Roundup Sept 24

Howdy and welcome to the weekly app roundup! This week we’ve seen some mighty purdy pics of the BlackBerry Storm 9570 struttin around with OS 6, and even some Rogers dummy units of the Torch 9800. I was hoping to lasso one myself, but it looks like I’ll be chompin’ at the bit for another week, while I wait for the release date of September 30th. Maybe I can get the rest of the Crack Team to nab one when they mosey on down to Devcon. Today, we announce the winners of the Tether giveaway last week and put up 50 copies of MiniNotes to give away. Have a terrific weekend! Giddy up!

Freebies of the Week: Dropbox, Look and Listen – Memory Game

In Case You Missed It: GesturePad, bbCasa, Meebo

New This Week: BBTweet Media Player, Picture Time Stamp, Data Monitor

Cool at BlackBerry App World: BlackBerry DEVCON mobile guide

Contest: Enter to win 1 of 50 copies of MiniNotes!

Freebies Of The Week:


Dropbox -The wait is finally over. Dropbox offers to keep you connected to your files, no matter where you are. A free account gives you 2 GB of space to use. You can also check out their Pro packages for more storage options. $9.99/month gives you 50GB of storage, while $19.99/month gives you 100 GB.


  • Access your Dropbox on the go: All the contents of your Dropbox are available for viewing. You can even stream music and movies in your Dropbox straight to your Blackberry.
  • Upload files and sync them to your Dropbox: Upload photos from your Blackberry and email its public link to a friend in less than a minute.
  • Share links to files in your Dropbox: Yes! Any file in your Dropbox!

Download it free from their website.

Look and Listen

Look And Listen: Memory Game -Do you think you have a good memory and excellent hearing? Test yourself... Look & Listen! The application is the descendant of the popular memory game trend as Simon Says, Copy Cat and others.


  • Two levels of complexity
  • Adjustments of keys
  • Choice between 3 instruments: classic, guitar, piano
  • Three game speed level
  • As a bonus - free great mood! But, guys, caution, the game is extremely challenging and addictive

Free from BlackBerry App World

In Case You Missed It:


GesturePad -Tired of searching through lists of icons and lists to find the contact or application you want? GesturePad allows you to define custom gestures and assign them to various tasks including: composing an Email, composing an SMS message, calling a phone number, showing all of a person's contact options, opening a website and launching an application. It's simple to setup and even simpler to use! Simply add a new gesture from the options screen of the application by drawing the desired gesture, giving it a name and then telling it what action to perform. Once you save your changes, you can swipe that gesture on the main gesture screen and your action will be performed. You can even go back into the options and modify any gesture or delete it.

The application works best if you assign it to a convenience key. To do this, enter the screen/keyboard options screen of your device and change the appropriate option there.


  • Unlimited number of custom gestures can be added
  • Gesture to compose an email to a specific address
  • Gesture to compose an SMS to a specific number
  • Gesture to call a specific phone number
  • Gesture to show all of a person's contact information
  • Gesture to open a specific website
  • Gesture to launch an application
  • Option to have a confirmation prompt after gesture
  • Option to have the application close once the gesture is recognized and the action is performed
  • Ability to modify or delete gestures after you have created them
  • The simplest way to get things done!

Remember that you need to have a touch screen BlackBerry.

$0.99 from the CrackBerry App Store


bbCasa/vCasa -vCasa allows you to upload, share, view, manage and comment Google Picasa Web Albums. Note that you must be running OS 5.0 or higher. All the goodness of Picasa for the mobile shutterbug.


  • View all your Picasa Web Albums
  • Share your Picasa Web Albums and Photos
  • View info about Photos and Albums
  • View and post Comments
  • Create Albums and Upload Photos
  • Your photos + photos of your friends

$2.99 from the CrackBerry App Store


Meebo -Connect with all your friends, no matter where they do their instant messaging. Meebo Messenger lets you access your buddies on all the major networks (AIM, Yahoo!, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber) in a single buddylist, right from your browser. Include everyone and chat the warm fuzzy way! It’s fast, it’s free, and it’s just plain nice to look at. Available now for touch-screen and trackball models.


  • Full chat history - Looking for a link or phone number someone sent you over IM? Access your full Meebo chat history with any user.
  • Sync with Meebo - Transition seamlessly from a conversation on your BlackBerry to your desktop and back. Synchronized IM sessions, smart notifications, and location control.
  • Multiple Models - The app works equally well with all BlackBerry models with a trackball or touchscreen. No matter what model of BlackBerry you have, the Meebo app will let you take control of your mobile IM life.
  • Amazing Design - Meebo for BlackBerry sets a new standard in BlackBerry app design.
  • We've worked hard to make using Meebo on your BlackBerry intuitive and fun!

Currently in beta- check out their website

New This Week:

BBTweet Media Player

BBTweet Media Player -BBTweet Media Player is a BlackBerry media player application that allows you to socialize what you are listening to through Twitter. Link the BBTweet Media Player with a Twitter account. This can be your primary Twitter account or a new now listening account for just your now playing status updates.

