BlackBerry App World Announcement

* Update: Well, the 10pm EST exciting announcement wasn't all that exciting (they announced that you can now sign up for announcements?!), but RIM has now put up their BlackBerry App World teaser site. Developers can sign up to begin submitting their apps for inclusion in the launch of App World if they haven't already and consumers can now register to stay notified of updates. To purchase from App World a PayPal account will be required, and RIM has tossed a page up on the site directing people to create their accounts. We'll let you know if any other App World details emerge... there's definitely still a few bits of info I'm waiting to see surface. Gotta love that BlackBerry logo within a circle in the image above though... somhow it looks very CrackBerry-esque!  *

Following up on our post earlier today announcing that RIM has given its application storefront the BlackBerry App World name, tonight at 10pm EST they're apparently going to make an exciting announcement...

We'll drop and discuss the details here in the blogs once we hear the big news. In the meantime, you can click the image above to jump on over to the announcement site.