BlackBerry App World

"It's never too late to be who you might have been." said English novelist George Eliot. And this may just be the case for BlackBerry App World, which recently opened its doors to the people of the United Arab Emirates. Stories of success are to be found in almost every corner of the Web, including Twitter, but a few reports suggest that access to BlackBerry App World is only part of a testing phase and access may cease to exist soon.

As the BlackBerry PlayBook is only weeks away from its launch in North America, flicking the switch on BlackBerry App World for a public test in the Emirates may indicate that RIM is starting preparation for the international launch of its forthcoming tablet. But we live in the now, and BlackBerry smartphone users are more than likely wondering what is going on around them - don't worry. By the looks of it, complete access to BlackBerry App World in the UAE is on its way, but for now, enjoy what you currently have and make the most of it!