Howdy and welcome to the weekly app roundup! Yee-haw! This week the Style train keeps on rollin on. We’ve caught the official Style commercial and an amazing review by our own Kerri Neill! Will YOU commit to the flip? Kevin also shared his video unboxing and first impressions of the BlackBerry Bold 9780. There’s definitely a lot to look at this week. Today, we announce the winners of the MegaAlarms giveaway and also give you the chance to win one of 10 copies of Datepedia 2.0! Have a rootin’ tootin’ weekend! Giddy up!

Freebies of the Week: Barcode Assistant. mVideo Gallery, Cineplex Mobile

In Case You Missed It: Search, Game Center

New This Week: Sixtools, Self- Hypnosis for Sound Sleep, Virtual Vault Enterprise Edition

Cool at BlackBerry App World: NavGuard Track and Trace

Contest: Enter to win 1 of 10 copies of Datepedia 2.0!

Freebies Of The Week:

Barcode Assistant -Barcode Assistant integrates barcode creation and scanning directly into the Calendar, Task List, Address Book, and Web Browser. Other barcodes can be scanned and created from within the application itself.

With BB6, scans are automatic. With 5.0, scans are completed when the trackpad, trackball, spacebar, or screen is clicked, while viewing the barcode on the screen.


  • Scan a website barcode from the web browser.
  • Create a barcode of the current web page from the browser menu.
  • Create and Scan personal barcode from the Contact List.
  • Create and Scan events from the Calendar.
  • Create and Scan tasks from the Task app.
  • Create Location barcode using GPS location.
  • Scanned Geo Locations can be opened in BB Maps or Google Maps.
  • Create website, email, twitter, and other barcodes.

Free from the CrackBerry App Store

mVideo Gallery -Now you can view video thumbnails on your BlackBerry. It's easy to find the right video you want and share by Email, MMS and Bluetooth.

Search is simple. Start typing and thumbnails in the results appear instantly as you type.


  • Automatically add new video thumbnails.
  • Delete and rename videos.
  • Grid view and List view.
  • Instant preview.
  • Instant search.
  • Media Home shortcut.
  • Share videos via Email, MMS and Bluetooth.
  • Sort video by name, size, modified date and folder in natural order/reverse order.
  • Video recorder shortcut.

Free from the CrackBerry App Store

Cineplex Mobile -Cineplex Entertainment, Canada’s largest motion picture exhibitor and SCENE, Canada’s only entertainment rewards program are now on BlackBerry!


  • Get movie showtimes for every theatre in Canada
  • Buy tickets for Cineplex theatres with NO additional service fees!
  • Check your SCENE points balance and add your SCENE card to your phone for an even easier way to earn points
  • Read the latest Entertainment News and enjoy exclusive trailers, footage and interviews
  • View theatre information by radius, with maps, phone number, admission prices, showtimes and ticketing information
  • Search by theatre, movie, actor, news, photos and videos
  • Available in English & French

Free from BlackBerry App World

In Case You Missed It: Search -With the Search app, you get quick access to CrackBerry when you need it. Just start typing on your home screen and when universal search pops up, CrackBerry blogs and forums will be a search option. Clicking the icon launches you directly to CrackBerrys front page.

In my humble opinion, this app should come preloaded on each and every BlackBerry sold. Think of it as a quicker fix for your CrackBerry addiction.

Free from the CrackBerry App Store Game Center -The official Game Center Mobile App is here for 2010! Never miss a touchdown or any other action from around the National Football League.

Get all the things you would expect from the official Game Center Mobile App, like Live Scoreboards, Play-by-Play, Game Recaps and more. Upgrade via in-app purchase to unlock additional premium features.


  • In-game Big Play audio highlights of every game
  • Customized “My Team” game alerts
  • Quarterly audio highlights of every game
  • Postgame press conference video of every game
  • The upgrade is a one-time fee of $4.99

Lite version is free from BlackBerry App World

New This Week:

SixTools -SixTools offers a variety of features to enhance your OS6 experience. From adding extra convenience keys to your media keys, to a battery indicator.


  • Shortcuts – Assign applications to your Volume and Mute/Play keys - like having 3 extra convenience keys! Volume key shortcuts will be automatically disabled when a media player is running as to not conflict.
  • Start-Up Video – That short little intro clip that plays the first time you power up after an OS update, its a great way to notify you that your device has finished starting up
  • Holster Sounds – Have a sound effect play when you put your device in a holster or take it out
  • Battery Indicator – The OS 6 battery indicator can be horribly inaccurate, you can choose from 2 styles, precision which matches the default theme or modern. It will display this icon with battery level in your notification area.
  • Low Battery Alert – Alerts you when your battery drops below a certain level (configurable).
  • USB Connected – That annoying little pop-up that shows up every time you plug your USB cable in- now you can have it auto dismiss. You'll get 5 seconds before it disappears in case you want to click one of the options
  • Status – Quick one touch way to get all vital stats about your device on one screen, with access to your event log and network diagnostics
  • Slider Sounds (Torch only) – Have a sound effect play when you open and close your slider
  • Portrait Lock Home Screen (Torch only)– You can set this to auto-lock the home screen or do a manual lock/unlock at any time in the app
  • Orientation Lock (Torch only) – Can be added to system wide menu to lock an application to either landscape or portrait.

