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Howdy and welcome to the weekly app roundup! Yee-haw! It’s about gosh darn time we saw some OS 6 leak ‘round these here parts! It looks like we struck oil, partners. I hope y’all enter into the Colorware Torch contest goin’ on right now; you can get yer hands on a mighty purdy Torch, I reckon. I can’t even begin to think about the number of colour combinations you can choose. Today, we announce the winners of the Iconify giveaway and also give you the chance to win one of 25 copies of MegaAlarms! Have a rootin’ tootin’ weekend! I know I will; it’s my Birthday today! Giddy up!

Freebies of the Week: Bookmarks2Go – Browser Client, Tap11

In Case You Missed It: Alarms, ShopCreel

New This Week: Expenses on the Run, TrackBack, HandyBulkSMS-Lite

Cool at BlackBerry App World: OTTER

Contest: Enter to win 1 of 25 copies of MegaAlarms!

Freebies Of The Week:


Bookmarks2go -B2GBrowserClient is a browser based client to add articles to reading list. It will add a customized menu item in the browser to add the articles to reading list. B2GBrowserClient is a free utility, which can be used to add bookmarks to your Read It Later account and it's independent of Bookmarks2Go. Keep the list updated with just 3 simple steps: 

  • Authenticate
  • Add article
  • Enter title for the article added


  • Create an account or use the existing account on Read It Later
  • Access to Read It Later via browser
  • Read the Unread and Archived articles
  • Download individual articles for offline reading (Only 2 articles can be downloaded using trial version)
  • Download all articles in just two clicks (Only 2 articles can be downloaded using trial version)
  • 6. Upgrade to full version($6.00) for downloading countless articles for offline reading

Free from the CrackBerry App Store


Tap11 - Tap11 is the Twitter business intelligence service that provides your business with the best analytic and CRM tools to monitor, engage, and grow your audience. Twitter recently selected Tap11 as a top 6 app at Chirp, where the judges viewed Tap11 as the “Omniture of the real-time web.” You must have a Tap11 account to use this application. Please visit them online at to sign-up. Tap11 provides all the features and polish of a top Twitter client, plus allows businesses to:

MONITOR YOUR BRAND: listen to conversations about your brand, products, and competitors. Instantly get alerted when news breaks.

FOCUS ON IMPORTANT CONVERSATIONS: by viewing people by influence. Engage them with the right content (text, links, pictures, & videos) at the right time.

MEASURE THE RESULTS: of each campaign with per tweet analytics and overall engagement with a comprehensive analytics dashboard.

WORK AS A TEAM: manage how team members across your organization tweet across multiple accounts. Securely share the duty of being on Twitter.

Free from BlackBerry App World

In Case You Missed It:


Alarms - A simple and highly configurable alarms application. Wake up with the music of your choice, get organized with completely customizable reminders... Unleash the full power of your BlackBerry!

Alarms is a useful application that allows you to set up many different alarms or reminders, either on a given date or with the frequency of your choice: daily, weekly, monthly, etc. The application also lets you customize the text to display, music or playlists to play, and a picture background.

You can wake up in the morning with a different song every day, and with a picture that makes you happy! You can set an alarm for anything and see how many alarms are set on the home screen of your BlackBerry.

Please note:

- Alarms needs certain permissions to work correctly (unlocked device for example). You will be asked to grant them the first time the application is started. It is safe to grant these permissions; without them, Alarms WILL NOT WORK properly.

- If your device is locked and password protected and an alarm goes off, you will still have to manually enter your password.


  • Custom reminder frequency: once, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly...
  • Custom sound or music for your alarm: with an MP3 or WA file, or even with playlists in the m3u format. You can even set a shuffle option!
  • Custom picture to display with your alarm
  • Snooze option: easily snooze or dismiss an alarm even if device's keyboard is locked. No need to manually unlock the device in order to snooze or dismiss an alarm.
  • Custom Vibration option
  • Application status indicator showing you how many alarms are scheduled
  • Blinking LED indicator

$2.99 from the CrackBerry App Store


ShopCreel - Quickly create multiple Shopping Lists on your BlackBerry smartphone, and easily check off items while at the store. Supports price tracking on an item by item basis, tax calculation, and the ability to specify locations for any item. Totals are tracked as you check items off your lists, as is the number of items you have remaining.

Adding items to a list is a snap, as your product history is searched as you type. An integrated pricing engine supports the ability to enter percentage off or dollar amount off coupons, Buy x for $y, or Buy x and get y free, at an item by item level.

A powerful Inventory module is provided to help track items that have been acquired as part of a shopping experience. Inventories can be used to track product usage so you know when you run out of certain items. You can then optionally have those items added back to a Shopping List of your choice. As a bonus, you can perform quick and painless online backups with the ability to easily restore your data. The online features require acceptance of the MobiCreel Software Terms of Service, posted at MobiCreel Software's website.

ShopCreel has been customized for every device. For example, if you use a touch screen, ShopCreel provides large buttons on the Shopping List to help eliminate checking off the wrong items.


