Howdy CrackBerry readers. It is time once again for the weekly App Roundup where I rustle up some interesting, fun, and useful applications and games for you to try. In just a few days we'll be kicking it into high gear on all the sites as June is #MobileFit Month hosted by Connectedly. All of the sites will be delivering amazing content regarding fitness so make sure you stay tuned all month long.

Be sure to check out this week's picks by clicking through the gallery below. If your favorite did not make the cut this week, remember you can help by offering your suggestions at the end.

June Cup by s42

In two weeks the world will turn its attention to Brazil which is home to the 2014 FIFA World Cup. If you are looking to track all the action then look no further than this application. Four years ago s42 released their app for the tournament in South Africa and are back again bringing you the same experience to follow the games, schedule, and scores. While this is an Android Port and not an official application, it offers live play by play, ability to schedule games on your device, browse statistics and leading scores in the tournament, and share information. You can grab this for free in BlackBerry World for all BlackBerry 10.

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VocaBuilder by Vladlen Rudenko

As a writer and avid reader one of the most important tools in my arsenal is possessing a good vocabulary. That being said this application was put forth by a reader in the comments and it works seamlessly. The interface allows you to quickly search for words in the offline dictionary. Not only does it provide the full definition, phonetic pronunciation, and synonym but shows the origin and uses the word in a sentence to help grasp the meaning. Students and teachers will appreciate the built-in word lists for different levels including SAT, GRE, High School and Intermediate. There is also an RSS feed which provides the word of the day from such popular RSS providers as, NY Times, Macmillan, and Merriam Webster. Since this is a free application, you certainly can't help but be drawn to how quick, responsive, and it is. Anything that promotes education and learning is always a plus in my book and great for you to have on your BlackBerry 10 device.

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Wordosaur by RJ Softwares

Puzzles and word games are two categories I happen to be drawn to when choosing a game to play on my BlackBerry. Wordosaur is similar to Scrabble in that you have to make words using letter tiles on a 15X15 board. While this is a native application for legacy, it is an Android port for BlackBerry 10. What this means is that BBOS owners can take advantage of the BBM integration to compete against their contacts, while BB10 users can connect via Facebook for online play. There is also the option to practice offline with solitaire mode where you can either compete against the computer or by yourself depending on the type of play chosen. Crossword games are always an excellent way of not only passing the time but improving your vocabulary as well. Wordosaur is educational, fun, and connects you to people around the world. Not bad for a free game if I say so myself. It supports most legacy devices, the BlackBerry PlayBook, and touch BlackBerry 10 devices only (sorry keyboard users!). The only permission requested is to Connect to BBM.

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Push to BlackBerry by Josip Lisec

This next selection is quite an interesting one. I know there are times when researching items or browsing the internet on my PC that I would like to be able to view them on my BlackBerry at a later time. Normally I just send myself the email with the links and that is the end of it. This application does all that for you with an app on your device and an extension to install on your browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Opera). Once both are installed and you sync using the QR code on the PC (it is why the app requires access to your camera) any site you wish to send to your device is as simple as tapping the extension icon on your browser. Within seconds, you will see the links appear in the application that you can tap on and read through the BlackBerry browser. Using the app you can mark unread, share, open, delete or make an offline copy. For someone always on the go such as myself this is the perfect time-saver and way to organize yourself for $.99.

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Fusion Camera by Ajani InfoTech Private Limited

If you want to unlock your inner shutterbug this application is quite clever albeit not for everyone and I'll explain why. What this application does is take photos from both your rear and front facing cameras simultaneously. So if you are shy or not fond of being in those scenic then this is not for you. Though it is fun and presents a lot of possibilities. There are six different camera modes, a built-in photo editing tool to adjust the image, add effects and frames, correct red eye, and set brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness. Available for most legacy BBOS devices and the Q10, Q5, and Z10 it is $.99 to purchase. It only asks for permission to access the camera.

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What You Might Have Missed

UnSend Email by Devcellent Solutions Inc.

I confess there are times I hit the send button too quickly when sending an email. I think we are all guilty at one time or another of that. In those extreme cases where you need to recall a message before that mistake goes through there is this useful application. How it works is simple. When you compose and send an email the application essentially intercepts and holds it in the queue for a duration specified in settings. During this brief interval you can go into the Hub and choose to unsend it (or unsend all for multiple messages) through the application where it will revert back to being a draft. It supports all BlackBerry 10 handsets for $2.99. In order to function it does ask for permission to access Email and PIN Messages, Shared Files, Run in Background, Device Identifying Info, as well as BBM integration.

More information/Purchase UnSend Email

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