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The tip line is blowing up with news of the latest BlackBerry App World update. Version is hitting the BlackBerry Beta Zone for most users and is ready to download. The update includes some various tweaks and fixes to keep things in top shape. Updates include:

  • Performance and speed enhancements across all BlackBerry devices
  • Multiple translation/localization errors
  • Multiple instances of UI lag
  • Apps not appearing in "My World" for some users
  • User continuously notified to update the same applications when on the latest version
  • Memory leak occurring and taking up too much device memory
  • Null pointer exception during downloads
  • Escaping out of viewing app description returns user to top of installed/uninstalled list - App World should not go back to the top of list but return to the previously viewed app in the list
  • Error when opening and closing some apps with the error message: "Uncaught Exception;Attempt to delete a field that doesn't belong to the manager"
  • Unable to upgrade "Try and Buy" app after installing App World 3.0
  • "OutOfMemoryError" when attempting to launch App World
  • No "reinstall" button available for Facebook / BB Bridge / etc in App World after deletion
  • The "Reboot" option is available in the menu of AppWorld 2.1.x.x and it does not show in AppWorld 3.0.0.x

If you're a member of the Beta Zone you should be able to download the new version now. If you haven't yet registered you may do so from the link below.

Enter the BlackBerry Beta Zone

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