The BlackBerry App Roundup

Just another week of new apps to touch on this time 'round in the Roundup. Was an exciting week with WES taking place, but lets take a little break and look at some great app titles for your BlackBerry. Covered this week in the roundup are:

New This Week: Dream Dictionary, Tripometer, Earthshine Theme for the Pearl, Blackjack Helper, Revolver

Apps on Sale: Battery Booster, RDM+ Remote Desktop for Mobiles, Tip Calculator, Ace HTML Email Viewer, IM+ All-in-One Messenger, IM+ for Skype, MemoryUp Professional, AlienBerry, ColorLight, Mobile Sudoku, BBtris, Kama Sutra

Cool at BlackBerry App World: WorldMate Live

Freebie of the Week: Level for BlackBerry Storm

Note: Don't forget, you can always search for titles featured in the App Roundup within App World... Some apps mentioned may be available there for your device.

New This Week

Dream Dictionary for BlackBerryDream Dictionary

Thought this one was kind of cool, and fun. If you have a lot of dreams you may want to pick this one up. Dream Dictionary is a simple app that contains listings of over 800 items that typically appear in dreams. Pull up an item, and you'll get a definition of it and what it means to you in real life. If you've ever wanted to know exactly what your dreams mean, this one is for you :)

Pick up Dream Dictionary for $2.99 >

Tripometer for BlackBerryTripometer

Have a GPS enabled Berry? Want to use it to calculate how fast you're going along with the distance you're traveling? Now you can, with Tripometer. The app was designed for bikers, hikers, runners and other outdoor distance sports to help you keep track of your travels. You can run it in the foreground or background, and will even display your full trip time. All that is required here is OS 4.2 or later, although for some reason the developer has noted that this app only works on the Verizon Storm... No other Verizon Berry's are supported at this time.

Tripometer is on Sale for $2.99 Until May 23rd >

Earthshine Theme for BlackBerry PearlEarthshine Theme for the BlackBerry Pearl

It's been awhile since I've shown any Pearl love, so here we go. The Earthshine Theme for BlackBerry Pearl users is a custom theme originally designed for the Storm. It features custom designed icons, and an L-shape arrangement on your Pearl's home screen. This theme should work flawlessly on all 8100 series devices, running OS 4.5 or newer.

The Earthshine Theme is on Sale for $1.30 Until May 10th >

Blackjack Helper for BlackBerryBlackjack Helper

Blackjack Helper was designed to help you play better Blackjack. With this app you can count cards like a true professional... Although, last time I checked I'm pretty sure casinos use so many decks at a Blackjack table that you might be out of luck (not sure?). Blackjack Helper uses the Hi-Low True Count system, and gives you real time advice on what to bet and how to play your current hand versus the dealer. The app even comes with a 'Pocket Mode' which allows you to run it without looking at the screen. Volume keys and convenience keys register your cards, and your device will vibrate when the cards are 'hot'. Interesting. The developer points out that this is for 'home use only' (wink), but if you are brave and do take it to a casino do not blame me when you get thrown out and banned. Also, this one runs on the BlackBerry Storm only.

Pick up Blackjack Helper on Sale now for $0.99 'til May 10th >

Revolver for BlackBerry StormRevolver

One last Storm app to talk about in the newbies this week. It's kind of odd/strange, but part of me found it somewhat humorous. The Storm 'Revolver' turns your device into a game of Russian Roulette (ok, maybe it isn't THAT funny) :P. To operate, open the app, swipe up or down to spin the gun barrel. Click the screen to load bullets, and touch (not click) each chamber to add or subtract bullets... From there, you can click anywhere on the screen to return to the gun. Finally, swipe right or flick the phone up to fire.

