The BlackBerry App Roundup

Another great week come and gone. Here's to a great weekend to everyone out there... before you head off for the weekend, why not check out some new and cool BlackBerry apps? Covered this week in the roundup:

New This Week: Cowbell, Ever Light, Berry Strip Poker, Babe Blocks, Tripometer Voice Edition

Apps on Sale: BerryDialer, Young Folks' Library, TapOMania, MorningNews, EmailAlert, BlackBerry Process Viewer, WhereRYu?, SearchCraig, Evil House, Bartender Pro, Call Blocker

Cool at BlackBerry App World: Civilization IV: War of Two Cities

Freebie of the Week: Bluff My Call Mobile

Note: Don't forget, you can always search for titles featured in the App Roundup within App World... Some apps mentioned may be available there for your device.

New This Week

Cowbell for BlackBerry StormCowbell

Haha, Yeah! I'm tellin' you guys, you're going to want more cowbell! This hilarious little app from Phrehnck brings all the cowbell you can handle. There's a free version available, but the paid version (only $0.99) saves the bell counter value and removes the exit message.

Unfortunately this is a Storm only app, so if you need 'more cowbell', you're going to need a Storm as well.

Pick up Cowbell right here >

Ever Light for BlackBerryEver Light

Ever Light claims to be the most advanced 'mobile phone torch' ever created! With one click, you can turn your Berry into an electric torch (aka flashlight). You can set it to activate your LED at the same time, or even turn on a 'mirror' function which will turn your screen completely black for maximum reflectiveness. A few more features are built-in including an SOS option... Be sure to check it out for full details.

Ever Light is available for all 8xxx series, plus the Bold and Storm for $4.99.

Learn more about Ever Light >

Berry Strip PokerBerry Strip Poker

How could I not touch on this one! For all the fellas out there, Berry Strip Poker is a new game from AIM Productions that is sure to fill those moments of downtime. Play one of 2 computer opponents included in the download... plus, 4 other opponents are available for free download as well. Each player has different strategies and tendencies, so be sure to 'read' your opposition for best results :) Once you've beaten a computer opponent, the final image is stored in a 'gallery' for future viewing.

Berry Strip Poker is available for the Curve and Pearl series only for $9.95.

Check out Berry Strip Poker >

Babe Blocks for BlackBerryBabe Blocks

To stay on the whole 'babe' theme here, I've decided to include another game entitled 'Babe Blocks'. It too is from the folks at AIM Productions (I'm noticing a pattern here...). The object of Babe Blocks is to tap 3 or more adjacent bricks to make them disappear. New bricks are added to the bottom of the screen, so act fast to clear the screen and reveal the 'babe'.

Babe Blocks is available for the Pearl and Curve series only for $9.95.

More info on Babe Blocks >

Tripometer Voice EditionTripometer Voice Edition

Tripometer Voice Edition uses your Berry's on-board GPS to calculate your speed and distance travelled. Designed with walking, running, biking and other outdoor activities in mind, Tripometer is handy to have with you for tracking a workout. In this new 'voice edition', the app will periodically announce travel distance and average speed through your Berry's speaker or headphones. Very handy for the fitness freak or outdoorsman.

You can pick up Tripometer Voice Edition for $4.95.

More info on Tripometer here >

BlackBerry Apps on Sale

Use Calling Cards with your BlackBerry.
On sale for $4.99 until May 27th
(Regular $29.99)

Young Folks' LibraryYoung Folks' Library
Wonders of Earth, Sea and Sky!
On sale for $2.99 until May 29th
(Regular $4.99)

TapOMania is an outstanding game of strategy and logic. Your goal is to remove all the blocks from the screen.
On sale for $0.99 until May 31st
(Regular $5.95)

Read the news or check the weather every day without clicking any buttons.
On sale for $0.99 until May 31st
(Regular $4.95)

Alerts you on emails with a specific text.
On sale for $0.99 until May 31st
(Regular $4.95)

BlackBerry Process ViewerBlackBerry Process Viewer
Application Process Viewer for the BlackBerry.
On sale for $0.99 until May 31st
(Regular $4.95)

Lets people you trust find your current location.
On sale for $9.95 until May 31st
(Regular $16.95)

Search Craigslist on your phone.
On sale for $0.99 until May 31st
(Regular $4.95)

Evil HouseEvil House
An addictive action adventure horror game.
On sale for $2.99 until May 31st
(Regular $9.99)

Bartender ProBartender Pro
Never know what drinks to make? Turn to Bartender Pro!
On sale for $0.99 until May 31st
(Regular $2.99)

Call BlockerCall Blocker
Call Blocker allows you to select numbers from your call logs, contacts and by hand to block. With a single click you can also block Private numbers, and numbers that aren't in your contacts.
On sale for $0.99 until May 31st
(Regular $2.99)

Cool at BlackBerry App World

Civilization IV: War of Two Cities

Civilization IV: War of Two Cities

I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if I didn't mention Civ IV for BlackBerry in a Roundup. I grew up playing Civilization games right from the first edition.... and Civilization IV: War of Two Cities is a nice addition to any gamers' Berry. Unlike other Civ games, this edition focuses on a battle between two neighboring cities. A little bit different for sure, but still, gameplay is enjoyable and familiar. If you're a Civ fan, it's a worthwhile purchase.

Look for Civilization IV: War of Two Cities in BlackBerry App World. It's also available in the CrackBerry App Store for $6.99.

Freebie of the Week

Bluff My Call Mobile

Bluff My Call Mobile is a neat little utility that lets you change your caller ID info! The free version of this app lets you make calls up to 2 minutes each, and before each call a 10 second ad will be played. A bit of a hinderance for sure, but totally worth it for those occasional practical jokes you might want to play.

Description of the app from the folks at BSD Telecom:

BluffMyCall allows you to have complete control of your phone calls! For the paid version you will get all the features. You can choose what to show as the Caller ID, Change your Voice to a Male or Female's and best of all you can record everything. Our service also allows you to leave messages right on someone's Voice Mail without their phone ringing. We have access numbers in 40+ countries as well.

Again, you'll need the paid version to take full advantage of all features, but the freebie is still very usable and fun... might as well give it a spin, right?

Pick up Bluff My Call Mobile at for FREE >

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