An article posted by Business Week is stating that on April 1st, co-CEO of RIM, Mike Lazaridis will be taking stage in Las Vegas at CTIA to officially announce the availability of the BlackBerry App World to the public. We know that RIM has been putting the word out to all developers and have been reaching out to consumers non-stop, and anyone signed up for updates from RIM has probably recieved at a minimum 5 emails regarding BlackBerry App World and its soon to be available status.

The April 1st date shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. Back at the Developer Conference when the "application storefront" was first announced RIM basically promised we'd see it launch by the end of March. Kevin will be on location in Vegas next week at CTIA for when Mike L. takes the stage and will report back any news from the head honcho. But I have to wonder if App World is ready for primetime as of yet as I haven't really heard any chatter from the developer community or otherwise on it. Guess we'll have to wait and see how April 1st turns out. What a day to launch a new service though... for RIM's sake I hope the App World rollout runs smooth and is well-received or else I can already see the April Fool's... App World What a Joke headlines that'll pop up. Best of luck RIM!

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