BlackBerry App World Goes Live!

True to their word and not a moment to soon, Research in Motion just launched BlackBerry App World. You can head on over to on your BlackBerry or from your PC to download the App World client. For an overview of RIM's new app store, be sure to check out this BlackBerry App World Overview .pdf.

We've been following RIM's application storefront endeavor since they first dropped word of it back at the BlackBerry Developer Conference, so it's nice to see them pull through and get this launched. Big congrats go to the App World team! At the time of this post, we have yet to give the BlackBerry App World a test drive, so we'll report back with our thoughts once we return from a brief world tour and hear what RIM's coCEO Mike L has to say at his CTIA keynote in the morning. Be sure to drop your initial reactions in the comments! 

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