Coming Soon... BlackBerry App World

BIG NEWS HERE... RIM has OFFICIALLY announced the name of their upcoming application storefront and they've gone with... BlackBerry App World!

The site for developers will be updated tonight and should be live again by 10pm (Eastern Time). In other words...the following link below won't work until tonight! At the same time, they will launch a sign up page for users who want to be alerted when BlackBerry App World goes live. They should go register at

As for the rollout of BlackBerry App World, back at the Developer's Conference RIM promised we'd see something by the end of March, which will come up quick. I won't be too surprised if we see it get pushed back a bit, but at least this is a sign that it's coming sooner than later. So how do you like the name?! I wonder what other surprises RIM has in store for us on the app world front... I bet we'll find out more tonight when the new site goes live! ;-)

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