Slydris by Radiangames


Going through the Amazon Underground I came across Slydris. This addictive puzzler is free in the Underground, as it is normally $1.99. As someone who grew up addicted to Tetris, firing up my Passport and downloading this game was a no brainer. The premise is simple but it is no easy feat to accomplish. Your goal is to slide the blocks that fall from the top to create full lines of blocks at the bottom to clear them. Players can create combos, create a row of a single color for a burster, and even utilize other special blocks (including bombs) to enhance gameplay. There are three modes to choose from: Infinite, Zen Mode, and Survival. All it takes is clearing 25 lines to advance to the next level. You can find it in the Amazon Underground App.

Learn how to install Slydris from the Amazon Appstore