Howdy and welcome to the weekly app roundup! Yee-haw! This week seems to be all about the Playbook, and why shouldn't it be?!? I don't know about you, but I can't wait until it's available! I only have one problem; the holster for that thing is going to be frikkin huge! Kidding! Today, we announce the winners of the Datepedia 2.0 giveaway and also give you the chance to win one of 25 CogniCard coupons worth 50 credits each! Have a rootin' tootin' weekend! Giddy up!

Freebies of the Week: Parking Mobility, X Search, Football Nuts

In Case You Missed It: BlackBerry Traffic, Activity Log

New This Week: Ski Maps, Popular Photo Tools, Sole Survival

Cool at BlackBerry App World: Talking Caller ID

Contest: Enter to win one of 25 CogniCard coupons worth 50 credits each!

Freebies Of The Week:

Parking Mobility

Parking Mobility -Welcome to Parking Mobility: the app dedicated to improving disabled parking!

Report disabled parking violations to your city in less than 2 minutes. When you see a vehicle parked illegally, simply launch the app, take 3 photos and submit. We tell the city and they ticket the vehicle. You help to improve accessibility in your community and support people with disabilities. Some cities even donate part of the collected fine to the charity of your choice!

We have partnered with several major cities in the United States and Canada, and we are adding cities worldwide. Even though your city might not currently be a partner, we still send your violation reports to your city -- this encourages your city to partner with Parking Mobility!

Please use the Tell-a-Friend feature in the app and the social media tools on our website to get others to report disabled parking violations. By doing so, you're improving access to your community and raising funds for your favorite charity! If you or someone you know uses disabled parking, Parking Mobility is what you've been waiting for!

Free from BlackBerry App World

X Search

X Search -X Search enables you find music, pictures, apps and handle them in your phone speedily! Now, you can try this powerful engine- you only need to enter the keywords of the file name and do "Search"- all matched results will list out!!!

PROMOTION: FREE for a limited time!


  • Fast, fast search and launch it directly- when you search the item you need, then you can launch it or open it.
  • Easy to operate- you only need to enter what you want to search and go; 3. Hot key "X" to launch X Search directly.


  • Before search, please select the type of files you want to search, "All" means the files which does not belong to app, such as; txt, jpg, mp3 files.
  • Not support SMS, Email, and hidden files.
  • OS 6 models can use this app as well, but we recommend you use inbuilt universal search function. But it's really super on OS 5.0 and below models.

$0.99 from the CrackBerry App Store

Football nuts

Football Nuts -Football Nuts is a brand new football information service, brought to you by Football Nuts and Mobile Sports Limited. Football Nuts gives you the most comprehensive coverage of football available on your mobile phone, allowing you to stay in touch in real-time with the beautiful game whenever and wherever you are.


  • The latest news stories
  • Real-time match coverage (Kick-off, goals, red and yellow cards, half-time and full-time scores)
  • Live minute-by-minute commentary
  • Results
  • Daily fixtures
  • League Tables

Leagues and Cups covered include:

  • England: Premier League, League One, League Two, Blue Square Premier, FA Cup, Johnstone's Paint Trophy
  • Scotland: Premier League, Division One, Division Two, Division Three, Scottish Cup
  • European Leagues: Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, French Ligue, Spanish Liga, Dutch Eredivisie
  • European Cups: Championship, Europa Cup
  • Internationals: Euro 2012 qualifiers, friendly matches

Free from BlackBerry App World

In Case You Missed It:

BlackBerry Traffic

BlackBerry Traffic -With lots of places to go, and people to see, planning to be where you need to be on time can be a challenge. Thanks to BlackBerry Traffic, you can easily plan to be where you need to be - on time. Get your estimated time of arrival (ETA), find out if a road is closed, or decide to take a faster alternate route, all ahead of time. Heading to a friend's place? Simply grab their address from your BlackBerry contact list, get your ETA, then email or text it along with a preset message to avoid keeping them waiting and wondering when you're going to arrive. Making - and keeping - plans just got a whole lot easier.

System Requirements:

  • Activation with data plan including Internet browsing capability
  • A GPS-equipped device
  • BlackBerry Maps installed

Free from BlackBerry App World

Activity Log

Activity Log -Ever wonder where all of your time is going? How much time you are actually putting in your job task and where else you are putting time with it? Ever wonder how much time do you spend reading jokes, comics, news and junk email? Ever wonder what are the actual time eater activities that are part of your everyday activities?

Activity Log on BlackBerry will take you out of all these surprises and bring a clear picture in front of you. It will tell you how you spent your days, your weeks, your months and your years. All this (in most of the cases) without having to type anything. Just touch or press a button on your screen or click that button and here you go …. the activity and its start time is logged!!!


  • You can have your own icons with your own activity name- icons can be added anywhere from the web by giving their URLs.
  • Data can be exported into spread sheet softwares (via .csv)
  • Activity Buttons are zoomable.
  • Activity Buttons can be moved around on any page in the app or within a page.
  • Activities can be analyzed over a period of time using charting option. Using this option bar chart can be plotted to see what was done more and what was done less. For this Activity Buttons (or activities) can be made child to another activity (i.e. defining the category of an activity/activity button) and then chart would consolidate the child activities in the parents.
  • New attractive icons are used.
  • Tool bars are used to make the app easy and more intuitive.
  • In non touch devices activity buttons names come in big size at the bottom center of screen.
  • Two letter short cut keys can be define for each button, which then can be activated via Alt + XX (where X = one key)

Lite is free from BlackBerry App World

Pro is $19.99 from BlackBerry App World

New This Week:

Ski Maps

Ski Maps -Get maps of your favourite pistes on your phone. The app provides maps for most ski resorts around the world. The application uses your phone's GPS to show you where you are, what direction you're skiing in, what your speed is and the route that you've skied so far. You can see the route you've skied on your phone and download it to your computer and map it on Google Earth. The track you've skied is exported in the popular GPX format and contains speed and elevation. You can also quickly navigate back to fixed points such as where you parked your car or your favourite spot for lunch by marking the spot.

