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Brrrrrr it's getting cold up here in Canada. While Kevin is down in San Diego for CTIA, I'm stuck here whipping up this week's roundup :) (be sure to follow Kevin on Twitter @crackberrykevin) Really though it's not so bad, I enjoy it... So let's get right down to it! Covered in this week's roundup are the following titles:

In Case You Missed It: Tie Master 3.1, Vonage Mobile for BlackBerry, RIM Announces BlackBerry Widget SDK 1.0 Beta 1, Bolt 1.5 Released, Facebook Mobile Site Gets a New Look

New This Week: e-GPS, AnswersLite, Gator Nation Theme for the Storm, SBSH SafeWallet PC Companion

Apps on Sale: Berry Wars, Flag Your Emails, I Charge Cool, Textender, Mobile Checkbook for BlackBerry

Cool at BlackBerry App World: Bubble Bash 2

Freebie of the Week: CrackBerry Theme for BlackBerry!

Note: Don't forget, you can always search for titles featured in the App Roundup within App World... Some apps mentioned may be available there for your device.

In Case You Missed It...

Just in case you missed these titles, below are some apps that were covered in the CrackBerry Blogs this past week. Check 'em out!

Tie Master 3.1

Tie Master 3.1

I couldn't go this week without mentioning the new Tie Master app Bla1ze told us about earlier in the week. I've always had issues tying a proper knot, and most of the time, I'll leave a tie tied up for use again. Kinda lazy I know, but it's worked for me... until now. Why? Know thanks to Tie Master, I can pop open this nifty little app and it will show me step-by-step how to tie my tie. In all there are 5 different knots you can go through, and each has 6 easy steps.

For more info or to purchase for $1.99 (on sale until November 1st), hit up our store.

Vonage Mobile for BlackBerry

Vonage Mobile for BlackBerry

Vonage Mobile for BlackBerry is now available. It allows you to make pretty darn low-cost international calls using the Vonage service. Using it is amazingly easy. Install the app, and from then on, whenever you dial a long-distance number, it will call through the Vonage service. Excellent. You can pay for your calls via a pay-as-you-go plan, so simply top up your account when the funds are getting a bit low.

Pick up all the details at

RIM Announces BlackBerry Widget SDK 1.0 Beta 1

BlackBerry Widget SDK

If you're a developer and haven't checked this out yet... what's wrong with you!? :P RIM has released a new SDK for developers called the BlackBerry Widget SDK 1.0 Beta 1. With OS 5.0 coming soon, we're on the cusp of widget integration. Developers best get on this right away. Some great description from the official press release:

A BlackBerry Widget uses the BlackBerry® Browser engine to render an application's user interface using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Developers are able to use existing web content to create BlackBerry Widgets and extend the capabilities of their web applications using BlackBerry Widget APIs.

Using the new BlackBerry Widget APIs, developers can, for example, create seamless interaction between a widget and the BlackBerry email and calendar applications, create widgets with the ability to view or edit files and documents stored on the smartphone, access location-based services or the media player, and more. Developers can also take advantage of RIM's unique push technology, enabling dynamic widgets that can run in the background and provide proactive alerts to users in a timely manner.

"BlackBerry Widgets open up a world of opportunities for developers to build and bring to market web applications for BlackBerry smartphones that offer advanced, integrated functionality and an always-on user experience," said Alan Brenner, senior vice president, BlackBerry platforms at RIM. "We are very excited by the prospects of this new widget development platform which combines the ease of development of standard web languages with the rich functionality of Java development."

Developers, head over to the widget SDK page right now for more information.

Bolt 1.5 Released

Bolt 1.5 Released

If you're wanting to check out one of the better (if not the best) browsing experiences available for the BlackBerry, BOLT has released an official version of their browser. It's out of Beta, and 1.5 is available for download.

Key enhancements and features:

  • Cache Support to speed users’ ability to move quickly back and forth between the currently and previously viewed Web pages through the use of backward and forward navigation.
  • Download Manager for easy download of files directly from BOLT and the ability to save them to specific folders on the mobile phone (requires JSR75 support on the device).
  • Support for Streaming Videos of Any Length that overcomes limitations on some phones’ ability to stream videos of longer lengths.  The new approach ensures video clips will play on all devices, for any length video.
  • Video Wizard to assist users in configuring their device for optimal video playback.
  • Dedicated Search Bar on home page, for easier and faster online searches.
  • Improved Ability to Manage RSS Feeds by allowing users to arrange and file feeds just as they do with their favorites and bookmarks.
  • Enhancements for Touch Screen Devices such as simple volume controls for the BOLT media player which now offers volume controls on the screen.
  • Enhancements for BOLT Servers in the cloud, which increase the already fast BOLT mobile browser by an additional 10 to 20 percent.

