BlackBerry Carrier Billing

RIM has announced that they are working together with Spanish based mobile operator Telefónica to enable App World carrier billing. This will allow Telefónica customers to purchase apps on App World and be charged through their monthly bill. As well as that, In-app purchases can also be charged via their monthly bill allowing for a more seamless purchase of digital goods.

Joaquin Mata, Global Head of Financial Services for Telefónica says, "Carrier billing is a payment method that brings a unique user experience and will further develop the on-device virtual goods and applications business."

Telefónica is one of the largest mobile operators worldwide and is present in 25 countries around Europe and Latin America. Currently the only way to pay for App World purchases is through PayPal and I have been waiting for something like this would come along. Here's hoping that more networks will adopt carrier billing in the near future.


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