From the BBTweet Media Player app you can automatically or manually post now playing status updates to you Twitter time line. You can also link your music tracks with your favorite artist twitter handles and give the artists Twitter mentions while you listen to their music.


  • Full media player app
  • Auto tweet now playing status updates while you listen to your music
  • Turn off auto tweet while you listen to your music
  • Manually tweet custom status updates based on what you are listening to
  • Play music based on selected root folder
  • Play music in order or randomize the playlist
  • Link artist twitter handles to your tracks
  • Generate artist mentions in your tweets
  • View artist twitter info from in the app
  • Follow/Unfollow artist from in the app

$1.99 from the CrackBerry App Store

Picture TimeStamp

Picture TimeStamp -Picture TimeStamp will automatically print the current datetime or custom text and optionally a logo graphic to the picture taken with the camera application. You can also manually select a picture to time stamp from the Media or Files applications.

The stamped picture can be stored in a separate folder or in the original folder. You can choose different datetime format, text font, text color, text size and position to print the datetime or text. Logo can be any size and can be positioned basically anyway on the screen. Picture TimeStamp can only save picture in JPG format and the maximum size is 1024 x 768. If the picture is too large it will be resized. You have an option to delete the original picture or keep it. You also have an option to control the JPG quality when saving. Picture TimeStamp is a perfect tool to protect your original work and it also helps you keep all your photos organized.


  • Automatically print the text and logo on the picture taken with the Camera app
  • Automatically rotates the picture if taken in different orientation
  • Automatically resize the picture if it is too big
  • Save all pictures to a different folder
  • Control the text font, color, size and position
  • Logo printed can be any size and format can be jpg, png and bmp
  • Optionally delete or keep the original picture
  • Integrates with the System Camera, Media and Files applications
  • You can time and logo stamp and picture using the Media or Files applications
  • On the fly custom text. You can enter a different custom text whenever you take a new picture
  • Optionally prompt you to stamp the picture

$2.99 from the CrackBerry App Store

Data Monitor

Data Monitor -Finally, an application that lets you track your data usage on your BlackBerry. This app will save you money! See the data you are using hourly, daily, weekly, monthy and even on a yearly basis! Setup your custom logs to manage your data consumption.

Customize the billing cycle and data limits to your own personal plan and set notifications that alert you on how much data you have used. Compare the data you use while connected to 3G, GPRS and over WiFi. Even track the data used while roaming to save hundreds of dollars in data roaming charges. See your daily data limit, and use Data Monitor to effectively use your BlackBerry and never have the dreaded bill shock again! Compatible with all networks, plans and devices. The application you have been waiting for! Download now and master your data usage with the only Data Monitor for BlackBerry.


  • Shows your Data Usage
  • GPRS, 3G, WiFi and Roaming Statistics
  • Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Data Usage Logs
  • Setup custom logs
  • Notifications to inform you when data limit reached
  • Setup custom data limits and billing cycles
  • Accurate reporting informs you and save you money

Currently on sale for $4.99 from the CrackBerry App Store

Cool In BlackBerry App World:

DEVCON Mobile Guide

BlackBerry DEVCON Mobile Guide -The Mobile Conference Guide for DEVCON 2010 is a handy, easy way to schedule your time and keep up on what’s happening, right from your BlackBerry smartphone. You can view the full list of breakout sessions, look up details such as speakers, their sessions, search for sponsors.  This will be your onsite tool to fill out breakout session surveys, review conference maps and stay up to date with the latest developer blog posts and much more. This conference app will automatically update you when there are schedule changes, and synchronize with your conference calendar in the My Schedule tool on your desktop.

Please note: Access to some features are restricted to registered users of DEVCON 2010.

Free at BlackBerry App World



MiniNotes -MiniNotes is a fun and cool replacement for the native MemoPad application. With MiniNotes, you can easily categorize you notes, alter the font to include italics and bold and more. Universal search with OS 6.0 is also supported.


  • The Notes are stored in the SDCard.
  • The text in the Notes can be formated: Font, Color, Size, Bold & Italics.
  • Notes with a image background, we offer 10 different colors.
  • Notes filtered by categories.
  • Notes filtered by words in the titles.
  • Custom labels for the categories.
  • Export to a text file.
  • Import of existing memos in the MemoPad application.

$2.99 from the CrackBerry App Store

We have 50 copies of MiniNotes up for grabs! All you have to do is leave a comment to be entered. Winners will be announced next week. Speaking of announcements, here are the 25 winners of the Tether contest.  Congratulations!

Contest Winners:

*Congrats to everyone! You should receive emails soon, so reply ASAP*

Until Next Week..

Well there you have it folks! I hope you enjoyed the apps we managed to corral this week. If you have any information on software (including news and tips), or if you are developer looking to be in the spotlight (or contest) let me know via email at [email protected] or

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