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Holy schmokers folks, what a great week. The Storm2 has hit the interwebs in full force, and Kevin put up a stellar review. There's also been quite a lot of Bold 9700 news, among all the other goodness on this week. As per usual, lots going on within the BlackBerry App scene, so lets get right down to it. Covered in the App Roundup this week are the following titles:

In Case You Missed It: App for BlackBerry, AddContactX, Free Weather Channel App for BlackBerry, FlipOff for the Storm

New This Week: ChainReaction, WTF Insult Generator, Spooky StillScreens, Revival Deluxe

Apps on Sale: MP3 Ringtone Creator, Berry Wars, Call Blocker Pro, Card Pack Gold, Textender

Cool at BlackBerry App World: Prank Mobile

Freebie of the Week: Michael Jackson Theme

Note: Don't forget, you can always search for titles featured in the App Roundup within App World... Some apps mentioned may be available there for your device.

In Case You Missed It...

Just in case you missed these titles, below are some apps that were covered in the CrackBerry Blogs this past week. Check 'em out! App for BlackBerry app for BlackBerry

If yer spellin' ain't so hawt, is here to help. They've launched a new Dictionary and Thesaurus app for BlackBerry. The app works nicely with your built-in mail app to help you knock out emails with perfect spelling. Key features of the app:

  • – Access the most comprehensive, up-to-date dictionary available online with more than 325,000 word definitions and spelling suggestions
  • – Search the award-winning online version of Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus with more than 275,000 synonyms
  • Phonetic & Audio Pronunciations – Hear pronunciations of words with a simple press of the audio button
  • Word of the Day in English and Spanish – Learn a new word every day with definitions and real examples from published writings through this popular feature that is enjoyed by millions each day
  • Recent History - View an editable list of recently searched words
  • Social Networking Function – Email or SMS text any word and its definition to yourself or others right from the app
  • Email Integration – Exclusive to this app on BlackBerry smartphones, users can instantly access a synonym or definition while reading or drafting an email

The new app is available for the Pearl, Bold, Tour, Curve and 8800 series devices right now. More info over at



New from the developers at Twinkler Software comes AddContactX, an app that lets you add a contact quickly and easily after ending a call. Once your call is over, AddContactX can prompt you to add new contact information to your address book, or to an existing contact. After the information is added to the new or existing contact, you'll never be promoted to add that number again. Awesomeness.

AddContactX is available in our store... Check it out!

Free Weather Channel App for BlackBerry

Free Weather Channel App for BlackBerry
The Weather Channel has launched a new app for BlackBerry. The new app is free to download, but is ad supported. If you don't mind the ads, or simply don't want to fork over $3.99 for the premium version, go ahead and pick it up. You can pick it up OTA via for the Curve, Bold and Tour... Or hit up from your Storm.

FlipOff for the Storm

FlipOff for the Storm

This is a handy app for any Storm owner. FlipOff lets you disable certain features on your device, simply by laying it down. Choose to disable the radio, SMS, phone calls, vibrations and more, as you can clearly see in the settings image above. Whatever options you choose will go into effect next time you place your Storm face down. Kinda cool. There's a free and premium version of the app available in our store. Of course, the premium version has many more features...

You can check out FlipOff in our store >

New This Week


Like the name suggests, ChainReaction is a fun 'bubble popping' game where you tap the screen to start a chain reaction. Try to burst as many bubbles as you can in order to progress to the next level. The key to the game is selecting the right place to tap for optimal bubble-popping goodness. Did I just say 'optimal bubble-popping goodness'? Hmmm, that's a strange phrase, no? :) Of course, the Storm is required for this one due to the touchscreen controls.

Check out ChainReaction >

WTF Insult GeneratorWTF Insult Generator

I'm not one for insults or foul language. Anyone that knows me f'ing knows that :P If you're needing some new ideas to lay down some smack, the WTF Insult Generator may be just what the doctor ordered. Check out over 500 insults, each proven to be as dirty as the next. The insults are sorted into 3 categories, and should work just fine on the Bold, Tour and Curve 8900, Curve 8300-8500, Curve 8700-8800, Pearl and 7100, and the Pearl Flip.

You can pick up the WTF Insult Generator for $1.99 >

Spooky StillScreensSpooky StillScreens

Spooky StillScreens is a series of really cool Halloween-y backgrounds for your device. They're really well done, and add will add a true 'spooky' factor to your device for sure! All that is required here is OS 4.2 or newer. The price may be too steep for some at $3.99, but it's worth a gander.

Check out Spooky StillScreens >

Revival DeluxeRevival Deluxe

Designed with 'Civilization' fans in mind, Revival Deluxe is a new take on the classic RPG. Create your empire from scratch, destroy other civilizations and battle for continents, even whole planets. Develop science and study new tech, maintain your economy and much more. Explore 10 planets and 32 contenents, build 4 types of towns, 21 military units... and the list goes on and on and on! Revival Deluxe should work just fine on most current models of Berry, and it'll cost you $5.99.

More on Revival Deluxe >

BlackBerry Apps on Sale:

MP3 Ringtone CreatorMP3 Ringtone Creator

Easily create your own Ringtones directly from your BlackBerry.
On sale for $3.95
until October 18th

Berry WarsBerry Wars

Experience the most addicting game--based on Drug Wars.
On sale for $1.99
until October 18th

Call Blocker ProCall Blocker Pro

Block your unwanted calls! Either pick up and hang up or send to voicemail!
On sale for $1.99
until October 18th

Card Pack GoldCard Pack Gold

Popular card games featuring Blackjack, Poker, Solitaire, Red Dog and HiLo.
On sale for $2.95
until October 31st


Send SMS/text messages beyond the restriction of 140/160 characters set by carriers.
On sale for $1.49
until October 31st

Cool at BlackBerry App World:

Prank Mobile

Prank Mobile

You know, honestly, I'm not sure why the heck I'm writing about this one... Last thing we all need is another 'fart' app... But there's more to this one than that. Called 'Prank Mobile', the app comes preloaded with quite a few 'embarrassing' sounds. Also, there's a delay setting, which allows you to trigger the sound at a later time. This gives you the perfect opportunity to hand your phone off to a friend, colleague, or perhaps even a carrier representative. I could see some fun coming out of this.

The only unfortunate part is you'll need to throw down $2.99 to pick it up. If you're a real prankster, it's probably worth the spend. If not, you may want to let this one pass by.

Check out Prank Mobile in App World >

Freebie of the Week:

Michael Jackson Theme

Michael Jackson BlackBerry Theme

Pay tribute to the King of Pop with these free BlackBerry theme from Paige All Day. The theme features custom wallpapers, icons, fonts and colors. Nothing too ridiculous here, but it's certainly worth a look for any MJ fan. The theme is compatible with the Curve 8300, Storm, Tour, Bold and Pearl Flip 8200.

Nab your copy of the Free Michael Jackson Theme here >

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