KeepTrack Pro by Zagalaga

KeepTrack Pro

On another search through the Amazon Underground (normally priced at $1.99) I came across this simple yet flexible tool for tracking just about anything you can think of. Whether you wish to track your weight, exercises, books read, medications, amount of coffee, or any other kind of information you can all from this app. It is designed to track numerical values, text, yes/no questions, mark specific times, predefined values, and duration. Once a tracker is created you can set an initial and default value, set a goal value, and enter in the units and increments. What I find interesting is what happens once you start tracking. KeepTrack Pro creates reports based on your entries. You can view the results as a list or a graph, which is a nice way to visualize your progress. There is also a stats page for even more detailed information. You can download this for free, at the time of this post, in the Amazon Underground App.

Learn how to install KeepTrack Pro from the Amazon Appstore