App World Birthday

If you've fired up BlackBerry App World today, you will have noticed a banner inside stating "Happy Birthday BlackBerry App World". That's because three years ago today, Research in Motion launched BlackBerry App World to the masses starting off with just over 1,000 applications available for download. In those three years, BlackBerry App World has since grown to what is now over 70,000 applications, extended it's reach to multiple countries and created partnerships with thousands of developers and carriers and continues to be a main focal point of the RIM ecosystem.

One would think there would be a bit more celebration over it's third birthday right? Not this time around. This time around BlackBerry App World birthday celebrations will be quiet and when questioned why there was no further celebrations beyond the highlight inside BlackBerry App World, Alex Kinsella, Senior Public Relations and Social Media Manager at Research In Motion said what I wanted to hear:

Everyone's heads down on BB10 - we'll celebrate then. :)

So alas, while BlackBerry App World is celebrating its third birthday, I take satisfaction in knowing that the reason there was very little mention of it from RIM directly, is due to the fact they're working on many other major improvements instead.

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