Currently on sale for $2.99 from the CrackBerry App Store

Self-hypnosis for Sound Sleep -Getting a great night of sleep every night is so important. When you get a great night of sleep, you wake up feeling more refreshed and alive each day. Your energy is up and it's so much easier to be in a great mood when you've had a good night of sleep.

Self-Hypnosis for Sound Sleep is designed to do two things for you. First, it's designed to help you get to sleep easier at night by learning to relax and let go of any worries or stress you might still be holding onto. And secondly, it's designed to develop a new sleeping pattern of sleeping soundly and peacefully throughout the night. This pattern is developed with the help of your subconscious mind which will follow the new sleeping pattern once the new pattern has become established.

Listen to Self-Hypnosis for Sound Sleep when you're ready to go to sleep at night. Make sure to listen to it for a minimum of two to three weeks till you're able to sleep soundly without the aid of the hypnosis session. Then listen to it after the first few weeks whenever you feel it's appropriate. A sound ad peaceful sleep will accompany you at night if you listen to it regularly.

This application is developed in collaboration with certified hypnotherapists and practitioners in the International Hypnotherapy Association. Our Hypnotherapy products have helped many thousands of people all over the world regain control over stress symptoms, addictions, and bad habitual behaviours. Please note this is not an alternative to medical treatment.

Currently on sale for $3.99 from the CrackBerry App Store

Virtual Vault -The Virtual Vault Enterprise Edition is a Patent Pending BlackBerry Smartphone Application that copies all BlackBerry emails sent or received on a users Micro SD card. Opening the Virtual Vault application users can access all emails a user has sent/received to forward and reply to them, if required.


  • Saves all BES received and sent emails
  • Import of all existing emails on a users BlackBerry into the “Virtual Vault”
  • Full email “Search” capability within the Virtual Vault
  • Emails can be forwarded or replied to from within the Virtual Vault
  • Delete stored emails from the Virtual Vault File
  • Original email content can be edited before being sent thru the Virtual Vault
  • Does “not” save attachments or hyperlinks
  • Each Virtual Vault file is Password Protected
  • Multiple Virtual Vault Files can be saved
  • Email Filter to block spam email

$29.99 from BlackBerry App World

Cool In BlackBerry App World:

NavGuard Track and Trace -NavGuard developed a mobile track & trace solution for BlackBerry smart phones that will help you locate your colleagues any moment of the day. A small and resident application will constantly collect the handheld’s geographical location every 30 seconds up to 1 hour. Those locations are constantly transferred to the Track & Trace server. With just a click on a button you can request the location of all your co-workers. All movements are all projected on the well known Google Maps interface.


  • high resolution logging (every 30 seconds up to 1 hour)
  • logs the GPS location, speed, direction, accuracy on handheld and server
  • built to consume low energy levels
  • the server application supports role based security and privacy levels
  • geotagging with text and/or photos
  • panic button function
  • intuitive browser based ‘dashboard’
  • Google Maps and Google Earth support
  • available as a hosted and an in-house implemented server solution

$69.99 from BlackBerry App World


Datepedia 2.0

Datepedia 2.0 -The all new Datepedia 2.0 is the ultimate BlackBerry calendar companion with hundreds of dates for national holidays, religious holidays, major sporting events and more! Simply select dates and export them to your BlackBerry Calendar or Contacts with customized reminders, all at the click of a button. Datepedia 2.0 delivers a breakthrough interface, including an interactive, color-coded Calendar View that provides a powerful new way to view upcoming holidays and other special events.


  • View national holidays from multiple countries including US, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, France, Spain, Italy, Mexico and India
  • View Christian, Jewish, Islamic and Hindu religious holidays including descriptions of each
  • View dates for major sporting events including NASCAR, Golf, Tennis and more
  • Keep track of important personal events such as birthdays and anniversaries
  • Automatically calculates birthday and anniversary numbers
  • Displays a days-until-event countdown for all events
  • Import existing birthdays or anniversaries from your BlackBerry Contacts
  • Choose from multiple export options (e.g. single event export or multiple event export) to save Datepedia events to your BlackBerry Calendar or Contacts
  • Specify an export time or choose 'All Day' when saving events to the BlackBerry Calendar
  • Set custom calendar reminders and specify reminder intervals
  • Quickly search for any dates by category or name, and filter search by year for faster look-up
  • Includes option for viewing all events or upcoming events only
  • Switch between MM-DD-YYYY and DD-MM-YYYY date formats

On sale for $4.99 from the CrackBerry App Store

We have 10 copies of Datepedia 2.0 to giveaway! All you have to do is leave a comment to be entered. Winners will be announced next week. Now, for the 25 winners of MegaAlarms.

Contest Winners:

*Congrats to everyone! You should receive a message this weekend, so reply ASAP*

Until Next Week..

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