BOLT has had over 2 million downloads across 190 countries so far. Give it a spin for yourself at

Facebook Mobile Site Gets a New Look

Facebook Mobile

The Facebook mobile site has received a bit of an overhaul. If you haven't checked it out yet, head oer to from your Berry's browser. That's right, x, not m! The x subdomain is apparently optimized for smartphone users, so give it a looksee to see if you likey.

New This Week


e-GPS is the app for you if you've ever lost your Berry... or had it stolen. It allows you to remotely send a command to your phone that has it email the exact GPS location of the device. It can also send to you all of your address book info, or even use it to wipe the device and SD card. One handy feature that I could see myself using is the alert feature. If you've misplaced your BlackBerry in your home or office, you can send an alert command to it to have it ring, no matter the current profile setting. This one works just dandy with the Pearl, Curve, Bold, Storm and Tour series.

Pick up e-GPS for a one-time fee of $4.99 >


The AnswersLite app gives you answers to all of your questions. How? It ties into Yahoo! Answers to find them. Punch in your question and all will be revealed. It's easy and quick to use, and, oh yeah... it's free!

Check out AnswersLite now >

Note: I know this is a freebie, but I wanted to mention it here as I have a really special freebie for you all way down at the bottom of the roundup. Keep reading to check it out!

Gator Nation Theme for the StormGator Nation Theme for the Storm

Florida Gator students, fans and alums will enjoy this new theme. Titled Gator Nation, it brings the look and feel of the Florida Gators right to you BlackBerry device. Custom backgrounds, icons, fonts and more are included... and it should work just lovely on any BlackBerry Storm

You can pick up the Gator Nation theme for $2.99.

SBSH SafeWallet PC CompanionSBSH SafeWallet PC Companion

Need a 'safe house' to securely store sensitive information? SBSH SafeWallet is just that. Use it to store information such as credit card details, passwords, bank account info, PIN numbers, serial numbers, and the list goes on and on... The app uses 256 bit AES encryption, the same level of encryption the US government puts into play. There's tons of features and settings to check out on this one, so head on over to our store for more details.

Note: A free trial is available.

BlackBerry Apps on Sale:

Berry WarsBerry Wars

Experience the most addicting game--based on Drug Wars.
On sale for $2.99
until October 11th

Flag Your EmailsFlag Your Emails

Have you ever lost track of a that really important email in your inbox? This utility will add a new menu item in the email application which will let you toggle on or off a flag on any email or PIN.
On sale for $0.99
until October 11th

I Charge CoolI Charge Cool

Animated charging monitor, makes battery status & temperature easily visible, + clocks.
On sale for $3.99
until October 11th


Send SMS/text messages beyond the restriction of 140/160 characters set by carriers.
On sale for $1.49
until October 31st

Mobile CheckbookMobile Checkbook for BlackBerry

The original, best-selling mobile finance application now updated for BlackBerry! Record transactions for multiple accounts while on the go. Supports QIF, XLS and HTML exports.
On sale for $7.99
until October 31st

Cool at BlackBerry App World:

Bubble Bash 2

Bubble Bash 2

Suppose I'm mentioning this game because one of my all-time favorite puzzle/strategy games is the classic 'Bust-a-Move' title. Remember that one? Bubble Bash 2 follows is basically the same idea. If you're into classic games at all, this one will certainly take you back, albeit with different characters and a new look. It's a little expensive (in my opinion) at $4.99, but if you loved the original, chances are you'll waste more than a few hours popping bubbles while at home and at the office :P

Check out Bubble Bash 2 at App World >

Freebie of the Week:

CrackBerry Theme for BlackBerry! BlackBerry Theme

Yep, that's right, now there's a theme available right now for your Berry... and it's FREE! The good folks at WJD Designs, AHazDesigns and JMal Designs teamed up on this one, and it's available for the Tour 9630, Bold 9000, Storm 95xx, Curve 8900, and the 83xx 87xx and 88xx series. Awesome!

To download your copy for free, hit up our store >

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