BlackBerry app round up September 10th 2010

Howdy and welcome to another app roundup. Hol-eee Toledo! CrackBerry Idol winds up today! It’s been a crazy summer as everyone was waiting to see who will be the latest member of the rootin’, tootin’ CrackBerry team! I reckon they’ve been nervous as heck throughout the entire contest. Just a shakin’ in their boots! We also have a whole herd of contests to enter in this week. Speaking of contests, we’ve also got 10 copies of Fixmo Tools to give away this week as well. Leave a comment and you are as good as entered. PLUS the winners of 10 one year subscriptions to Nobex Radio Companion are announced! Have a terrific weekend! Giddy up!

Freebies of the Week: TextWarrior, Visa Insider

In Case You Missed It: Feeds, Nimbuzz, ProOnGo Expense

New This Week: PC-Keypad, ThinkOfMe, Cycle Maps

Cool at BlackBerry App World: Truck Stop Coupons

Contest: Enter to win 1 of 10 copies of Fixmo Tools!

Freebies Of The Week:


TextWarrior - TextWarrior is a text editor for BlackBerry devices, geared towards power-users. It grew out of frustration of the lack of a basic text editor in the BlackBerry (MemoPad doesn't qualify). Surprising, considering BlackBerry devices have such excellent keyboards and screens. While we are at it, why not add programmer-friendly features like syntax highlighting and an expanded symbol screen. Best of all, TextWarrior is free in cost and open-source!

** Note ** This is an alpha version and the source code would only be available after the beta release. This release is meant to gather user feedback, suggestions and bug reports, and will help in deciding which features to add in the next version. Help from Spanish, German and French speakers to verify the localized interface is also much appreciated.


  • Syntax highlighting for C, C++, and Java. Multi-line comments and multi-line string literals are not supported (yet).
  • Tab display. Insert a tab by pressing Shift+space. Customize the width of a tab in the Options screen.
  • Full horizontal and vertical scrolling of text. Word-wrap is not likely to be supported in the near future. If word wrap is important to you, try BBNotePad, another free program.
  • On-screen search panel. To switch between the panel and text area, press Shift+Enter.
  • Search forward and backward.
  • Replace and replace all.
  • Categorized symbol screen. The symbol screen can only be accessed through the main menu. Pressing the SYM key (for BlackBerry devices that have it) has no effect. If no symbols are inserted, check that TextWarrior has permissions for keystroke injection. Permissions can be set in BlackBerry Options -> Advanced Options -> Applications -> TextWarrior -> Edit Permissions -> Interactions -> Keystroke Injection -> Allow.
  • Standard BlackBerry shortcuts for select, cut, copy and paste are supported.
  • Select all.
  • Supports opening of text files created in Windows, Unix/Linux, Mac OS9/OSX and most other operating systems. If the file is subsequently edited, it will be saved back in the original format.
  • Near-instantaneous opening of files saved in Unix/Linux format, regardless of size.
  • Localization for Spanish, German and French.

FREE in CrackBerry App Store!

Visa Insider

Visa Insider -Get the Visa Insider App for your BlackBerry® and you'll be on the 'inside' for all the excitement in Toronto this September. OF course the excitement in Toronto refers to the Toronto International Film Festival (or TIFF). With this app you can:

  • find out what films are showing at the VISA Screening Room
  • find out where A-listers have been spotted
  • submit your own celebrity sightings
  • find your way to all the 'hot spots' around the city
  • see what the Visa 'insiders' are saying
  • watch exclusive red carpet interviews
  • view celebrity photos
  • get access to amazing Visaperks and offers

FREE in BlackBerry App World!

In Case You Missed It:


Feeds - Feeds is a clean and beautiful Google Reader Client for your BlackBerry® device. When using Feeds, all of your actions will be synced with Google Reader. This means if you read an article in Feeds, then the next time you view your feeds on Google Reader, it will also be marked as read. Like wise if you read an item on Google Reader, the next time you open Feeds that article will be marked as read.


  • Complete two-way integration with Google Reader
  • Fast and intuitive interface that allows you to focus on your feeds
  • Manage your unread and starred items
  • Settings to control how many feeds are download at once (for slow network connections)
  • Mark entire folders or feeds as read with one click
  • Fully optimized for minimal memory and battery usage
  • Ability to disable images within feeds for slow network connections, as well as a Wi-Fi only option
  • Ability to read items while offline (but no syncing will occur)

$2.99 in BlackBerry App World!


Nimbuzz -Nimbuzz is free instant messaging with friends and family on Nimbuzz, and all popular instant messaging (MSN, Skype, Google,Yahoo, AIM, ICQ) and social networks (Facebook, MySpace, Hyves) in one place. Free messaging saves money on texts (SMS).

Nimbuzz friend suggestions show you which of your phone contacts are already on Nimbuzz so you can connect with them to save money on text messaging. Chat History keeps your conversations handy for later use to look up important information. Over 25 million people already use Nimbuzz. Join mobile freedom and demand more from your mobile!

FREE in BlackBerry AppWorld!

ProOnGo Expense

ProOnGo Expense -ProOnGo Expense is an award-winning expense tracking app that makes storing and managing your expenses easier. Tracking regular expenses is extremely easy; Just take a picture of your receipt with your phone's camera, then the app will extract the receipt amount, merchant name and date and automatically generate an expense report based on the data. When it's time to submit the expense report, subscription users can export their expenses as an Excel spreadsheet, XML, QuickBooks Pro file type, Fax to any number in North America, or sync the expenses with QuickBooks Online Edition or PayServ.

