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Happy May everyone! Another solid week, I hope everyone out there is well. Kevin is down in Florida getting ready for WES and workin on his tan, and I'm stuck up here in Canada.. Yet, it's not so bad, Spring is coming and the weather is a little more bearable :) Getting down to this week's edition of the Roundup... Covered this week are the following apps:

New This Week: World Map Theme for the 8900, Cleopatra StackMatch for the BlackBerry Storm, Quote Cryptograms, Relax, Bartender Pro, PhoneLog

Apps on Sale: iBerry Xtreme Today Theme for BlackBerry Storm, Air Traffic Control, Tip Calculator, AutoStandby, File Manager Pro, IM+ All-in-One Messenger, IM+ for Skype, RDM+: Remote Desktop for Mobiles

Cool at BlackBerry App World: Trapster

Freebie of the Week: I Love BlackBerry

Note: Don't forget, you can always search for titles featured in the App Roundup within App World... Some apps mentioned may be available there for your device.

New This Week

World Map Theme for the 8900World Map Theme for the 8900

Want a new and unique theme to help dress up your 8900? The 'World Map' theme was built with the 8900 in mind, this theme features 6 customizable icons on the home screen, bouncing icons, and custom new message indicators and dialog buttons. Your 8900 will ned to be on at least 4.6.1 for this theme to work properly. Brush up on your geography with this brand new theme :)

Pick up the World Map Theme for the 8900 >

Cleopatra StackMatch for the BlackBerry StormCleopatra StackMatch for the BlackBerry Storm

Looking for a puzzle game on your Storm to help you kill a few spare minutes? Cleopatra StackMatch for the Storm is new to our Store, and features stunning graphics. Match up the hieroglyphic tiles to clear the screen and continue to the next level. Much like the ever popular Mahjong, the object is to match tiles to remove them from the board. The game features normal and time trial modes, four different stack layouts in each mode... and hours of gameplay. This one is on sale for %50 off until May 15th, so be sure to check it out!

Get Cleopatra StackMatch for the BlackBerry Storm >

Quote CryptogramsQuote Cryptograms

Get your thinking cap on for this one. In Quote Cryptograms, it's your task to decode mysterious text only to reveal popular quotes. You can download new quotes from the web, enter your own quotes to be encoded, and much more. This is a real brain-teaser that will have you scratching your head for sure. If you're one of those folks that loves the Cryptoquote in the daily newspaper, then this one is a must have.

Read more about Quote Cryptograms >

Relax for BlackBerryRelax

Need to chill out? Want to take off the edge of a surprisingly stressful day? Take a break and pop open Relax from BelowZeroSoft. The app helps you relax with 5 musical tracks including Forest, Beach, Creek, Rain and WaterFall. There are also 5 scenes built-in to go with the audio tracks. Ideal for those times when you're in a real crunch, Relax is one app guaranteed to lower your blood pressure and increase your life expectancy :P

Check out Relax from BelowZeroSoft >

Bartender ProBartender Pro

The perfect little app to help you make that next drink. Bartender Pro was built specifically for the BlackBerry Storm, and the easy-to-use interface allows you to navigate quickly with screen presses and swipes. A handy feature in the app is the 'What Can I Make?' mode... this feature will tell you what drinks you can make based on what you have available! At the moment 81 cocktail and 44 shooter recipes are found within the app, but free updates are coming that will jam this one full of new drink recipes.

More info on Bartender Pro from Epic Applications >

PhoneLog for BlackBerryPhoneLog

PhoneLog is a neat little utility that logs all of your phone calls to your Berry's calendar. This is ultra-handy if you need a different way of tracking your incoming and outgoing calls. This one should work just fine in OS 4.3 through 4.7... and until May 31st this one is on sale for 50% off :)

Learn more about PhoneLog >

BlackBerry Apps on Sale

iBerry Xtreme Today ThemeiBerry Xtreme Today Theme for BlackBerry Storm

Custom Deep Icons make this iBerry theme a must-own for the Blackberry owner!
Available for $5.50 (Regular $6.00)
Offer ends May 10th

Air Traffic ControlAir Traffic Control

Can you handle the stress of a flight controller?
Available for $4.99 (Regular $9.99)
Offer ends May 3rd

Tip CalculatorTip Calculator

This is the tip calculator that you have been waiting for. Easy to use, very powerful, and it looks great!
Available now for $2.99 (Regular $3.99)
Offer ends May 31st


Automatically enter standby mode on idle, which saves a significant amount of battery life and locks the keypad with only a single button to restore! 
Available for $2.95 (Regular $5.95)
Offer ends May 5th

File Manager ProFile Manager Pro

The most advanced Zip and File Manager for BlackBerry, with multi-file selections, searching, sorting and much more. Supports the Storm with file list swipe and multi-touch! Free 7-Day Trial.  
Available for $8.95 (Regular $11.95)
Offer ends May 1st

IM+ All-in-One MessengerIM+ All-in-One Messenger

Enjoy real time chat within all popular messengers. File and photo transfer, cheap SMS all over the world, only for 5 cents to US, Canada, UK!
Available now for $19.99 (Regular $49.95)
Offer ends May 10th

IM+ for SkypeIM+ for Skype

IM+ for Skype enables text chat with other Skypers and provides cost-effective calling to landlines and mobiles. No extra voice delays even for long-distance calls! 
Available now for $19.99 (Regular $29.95)
Offer ends May 10th

RDM+ Remote Desktop for MobilesRDM+: Remote Desktop for Mobiles

RDM+ allows you to access your computer from your Blackberry. You can send and receive emails, surf web, edit documents, copy, cut, paste files etc. 
Available now for $19.99 (Regular $49.95)
Offer ends May 10th

Cool at BlackBerry App World


Trapster for BlackBerry

I'm a big fan of Trapster for a few good reasons. First, I hate traffic tickets... Second, it's easy to use... In fact, I consider it a must-have for any BlackBerry user. Trapster uses your on-board GPS (yes, you'll need a GPS enabled Berry) to warn you (via live map and audio alerts) of upcoming speed traps and red-light cameras.  You can easily report new traps right from your Berry, and new locations are being updated 24/7... The strength of the app is how the Trapster community is constantly updating it with new camera and speed trap locations! Avoid tickets, save money, share tips with others... it's all good.

You can find Trapster for Free in BlackBerry App World.

Note: You can view a handy presentation of how Trapster works right here. Handy instructions, faq's and more for the BlackBerry version of Trapster can also be found here.

Freebie of the Week

I Love BlackBerry

I Love BlackBerry

This one made the rounds all over the interwebs this week, but I simply had to mention it again, because it's too good! The free 'I Love BlackBerry' app will help you track the time you spend on your BlackBerry... and in turn, determine how much of an addict you really are :P Track your BlackBerry use by the second, by week, month or just by overall average. Put together by the good folks at EarlySail, this freebie only requires OS 4.3 and higher. If you think you have a BlackBerry problem, this one is certainly worth a look. If you don't have a problem, it's still fun to find out exactly how much time you really do spend on your device Check it out, you might be surprised!

Get the I Love BlackBerry App OTA direct from your Berry's browser at:

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