  • Numerous ways of sorting lists, including; by product, price, location, notes, and quantity
  • Can create multiple Shopping Lists and Inventories, so you can have a Grocery List, a Christmas List, etc
  • Can adjust many settings, including font, default tax rate, default item quantity for various areas of the application
  • Can have a large list display so you can see additional details regarding each item, or a small display so you can see more list items on your screen. The content of each of these items is completely customizable such as whether you want to see an item's location, price, quantity, notes, etc

$4.99 from the CrackBerry App Store

New This Week:


Expenses on the Run - Expenses on the Run is an easy to use BlackBerry Application that helps Sales Professionals, Consultants and Business Owners keep more money in their pockets by quickly tracking their business expenses while on the road.

Unlike trying to hunt down all of your paper receipts and wasting your precious time, Expenses on the Run allows you to accurately store all of your expenses on the spot.


  • Save time and money by quickly and easily recording business expenses on the road
  • Stay organized by grouping your expenses into categories
  • Send Monthly Reports that will keep your Accountant off your back!
  • Track Overseas Expenses with built-in Currency Management
  • Avoid Bookkeeping headaches by recording the payment method used for each Expense!

$4.99 from the CrackBerry App Store


TrackBack -Ever been away from home in a remote area? You check in to a hotel and start your adventurous journey. After hours have fun out in the sun, you forgot where the hotel you checked into was.

Of course, a Google map search would help find where your hotel was. Instead, why not back track your steps with Track Back, and find your way back any time. TrackBack is an application that silently logs your GPS coordinates while consuming as little power as possible.


  • TrackBack works on all BlackBerry devices with GPS support
  • Integrated closely with BlackBerry maps and capable to be used with Google Maps
  • Captures GPS address and converts them to proper addresses.
  • Designed for minimal user interaction.

$4.99 from the CrackBerry App Store


HandybulkSMS-Lite -HandyBulkSMS sends bulk amount of text messages from your mobile device to other mobile devices, without connecting to a PC. This fastest and cost effective mobile marketing software makes your business easy, since it reaches your customers instantly. It uses network carrier for sending SMS-no separate SMS gateway.

The text messaging software is useful for the business people who travel and for the other users who needs mobile marketing. HandyBulkSMS uses CSV file as a source of contacts. Since CSV file is used for storing contacts, you can store a large number of contacts.

$0.99 from BlackBerry App World

Cool In BlackBerry App World:

OTTER -The name is derived from One Touch Text Response. For business, OTTER will become an integral part of texting culture by increasing productivity in the workplace. A timer auto-reply function manages incoming texts during specific times such as; a daily commute, a doctor's rounds or an important meeting. Even in manual mode, users can respond to an incoming text in a fraction of a second, allowing them to focus on the task at hand while giving them the peace of mind that their incoming texts have been addressed.

For parents, OTTER enables parents to control the texting habits of their teenage drivers with the first of its kind GPS / Parental Control Feature. Parents can enter a password and know that while their teen's phone is in a moving vehicle, OTTER will silence all primary text notifications and auto-reply with an anti texting and driving message.

For Social, you can quickly let your friends know that you'll get back to them in those situations when you don't have the time or inclination to write a full text reply. Groups of fully editable text responses can be saved and quickly retrieved. Create a group of text responses for each friend, each day of the week, each...? You can even engage the GPS feature yourself to help you break the text & drive temptation thereby increasing your chances of actually making it to the party by 23 times!


  • One Touch Text Response
  • Auto-reply w/ timer
  • Editable/grouped responses
  • Parental Control (GPS based)
  • GPS Mode: Silences incoming text & call ring tone alerts

$3.99 from BlackBerry App World


Mega Alarms

MegaAlarms -Use MegaAlarms to manage all your daily, repeat or one time alarms. You can create up to 32 different alarms with MegaAlarms. You can set an alarm that repeats daily, weekdays, weekly or run once only. Optionally use the snooze feature. You can set to snooze from 5mins to 6 hours and repeat 1 to 10 times. Use any external sound as the alarm sound or use the built-in Mega Alarms sound.

Note: When charging your BlackBerry access to the internal and SD Card is not permitted. In this case Mega Alarms will use the built-in alarm sound.

Note: For Storm user you will need to disable compatibility mode for MegaAlarms in the Options->Applications app

When you purchase MegaAlarms, you will receive our big analog animClock application for free. Just go to the main MegaAlarms menu and install the app.


  • Create up to 32 different type of Alarms
  • Snooze feature
  • Repeat alarms
  • Include built-in alarm sound
  • Free and Integrates with animClock. animClick requires OS4.6 and higher
  • Very friendly and easy to use

$2.99 from the CrackBerry App Store

We have 25 copies of MegaAlarms to giveaway! All you have to do is leave a comment to be entered. Winners will be announced next week. Now, for the 25 winners of Iconify.

Contest Winners:

Winners of the 15 Link version

Crackberry Brandon

Winners of the 50 Link version

*Congrats to everyone! You should receive a message soon, so reply ASAP*

Until Next Week..

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