BlackBerry App World if it is indeed here for the long haul in a new article on

Much like Boy Genius' article the other day, where he shared his feelings on the future of RIM if changes were not made swiftly, Al gives us all a great perspective and insight for the future of App World if changes are not made within that realm as well. Be sure to check it out for a good read through and if you haven't done so already, read the BG's post as well. Both put words to what many have been grumbling for a while now and call RIM out to pick up their game in areas where they've been slacking. Hopefully it all means good things for us BlackBery users in the not so distant future.