ProOnGo Expense also tracks mileage via the BlackBerry's GPS, and track time expenses from your BlackBerry call logs. Other features include currency conversion, automatically recurring expenses, and integration with your phone's calendar and contacts.

FREE in CrackBerry App Store!

New This Week:


PC-Keypad -PC-Keypad consists of two parts; a device application, and a PC side application. Using a USB connection, you can easily and seamlessly control your Blackberry. You can use it to navigate through menus, or to type messages and e-mail messages using your full size keyboard, or even using your PC's touchscreen!


  • PC-Keypad allows you to control your Blackberry from your Windows PC via a USB connection.
  • Use your PC's full size keyboard, or your PC's touchscreen (where applicable) to control your Blackberry.
  • You can use PC-Keypad to control your device, and to type messages and e-mails.

$6.99 in CrackBerry App Store!


ThinkOfMe - Ever forgot your mother's birthday or every forgot your wife's or husband's birthday? Do you wish you had somebody you can rely on that reminds you when an important birthday is coming up so you never get in such an embarrassing situation again? ThinkOfMe is this somebody. It will discreetly remind you of any upcoming birthday you have in your BlackBerry Address Book. So download ThinkOfMe today and stop worrying about forgetting those important days in your loved ones' and friend's lives. And if you are missing a birthday for a contact, just send her or him a SMS from ThinkOfMe to ask for it. When she or he replies, ThinkOfMe will take care of all and update your address book automatically. It will also discreetly remind you a second time of somebody's birthday if you haven't contacted her or him yet after a few hours of the initial reminder.

$0.99 in BlackBerry App World!

Cycle Maps

Cycle Maps - Go cycling a lot? Get Cycling maps that highlight national and local cycle routes in your area. App includes a cycle computer showing you distance and speed. Record the route you rode and see it on the map, or upload it to our website and see it on Google Earth. Also included is waypoint navigation so you can mark particular points. High quality maps in a fast and responsive app, that also supports a host of other GPS related features. Use the volume control or 1/3 keys to zoom in and out

Whether you want a simple cycling map application or something to go Geocaching with - Cycle maps is it. Providing detailed maps of most of the world, including not just roads but other features such as walking paths, cycle routes, bus and train stops, businesses etc. The application uses your phone's GPS to show you where you are, what direction you're cycling in and what your speed is. Quickly navigate back to fixed points such as where you parked your bike or your friend's house by marking the spot. Maps are based on - please checkout the website to see what maps in your area look like.


  • Application loads instantly (excluding map downloads)
  • Smooth interface
  • Waypoints (export in GPX format with track)
  • Find your car by marking it on the map
  • Records track, exports to GPX format - map them in Google Earth at aztux dot com
  • Trip meter/odometer - see how far you've travelled.
  • Speedometer
  • Compass
  • Search feature
  • Multiple units (km/miles)
  • Lattitude and Longitude display

On sale for $3.99 in CrackBerry App Store!

Cool In BlackBerry App World:

Truck Stop Coupons

Truck Stop Coupons - Save money while on the road with the free Truck Stop Coupon app. Powered by the website, the Truck Stop Coupon app helps you find current promotions on food, products and services at truck stops across the country. It also locates truck stops near a city, your current location, along an interstate, or at a specific exit -- and provides directions. The database of truck stops powering this app is the most complete in the country and is updated daily. Features include: - Find coupons and sales specials offered by truck stops - Add coupons and sales specials to your favorites - Search for truck stops within a 50-mile radius, along an interstate or U.S. highway, by exit number, by city - Add truck stops to your favorites (My Truck Stops) list - View truck stop locations on a map - Use turn-by-turn directions to the truck stop - With the “call the truck stop” feature, the app will use your phone to make the call.

FREE in BlackBerry App World!


Fixmo Tools

Fixmo Tools practically turns you into Batman by becoming a virtual utility belt for your BlackBerry. Hmm I guess that would make your BlackBerry Batman and you Robin. It’s an ever evolving application that provides a slough of tools to enhance your smart phone. Some of the features include:

  • Undelete is your phone’s “recycling bin.” You can retrieve deleted email, PIN messages, calendar events, tasks, and memos. Undelete is integrated into the existing message system menus.
  • Flame Retardant helps you save face. It warns if you’re about to: • Reply All to a message on which you were BCC’d when you want to reply only to the sender, • Use potentially inappropriate content, such as profanities or excessive punctuation and capitalization (which can imply shouting), • Add unintended recipients. Flame Retardant will ask you to double-check your recipient list based on the domains you’re sending to. Keep clients and friends off of those internal business emails!
  • Silencer watches your calendar and completely silences during scheduled events. (No rings, alerts, or other sounds) For unexpected events, use Quick Silence, and set it for any duration. (The movie theatre will thank you.)
  • Forward/Reply with Edit lets you edit the original message when you reply or forward it. Like Undelete, this essential utility integrates seamlessly into the existing BlackBerry e-mail menus.
  • Battery Watch is your early warning system. It monitors power usage and warns you when your battery reaches low levels. Detailed statistics estimate how much talk, browsing, standby and other app time you have left so you don't run out at a bad time.
  • Memory Monitor is your phone’s “check up.” It tracks detailed memory stats and gives you an insight into your phone’s performance across both RAM and device memory.

We have 10 copies of Fixmo Tools for 10 lucky varments. All you have to do is leave a comment to be entered. Finally we get to the good stuff- here are the winners of the Nobex Radio Companion contest. Can I get a drum roll?

Contest Winners:

mr fun
Rapid Dr3am
*Congrats to everyone! You should receive emails soon, so reply ASAP*

Until Next Week..

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