The BlackBerry App Roundup

Hope everyone has had a great week. Hard to believe May has almost come and gone! In this months' last roundup we have the following titles:

New This Week: Dial Voice Mail, SmrtGuard for BlackBerry, StudentDocket for the BlackBerry Storm, Flag Your Emails, Note2Self

Apps on Sale: StopTilt, PatternLock, Bartender Pro, Call Blocker, Doodle, PhoneLog, SearchCraig, Connect Four

Cool at BlackBerry App World: GreenFinder

Freebie of the Week: Livecontacts LC Mobile for BlackBerry

Note: Don't forget, you can always search for titles featured in the App Roundup within App World... Some apps mentioned may be available there for your device.

New This Week

Dial Voice MailDial Voice Mail

Ever wanted push button access to your voice mail? Now you can have it thanks to a tiny app called Dial Voice Mail. Once installed, accessing your voice mail is as easy as clicking the voice mail icon. Move the icon around your device until you find an optimal home for it... and you're off and running! Storm users might find this to be a handy utility to have on-board.

Dial Voice Mail is compatible with all current Berry devices running OS 4.2.1 or higher.

Check out Dial Voice Mail >

SmrtGuard for BlackBerry

SmrtGuard for BlackBerry

  Keep your personal info safe and secure. Eliminate worries of the wrong person or persons reading private info on your lost or stolen BlackBerry... With SmrtGuard for BlackBerry you will have the power to backup and restore personal data OTA, track the location of your device (if you don't know where it is!), and even perform a remote wipe if need be. Many more features are included in this one including an audio ping feature, loved-one tracking and more. A very powerful tool indeed.

SmrtGuard for BlackBerry is available in a Yearly and Semi Annual Service... and a free trial is also available.

StudentDocket for BlackBerry StormStudentDocket for the BlackBerry Storm

Students packing a BlackBerry Storm will want to give this one a good looksee. StudentDocket is a very useful app built for students that allows one to manage classes, assignments, projects and more... Keep track of assignment due dates by date, week or month, manage your class times and locations and more. The app will even let you store your professor's information such as office hours, location, phone and email. If you're a student that needs a little help getting organized, StudentDocket might be a perfect fit for you.

Check out StudentDocket for the BlackBerry Storm >

Flag Your EmailsFlag Your Emails

With Flag Your Emails you'll never forget to handle those important emails ever again! It's a quick and easy to use tool to help you manage that overcrowded inbox of yours. Flag Your Emails adds a new menu item in your mail app which lets you toggle a red ! flag on any email. Have an important email but don't have time to address it at the moment? Flag it and come back to it later... Once you've dealt with it, you can easily unflag it again.

All that is required here is OS 4.2.1 or higher. Should work fine on all current Berry devices.

Check out Flag Your Emails >


'Buy fewer business cards next year'... (I hope someone gets that reference)...

Note2Self allows you to quickly record a voice note and send it directly to your inbox in an email. Recording is easy, and sending the note to yourself is as easy as two clicks. Very handy indeed. The developers at Web Information Solutions have developed 2 versions of this app, one for non-touchscreen Berry's, and another for the Storm. Good stuff!

Read more about Note2Self right here >

BlackBerry Apps on Sale

Disable automatic rotation of screen on Storm! Use your Storm from the comfort of your bed without worrying about orientation!
On sale for $4.99 until May 31st
(Regular $9.95)

Pattern LockPatternLock
A fun and easy way to lock your BlackBerry Storm using patterns you draw with your finger.
On sale for $0.99 until May 31st
(Regular $2.99)

Bartender ProBartender Pro
Never know what drinks to make? Turn to Bartender Pro!
On sale for $0.99 until May 31st
(Regular $2.99)

Call BlockerCall Blocker
Call Blocker allows you to select numbers from your call logs, contacts and by hand to block. With a single click you can also block Private numbers, and numbers that aren't in your contacts.
On sale for $0.99 until May 31st
(Regular $2.99)

The entertaining finger-painting application that will have you scribbling in your free time and drawing on your favorite pictures.
On sale for $0.99 until May 31st
(Regular $2.99)

Logs completed and missed calls to your calendar for easy viewing.
On sale for $0.99 until May 31st
(Regular $1.99)

Search Craigslist on your phone.
On sale for $0.99 until May 31st
(Regular $4.95)

Connect FourConnect Four
The classic game of getting four chips in a row that will give you hours of fun with a friend or against the computer.
On sale for $0.99 until May 31st
(Regular $2.99)

Cool at BlackBerry App World


GreenFinder for BlackBerry

Golf season is finally gearing up for most folks north of the border, so naturally I'm pumped about that. One of my favorite apps to help me out on the course has been GreenFinder... for some time now. The app is insanely easy to use, and provides you with accurate distance information to help you make smart shots on the course. One handy feature I really enjoy is the 'shot length' feature. After you hit a shot, hit the 'space' button, and GreenFinder will begin tracking yardage at the bottom of the screen. When you get to your ball, you'll see exactly how for you hit that last shot! Very cool for figuring out how far you hit each club. GreenFinder does not charge for new courses. Simply search out courses in your area, download them for free and you're ready to go. If your course is not available, you can submit it to the team at Itinerant for mapping and inclusion (I've done this myself, and the turnaround is actually pretty fast).

GreenFinder is compatible with the following BlackBerry devices:

  • BlackBerry 9500, 9530
  • BlackBerry 9000
  • BlackBerry 8900
  • BlackBerry 8800, 8820, 8830
  • BlackBerry 8350i
  • BlackBerry 8310, 8330
  • BlackBerry 8110, 8130

Unfortunately GreenFinder does not work on any Verizon Berry's with the exception of the Storm 9530.

GreenFinder is available in BlackBerry App World for $35/year.

Freebie of the Week

Livecontacts LC Mobile for BlackBerry

Livecontacts LC Mobile for BlackBerry

Livecontacts is a free app that lets you share your current location with trusted friends and family. Of course, you'll need a Berry with GPS on-board to use this one. The app will plot your current latitude and longitude, speed, heading and timestamp your current location. Kind of neat. Your location shows up as a marker on Google Maps.

Other things you can do with this one:

  • Meet new friends that are near you
  • Plot the routes that you travel
  • Stay in touch with people you care about
  • Publish your location on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Orkut and many more

All that is required here is OS 4.2 or higher. It's worth a look... you might enjoy it!

Check out Livecontacts LC Mobile for BlackBerry right here >

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