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Howdy folks. Hope you're having a great November, and for my American friends I sincerely hope you're having a relaxing Thanksgiving weekend with those most important to you. The end of the month is drawing near, and still we have no snow up here in good 'ol Winterpeg (Winnipeg). If we make it until December I'm going to break out the golf clubs for something so rare in these parts it only happens once every 30 years: December Golf :)

Covered this week in the roundup are the following titles:

In Case You Missed It: SmartSig, Hockey Scores for BlackBerry, Pandora for BlackBerry Updated, Beta eBay App Now Available, Twixtreme Now Available in App World

New This Week: Mini SMS, AppLock, Guitar Chords, First Responders Reference, Stop Turning!

Cool at BlackBerry App World: Cash Cab

Freebie of the Week: CBS Sports Pro Football

Note: Don't forget, you can always search for titles featured in the App Roundup within App World... Some apps mentioned may be available there for your device.

In Case You Missed It...

Just in case you missed these titles, below are some apps that were covered in the CrackBerry Blogs this past week. Check 'em out!



Want more control over your BIS email signature? SmartSig is a nifty little app that does quite a bit. Use it to insert your signature where you want to... at the end of your message, instead of after previous replies or quoted text. You can choose different signatures for your email and SMS-ing needs. To get started, all you need to do is delete your BIS signature for the app to work properly.

Check out SmartSig in our store >

Hockey Scores for BlackBerry

Hockey Scores for BlackBerry

Any hot-blooded Canadian would and should be hunted down and scolded for not having this app on their Berry. OK, maybe that's just a tad uncalled for, but still, if you're a hockey fan, the new Hockey Scores app for BlackBerry is a keeper. Hockey Scores does what you think it does... delivers quick and easy at-a-glance access to all of the latest scores around the NHL. This one is definately a 'light weight'... But for many hockey fans knowing the scores is often all they need.

Check out Hockey Scores for BlackBerry in App World >

Pandora for BlackBerry Updated

Pandora for BlackBerry

Streaming radio app Pandora has been updated to version Of course, no changelog has been made available, so your guess is as good as mine as to what's new. I think we can all assume numerous bug fixes have been addressed... But do let us know if you notice any 'biggie' changes in this build.

For more information and to download, hit up

Beta eBay App Now Available

Beta eBay App for BlackBerry

More eBay app news again this week. Many of you have been waiting for this one I'm sure, and now, it's here. The eBay app for BlackBerry is available in App World. Yeehaw! Use it to search, bid, watch, and buy items via the online auction giant. As I mentioned in a previous roundup, the app also ties into your calendar app to make sure you don't miss any auctions that you're watching.

For more information hit up the eBay app in App World >

Twixtreme Now Available in App World

Twixtreme for BlackBerry

Hey, awesome... Another Twitter client for BlackBerry! (I'm not sure if I was being sarcastic there or not...Nah, I wasn't). Twixtreme comes to us from the developers at Xtreme Labs. It's completely free, and allows you to view timelines, upload pictures and a lot more. Very much worth a look if you're looking for a new Twitter client, or if you just enjoy checking out new stuff.

To get started hit up Twixtreme in App World >

New This Week

Mini SMSMini SMS

Mini SMS is a lightweight app that lets you quickly send SMS messages to contacts via shortcut keys. If you send a lot of SMS messages, this one could really be a time saver. You can add an unlimited amount of contacts, add colors to manage your contacts... and sort your contacts any way you like. OS 4.2+ is required, and it should work just fine on all current Berry devices with the exception of the Storm series.

Check out Mini SMS in our store >


AppLock is a powerful app that lets you password protect messages, applications, files and more. If there's anything on your device you need to keep secure and private, this one can help.

You can also use AppLock to protect individual media folders located on your SD card.

For more info check out AppLock here >

Guitar ChordsGuitar Chords

Play the guitar a little bit do ya? Need help learning or practicing those finger-stretching chords? Guitar Chords for BlackBerry organizes over 1300 chord fingering diagrams for you. It's very easy to use, and a very unique tool for any guitar player to have handy. The only minimum requirement for this one is OS 4.2+.

Check out Guitar Chords in our store >

First Responders ReferenceFirst Responders Reference

The First Responders Reference app is a fully searchable version of the Emergency Response Guidebook for 2008. Inside you'll find over 3200 materials keyed by UN number, their isolation and evacuation distances, and the guide book pages they reference. You can also search the guidebook by page number, or view the Intermodal container Hazard Identification codes quickly and easily. The app requires 1MB of free memory, and OS 4.5.

Pick up the First Responders Reference App for 2.99 >

Stop Turning!Stop Turning!

Own a Storm or Storm2 and are tired of the screen rotating on you when you don't want it to? Storm Turning! is an app that can help you control this annoyance. Using it is simple. Simply open a BlackBerry menu and select the 'Stop Turning' option. This saves your current orientation and stops the device from rotating. Yes, it's just that easy :) When done, simply open up a menu again and select the 'Allow Turning' option.

For more info, check out Stop Turning! here >

Cool at BlackBerry App World:

Cash Cab

Cash Cab

New from the folks at Capcom Interactive comes 'Cash Cab', a game based on the hit show on the Discovery Channel. If you've never seen the show before, the premise is this: A cabby picks up some unsuspecting contestants, challenging them to ask progressively difficult questions for cold hard cash. Miss three questions and you're out! The game features almost 1,000 questions covering a wide range of subjects. Any fan of the show will want to check this one out, however if you want to buy be prepared to hand over $4.99.

Check out Cash Cab in App World >

Freebie of the Week:

CBS Sports Pro Football

CBS Sports Pro Football App

What better way to gear up for a great weekend of Thanksgiving football then with a new and very much free football app for your Berry? New from the folks at CBS Interactive is the CBS Sports Pro Football app. I'm not going to say it's a 'must have' at this point... But let's say it's a 'must try'. Sound good?

Key features include:

  • Up-to the-minute NFL scores and breaking news.
  • Full control of your fantasy football teams, including fantasy score updates for your personal team and league, ability to set your line-up, and get breaking 'My Player' news.
  • Real time graphical GameCenter experience with live play by play, box scores, and team stats.
  • Exclusive fantasy advice from fantasy experts.
  • Streaming video including game previews, recaps, interviews, and more.

For more information hit up CBS Sports Pro Football in App World >

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