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Howdy and welcome to the weekly app roundup! Yee-haw! I’ve been mighty happy this week. Why? Well it seems as though a whole herd of new apps decided to mosey on in. Lately, it’s been drier than a desert. Kevin also got his hands on an Allerta inPulse SmartWatch. He’d better watch out, because I know a particular bandit who’s got his eye on that! Today, we announce the winners of the QuickLaunch giveaway and also give you the chance to win one of 100 copies of BuzzMe Premium from BigTinCan! Have a rootin’ tootin’ weekend! Giddy up!

Freebies of the Week: CNN Election center, CalendarShare

In Case You Missed It: ESPN Radio, 2.0

New This Week: Calorie Facts Nutrition Diary, GPS Find, Camera Mate

Cool at BlackBerry App World: Newsy

Contest: Enter to win 1 of 100 copies of BuzzMe Premium!

Freebies Of The Week:

CNN Election Center

CNN Election center -Follow the race to Election Day with the CNN Election Center App. Contribute to the iReport Elections Project and help CNN take the political pulse of the country. Follow up to 15 races and locate your polling center with the app. Then on November 2, get Election Day news alerts and follow race results as they come in.

Free from BlackBerry App World


CalendarShare -CalendarShare allows users to share their calendar events with their other BlackBerry friends. Allows couples to keep their schedules linked. When an event is entered by a friend the application will put the friends name before the event in your calendar so you will know who exactly is doing what.

How it works:

Both users must install the application, then one can request the other using their CalendarShare username. When you enter an event into your BlackBerry calendar the application will prompt you who you would like to share the event with, you can choose to keep it to yourself (Private), share with all your friends, or share with friends that you will choose from a list. If you have to update an event, that's ok, CalendarShare will send the update to all of the intended recipients so the information is accurate.

Don’t want someone in your friends list anymore? Just open up CalendarShare click the person’s name, and choose remove friend. Inside of the application you can also see the most recent entered events by going to the "Recent Events" page. In options you can set to have CalendarShare sync events on a recurring timeframe, by default it is set to manual only.

Free from the CrackBerry App Store

In Case You Missed It:

ESPN Radio

ESPN Radio -Listen to over 35 ESPN Radio podcasts right from your BlackBerry, including The BS Report with Bill Simmons, Pardon The Interruption, Around The Horn, Fantasy Focus and Tony Kornheiser Show.

Featuring your favorite ESPN shows like; Mike and Mike in the Morning, The Herd with Colin Cowherd, The Scott Van Pelt Show, The Michael Kay Show and many more! College Football - listen to every college football game that ESPN Radio broadcasts, LIVE on your BlackBerry.

Listen OnDemand to SportsCenter - updated every 20 minutes!

Stream or play live radio in the background while you check email, text message friends or use other applications!

Text Connect - send a message directly to the studio of your favorite ESPN Radio shows.

$2.99 from BlackBerry App World 2.0 -It's easy to create multi-colored designs on this LED board. 15 colors to choose from. Create a new design and save it, or just start a new one. If you save your design you can pick it up again whenever you have the time.

Send the designs to your friends or share them online! This app is perfect for killing the boredom on the bus, in the taxi, class or the office. Just open the app up and draw out whatever you want.


  • Save
  • Export images
  • Email Images
  • Share on web
  • edit later

$0.99 from the CrackBerry App Store

New This Week:

Calorie Facts

Calorie Facts Nutrition Diary -Calorie Facts is a simple (but powerful) calorie counter, weight tracker, and nutritional database for Blackberry smartphones.

The application allows you to view complete nutritional data for over 5000 built-in foods and beverages. You can then add these foods (or custom foods created by you) to your daily food log, which allows you to view how many calories you are consuming each day.


  • Comes with a searchable database of nutritional data on more than 5,000 foods and beverages.
  • Unlike many competing products, nutritional information is built in and does NOT require an internet connection!
  • Track your weight with the built-in weight log
  • If you can't find a food in the built-in database, you can easily create your own entry in a matter of seconds!
  • No signup required, no monthly fees!