Revolver is on Sale for $1.99 Until May 10th >

BlackBerry Apps on Sale

Battery BoosterBattery Booster
Boost your battery's current runtime!
Available for $4.99 (Regular $9.99)
Offer ends May 8th

RDM+ for BlackBerryRDM+: Remote Desktop for Mobiles
RDM+ allows you to access your computer from your Blackberry. You can send and receive emails, surf web, edit documents, copy, cut, paste files etc.
Available for $19.99 (Regular $49.95)
Offer ends May 10th

Tip CalculatorTip Calculator
This is the tip calculator that you have been waiting for. Easy to use, very powerful, and it looks great!
Available now for $2.99 (Regular $3.99)
Offer ends May 31st

Ace HTML Email ViewerAce HTML Email Viewer
Read emails with colors, images, smileys, links etc. Customizable backgrounds, font style and size. Check the screenshots inside. Works with Storm, Bold, Curve, Pearl, Niagara. Risk free trial. Download for free now!
Available for $29.95 (Regular $34.95)
Offer ends May 10th

IM+ All-in-One MessengerIM+ All-in-One Messenger
Enjoy real time chat within all popular messengers. File and photo transfer, cheap SMS all over the world, only for 5 cents to US, Canada, UK!
Available now for $19.99 (Regular $49.95)
Offer ends May 10th

IM+ for SkypeIM+ for Skype
IM+ for Skype enables text chat with other Skypers and provides cost-effective calling to landlines and mobiles. No extra voice delays even for long-distance calls! 
Available now for $19.99 (Regular $29.95)
Offer ends May 10th

MemoryUp ProfessionalMemoryUp Professional
MemoryUp Pro is a powerful BlackBerry RAM boosting tool and Java virtual machine (JVM) management application specially designed for BlackBerry users.
Available now for $14.99 (Regular $16.95)
Offer ends May 20th

AlienBerry BlackBerry Storm ThemeAlienBerry
Alienware Blackberry Storm Theme
Available now for $3.99 (Regular $5.95)
Offer ends May 9th

ColorLight for BlackBerryColorLight
You can customize Pearl trackball or Status LED and Phone Screen light with different colors/effects. It`s very useful when you are in the dark!
Available now for $6.99 (Regular $7.99)
Offer ends May 31st

Mobile SudokuMobile Sudoku
Solve Sudoku puzzles on the go with your BlackBerry!
Available now for $2.99 (Regular $9.99)
Offer ends June 2nd

BBtris is the famous brick-combiner everyone knows. Now it is available on your BlackBerry!
Available now for $4.99 (Regular $9.99)
Offer ends May 21st

Kama Sutra for BlackBerryKama Sutra
Everything you want to know about Kama Sutra, History, purpose of Kama Sutra, positions and more.
Available now for $2.99
(Regular $9.99)
Offer ends May 31st

Cool at BlackBerry App World

WorldMate Live

WorldMate Live for BlackBerry

If you've never heard of or used WorldMate Live before, you should definitely give it a look... Especially if you're a busy traveler. Loading WorldMate Live up on your Berry is like having a travel service right on your hip at all times... Very cool. WorldMate Live delivers everything you'll need while traveling. Access your itinerary, flight status alerts, schedules, weather, maps and a whole lot more. There's a smart hotel search, world clock feature, and it even integrates nicely with your Berry's calendar. I could go on and on about WorldMate Live, but why not check it out for yourself?

For more info you can always hit up WorldMate's website, or look for WorldMate Live for Free in BlackBerry App World.

Note: If you want to upgrade to the 'Gold' service which includes automatic flight alerts for over 175 airlines, suggestions for alternate flights if you need to reschedule, daily and weekly flight schedules for 90% of the world's commercial flights, and full customer support via email *breath*... it'll cost you $99.95 per year or $9.95 per month.

Freebie of the Week

Level for BlackBerry Storm

Level for BlackBerry Storm

Think you could use a level on your Storm, but don't want to fork out the $4.99 for Storm Level Pro? Level for BlackBerry Storm is an ultra simple level app that you can use to put things on the level horizontally and vertically. While the interface and feature set isn't as rich as Storm Level Pro, it's a basic app that could come in handy. Storm Level Pro does have a calibration feature, automatic adjustment for portrait and landscape, and 2 ruler increments (inches and centimeters)... If you don't need that, give Level a try. In fact, think of it as a stepping stone. If you like it but need the added features of Storm Level Pro, think of this one as a stepping stone :)

You can pick up Level for the BlackBerry Storm right here >

Pick up Storm Level Pro for $4.99 >

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