Maps are based on - please checkout the website to see what maps in your area look like.


  • Application loads instantly (excluding map downloads)
  • Smooth interface
  • Waypoints (export in GPX format with track)
  • Find your car by marking it on the map
  • Records track, exports to GPX format - map them in Google Earth at aztux dot com
  • Trip meter/odometer - see how far you've travelled.
  • Speedometer
  • Compass
  • Search feature
  • Multiple units (km/miles)
  • Latitude and Longitude display
  • Must be running OS 5 or higher

On sale for $4.99 from the CrackBerry App Store

Popular Phone Tools

Popular Photo Tools -The Popular Photo Tools app is your Swiss army knife for everyday photo editing. Each of the tools is straightforward and easy to use. It takes just a few clicks to brighten up a dark photo with the Brightness Tool, and it is even easier to make colors more vivid with the Auto-Contrast Tool. Go ahead and give an artistic look to an image by converting it into black and white, and then set it as wallpaper right away from the menu. Have Popular Photo Tools handy to flip and rotate pictures.


  • 5 awesome photo tools: Brightness, Auto-Contrast, Black and White, Flip, and Rotate
  • Image preview in "Load image" dialog
  • Opens image gallery to load image from "View Pictures" menu item
  • Operates on images in JPG, PNG, BMP, and GIF formats
  • Zoomed preview of visual effects
  • "Set as wallpaper" option
  • Easy to use

$0.99 from BlackBerry App World

Sole Survival

Sole Survival -'Sole Survival' helps you keep track of when you should replace your shoes. If you are a runner, walker, jogger, hiker, etc., then this app is for you. Sole Survival will keep track of your workout shoes and will indicate when you should replace them. You can simply select the shoe type and enter the date of first use or you can enter more details and keep track of the distance traveled in each pair of shoes. The shoe types are configurable to your needs.

This app can also be used for your golf clubs or any other sporting equipment that needs to be replaced after a certain length of time.

$0.99 from BlackBerry App World

Cool In BlackBerry App World:

Talking Caller ID

Talking Caller ID - Want to hear your phone announce the name of every caller? Get Talking Caller ID and hear who is calling you today. Includes over 2,000 Popular Names of Guys and Girls and Relationships. Includes different THEMES to choose from (work-friendly, general, funny, etc.)

FUN, SAFE and CONVENIENT - You will know WHO is calling without having to look at your phone in any situation. Driving the car, but curious who is calling? Is your phone in the other room? Watching the game and don't want to get up?

INCLUDES RELATIONSHIPS TOO - In addition to popular guy names and girl names we added relationships. "Your school teacher is calling""Your Mom is calling" "Your Boss is calling" "Your baby's daddy is calling" "Your ex is calling" Over 500 relationships included.


  • HEAR the name of each caller.
  • IDENTIFY whether it is your Phone is ringing or somebody else's
  • SAFE while driving. Don't look away from the road to see who is calling
  • CONVENIENT while relaxing. Don't leave the room or get up just to see who is calling.
  • EVERYONE includes. Includes approximately 750 guy names + 750 girl names + 500 relationships = 2,000 names!!

$2.99 from BlackBerry App World



CogniCard -CogniCard is an online business card scanner that works via email on your BlackBerry and with your webcam on your PC. We ensure highest quality by combining OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology with human quality checks at an affordable price. CogniCard can capture data even when other business card scanners fail.

Please note: You need to register an account at CogniCard to use this application and you receive 5 free credits to test this application. We don't use any information from your business cards and we don't share it with anyone. Security is monitored by McAfee daily on our site. Why do we include the human check? Because text on business cards is extremely difficult to capture and if you look at the reviews of other business card scanning applications most people struggle with taking appropriate pictures and the program doesn't capture anything. You don't have to worry about that with CogniCard, the human quality check will ensure that your information is captured completely.

CogniCard works with three easy steps:

You can send a business card to CogniCard either through email to your personal CogniCard email address (you get an email address once you sign up) or you can use your webcam to upload a business card to the site.

CogniCard uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and a human-quality check to capture information from your business card.

Your address will then be sent to your device again and you can import the address into your address book.


  • Upload through multiple channels (BlackBerry, Webcam, File Upload)
  • Convenient management of your business cards and safe backup of all your data
  • Cost-efficient because you only pay what you need instead of spending several hundred dollars on a hardware device.

If you are looking for time efficient way to digitize your business cards then CogniCard might be the right product for you. The best is if you try CogniCard with the free trial and see how convenient it is to use this approach instead of manually capturing the information.

Free from the CrackBerry App Store

We have 25 coupons worth 50 credits each to give away! All you have to do is leave a comment to be entered. Winners will be announced next week. Now, for the 10 winners of Datepedia 2.0.

Contest Winners:

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