On sale for $3.99 from CrackBerry App Store

GPS Find

GPS Find -GPS Find is an app for discovering and marking locations with your GPS. GPS Find can be used as a geocaching tool, or it can be used on an adventure, using the waypoint manager to mark locations as you go. The main screen has an adjustable font and layout allowing you to include only the blocks of information you want to see, in any order you wish. Currently the information groups that can be displayed include:

  • Latitude, Longitude, and Altitude
  • UTM coordinates
  • MGRS coordinates
  • Heading and speed
  • Bearing and distance
  • Time-to-lock and GPS method
  • Timestamp and Accuracy

The compass screen contains a wind rose compass and detailed information about speed, heading, and optionally distance and bearing when a destination has been set. When approaching the destination, a "Bullseye" screen is also available, showing a bird's-eye view of your location relative to the destination.


  • GPS based location, speed, heading, distance and bearing.
  • Customizable main screen.
  • A Wind Rose style compass.
  • A Waypoint manager.

$4.99 from the CrackBerry App Store

Camera Mate

Camera Mate -Share your pictures and videos with family and friends in real time. You can edit your pictures; automatically send them to family and friends using email or MMS in real time or upload them to your web server using an HTTP protocol.


  • Share your pictures and videos with family and friends in real time. You can edit your pictures; automatically send them to family and friends using email or MMS in real time or upload them to your web server using an HTTP protocol.
  • Advanced picture editor that allows for Resize, Crop, Rotate, Adjust Brightness and Contrast
  • Automatically upload your pictures and videos to a WEB server, or send them automatically to one or more email recipient or send them using MMS protocol
  • Allows for automatically deleting sent pictures and videos to keep the phone memory clean or moving sent pictures to another folder for deletion at a later time
  • The application allows for presenting each taken picture to be edited automatically or on demand
  • Tight integration with the phone video and camera

$6.99 from the CrackBerry App Store

Cool In BlackBerry App World:


Newsy -A news analyzer, not an aggregator, Newsy is the only video news app producing daily videos that highlight the differences in reporting. News sources are abundant yet redundant – you need a resource that provides meaningful insight into the news. Newsy offers just that by monitoring, synthesizing and presenting the world’s news coverage.

Updated constantly, the Newsy app offers fresh snack-sized videos from nine news categories including world, business, sports and politics. BlackBerry OS v5.0 is required.


  • Real-time access to the most recent videos on
  • Share videos via Twitter, Facebook and email as well as rate videos
  • Post a comment from an existing account (the app saves your credentials) or as a guest
  • Easy-to-navigate interface enables quick browsing through videos
  • View video transcripts that contain links to news sources
  • ‘Sources’ button connects you to the story-level pages of the sources analyzed
  • Extensive search feature allows you to find videos by keyword
  • Access higher quality videos when connected through WiFi

Free from BlackBerry app world


BuzzMe Premium

BuzzMe Premium -BuzzMe Premium is the ultimate utility for controlling how your BlackBerry alerts you, and is based on the successful BuzzMe and BuzzMe Pro from BigTinCan.

BuzzMe Premium is powered by an easy to use interface that allows you to control vibration and LED. You can set custom colors (choose from 15 colors including 5 Disco modes and MyColor for your own personal color), and vibration times for calls, SMS, MMS and emails. BuzzMe Premium also includes features that gives you control over the vibration and LED color for a number of extra services including BlackBerry Messenger, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, BeejiveIM, and more. If you want the ultimate in phone alerting control - you need BuzzMe Premium.


  • Customizable LED color and individual repeating vibration alert for - BlackBerry Messenger - Facebook - MySpace - Twitter - BeejiveIM - BlackBerry Email - SMS / MMS - Calls
  • Create your own customized LED colors
  • Auto restart after battery pull
  • Turn off alert when on phone
  • Turn off vibration in your Storm by putting it face down
  • Integrated support

$4.99 from the CrackBerry App Store

We have 100 copies of BuzzMe Premium to giveaway! All you have to do is leave a comment to be entered. Winners will be announced next week. Now, for the 15 winners of QuickLaunch...

Contest Winners:

*Congrats to everyone! You should receive a message soon, so reply ASAP*

Until Next Week..

Well there you have it folks! I hope you enjoyed the apps we managed to corral this week. If you have any information on software (including news and tips), or if you are developer looking to be in the spotlight (or contest) let me know via email at [email protected] or

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