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Another great week, and more great apps to talk about before the weekend. Hope everyone has an exciting weekend all lined up. This week we've got 50 copies of Druglord Wars to give away. Better hurry up and leave your answer to the contest question in the comments quick! I think this one is going to be a biggy! Covered this week in the App Roundup are the following titles:

Giveaway of the Week: Druglord Wars

Freebies of the Week: UberTwitter, oneweb, Google Talk, GPSed

In Case You Missed It: OnMyWay, At Bat 2010 for the Bold 9700, Tour 9630 and Curve 8530, BlackBerry Messenger

New This Week: VoiceMemo, iLock, Baby Feeding

Cool at BlackBerry App World: CBS Sports Men's College Tourny App

Note: Don't forget, you can always search for titles featured in the App Roundup within App World... Some apps mentioned may be available there for your device.

Giveaway of the Week:

Druglord Wars

Druglord Wars

Druglord Wars recently came out with a new unlimited gameplay mode... lets you see how far you can build your empire and compare your success with other users around the world! With 17 drugs to sell in 11 different cities and 16 different enemies to challenge you, you can develop your skills and compare your progress with other users. Save your games and pick up where you left off the next time you play Druglord Wars on your BlackBerry.

Custom designed, this game will pit you against street dealers, cops that have turned crooked and cartels that line up to fight you for your for territory, money and drug sales. There are over 130 graphics that have been specifically designed for the BlackBerry.

If you'd like to enter for your chance to win one of 50 free copies of Druglord Wars, answer the following question in the comments:

Are you 'Jonesing' more for a smoke, or a free copy of Druglord Wars?

Leave your answer in the comments now... Good luck!

Freebies of the Week:



I know I've mentioned this one before, but if you Tweet a lot, your'e going to love UberTwitter. Now use UberTwitter’s location aware client that supports not only the usual Twitter features, it also supports a number of advanced capabilities as well. Integrate photos, include videos in your tweets, shrink your tweets, shorten URLs, even change your twitter avatar as well as many more features that twitter users will be excited to try. This new application takes the drudgery out of tweeting and makes it even more fun to keep all of your friends in touch.

Still among the top free apps available in App World, UberTwitter is a feature rich Twitter client for your BlackBerry.

Check out UberTwitter in App World >



Are you finding it hard to manage all of your online applications such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube? Now it can be simplified by using oneweb to organize them all from one page on your phone. This new application works on BlackBerry 8000 and 9000 series only. Add real time alerts from your favorite news, sports or networking sites and get faster downloads from most web sites. Add search sites such as Google, Yahoo or some of the commercial sites such as Ebay and Amazon all from one page. Manage them all from one page using this new oneweb application.

Check out oneweb in our store >

Google Talk

Google Talk

Google Talk for BlackBerry smartphones is another one of those great applications from Google that adds huge value to your smartphone. Now you can IM chat anytime anywhere and not just in front of your computer. If you already use Google Talk on your computer, then you will be familiar with many of the same features. Features such as multi users in one conversation, add buddy pictures, utilize multiple applications on your Blackberry, use emoticons, and customize your own status messages are just a few of the features that you can use on the BlackBerry with Google Talk.

More on Google Talk in App World >



For the travelers among us who want to keep track of where we have been, the GPSed app can store your trips tracked from your mobile device, storing them in an online archive for future reference. Pin photos on a map and trace your travel on Google maps. Users can share your travels on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Utilize live and offline GPS tracking using private or public tracks. Lifetime support is provided by email. Consumers can even get an SOS button for instant position alerts over SMS or email with GPSed Pro.

Check out GPSed in our store >

In Case You Missed It:



OnMyWay is perfect for the busy person running late for a meeting and needing to update everyone regarding their ETA. Enter your destination and the people you need to keep informed about your arrival and OnMyWay will take care of keeping them informed about your progress. Once OnMyWay is set up you can focus on your travel and not need to be concerned about keeping everyone informed. You can use either text messages or email. It is a free application, works on all four major US Carrier networks on the following BlackBerry devices: Curve 8310, 8530, 8900/8800, 8820/Bold 9000, 9700/Tour 9630.

Please note: This currently works on AT&T devices only.

More info about OnMyWay at App World > At Bat 2010 for the Bold 9700, Tour 9630 and Curve 8530 At Bat 2010

Originally only working on the Storm, At Bat 2010 now works on the Tour 9630, Bold 9700 and Curve 8530. Listen to gameday audio, check out the standings, scores and watch highlights and more. Sports followers will appreciate the small price of $14.99 that allows them to stay on top of the most recent sporting events.

Impress your friends and colleagues with the latest sports scores with this new app on your BlackBerry Bold 9700, Tour 9630 and Curve 8530.

Check out At Bat 2010 >

BlackBerry Messenger

BlackBerry Messenger

There are many OS leaks and among them is the BlackBerry Messenger Some BlackBerry users think that these leaks are intentional to enable some early testing with real users, while others believe they really are leaks that somehow got out into the net.

Regardless, the BlackBerry Messenger has been extracted from the Tour OS and an OTA made which you can now download and load into your BlackBerry. Prior to loading any new application, users should make sure you backup your current contacts database. This is a standard practice for any new software application, always do a backup. Try out the new Messenger from the folks at RIM right now.

Download BlackBerry Messenger >

New This Week



How many times have you searched for a pen and paper to no avail. Now with the new VoiceMemo application for BlackBerry, record notes for yourself or record a voice memo for your contacts and send the voice memo to your contact. Even add a new appointment in the calendar and add a voice memo to remind yourself about the details of the appointment. Much easier than looking for a pen and paper or typing out the memo.

Another neat feature besides integrating with your calendar and contacts application is to convert the voice memo to a text file using various speech to test software programs. Mail the text of your memo to your contacts as well.

More on VoiceMemo >



If you're concerned about your Berry's security levels, you can add an additional level of password protection for any application you like. Now you can lock an application without locking your phone entirely. If you share your phone or other people such as family or coworkers routinely use your phone, you can prevent them from using specific applications while using your phone.

The application runs on 4.5, 4.6, 4.7 Non-Touch, 4.7 Touch Screen, 5.0 Non-Touch, 5.0 Touch Screen and runs silently in the back ground without using memory or additional battery power.

Check out iLock in our store >

Baby Feeding

Baby Feeding

Now busy mom’s can keep track of baby feedings using this new Baby Feeding application. Send the entire log to your email address or view the log in text format. New Mom’s trying to keep track of everything will appreciate the predefined descriptions of nursing types as well as the ability to add custom notes for each log entry. You can create a profile for each child. Baby Feeding works on all current BlackBerry devices, including the touchscreen Storm series.

More info on Baby Feeding >

Cool at BlackBerry App World:

CBS Sports Men's College Tourny App

CBS Sports Mobile

Can’t keep up with the 2010 college basketball schedule? Now you can keep track of the latest scores, player stats, and much more with the latest CBS Sports Men's College Tourney App and even share them over Twitter and email along with breaking news headlines. Now your BlackBerry device can be your complete source of the largest college basketball games of the year.

Get all of the game previews and recaps, news headlines, up to the minute player stats and college basketball scores with CBS Sports Men's College Tourney App. Share these stats with your friends and colleagues via email and twitter to keep them abreast of the latest events during the games.

This one is a free download.

Check it out in App World >

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