The BlackBerry App Roundup

Another good week on the BlackBerry App front. This week I've got the usual mix of BlackBerry Storm Apps, mixed in with some themes, utilities, freebies and more. Lets get down to it... Covered this week in the roundup are the following titles:

Featured BlackBerry Apps: StormYahtzee, BBSmart Alarms Pro

New BlackBerry Apps: Fast Food Calorie Counter, Hangman, Kama Sutra, Color Popper

Free BlackBerry Apps of the Week: CrackBerry Smash, CallsBlocker

Updated BlackBerry Apps: ShaverBerry v1.0.8, BerryTweak v1.21, e-Mobile Preview v1.5, CodeBreaker v1.01, SplashMoney v4.1

Top 10 Best Sellers: Real iBerry Blocks Custom L, QuickLaunch, iVista 2, Storm Lock, BerryBuzz, Storm Level Pro, STORM Today Plus, iBerryXtreme, TouchBubbles, BBSmart Alarms Pro

Featured BlackBerry Apps

Storm YahtzeeStormYahtzee

Yahtzee fans will be pleased to know that Yahtzee is now available for the BlackBerry Storm. It features a full touchscreen inferface, and is extremely easy to play or pick-up if you've never played Yahtzee before. Submit your high scores to the online leaderboards to see where you rank worldwide! Very fun, very addicting, and a solid game to have for anyone on the BlackBerry Storm.

Pick up StormYahtzee for $2.99 at >

BBSmart Alarms ProBBSmart Alarms Pro

BBSmart Alarms Pro is the most user-friendly alarm app out there for the BlackBerry. This fully-featured app allows you to set alarms on your BlackBerry at any time, any place. Choose from four alarm sounds or pick from your own MP3's. Set snooze times for 1, 2, 5 minutes... all the way up to 1 hour. Setting alarms s quick and easy and was designed to be easy to read in the morning when you might still be just a tad tired! There's also an 'alarm template' preference built-in so that creating new alarms with your favorite preferences is dead simple. Minimum requirements for BBSmart Alarms Pro is OS 4.2 or higher.

Get BBSmart Alarms Pro at >

New BlackBerry Apps

Fast Food Calorie CounterFast Food Calorie Counter

Want to start counting those calories when you're out and about at one of the 55 most popular fast food chains? Now you can thanks to Fast Food Calorie Counter! The app features over 6,000 menu items from all of your favorite fast food joints from Arby's to White Castle. This one comes in handy if you're counting calories, carbs, fiber or even fat grams... and at the very least it will help you make a 'healthier' choice when out at one of the included restaurants.

Pick up Fast Food Calorie Counter for $6.99 at >


The classic game of hangman has arrived on the BlackBerry. Guess a correct letter and it will appear, guess incorrectly and another piece is added to the man. You have 7 chances to guess the secret word, or it'll be lights out for the stick man! Thousands of words and phrases are found in 5 main categories (general, dictionary, movies, tv, places) and 23 sub-categories. A fun little game.

Pick up Hangman for $5.00 at >

Kama SutraKama Sutra

This is exactly what you think it is. The complete Kama Sutra is your guide to the history, purpose, partners and arts of kama sutra. 20 positions are described and illustrated for your reference. All that is required here is OS 4.2 or higher and 300K of free memory. I have a feeling this one is going to get downloaded a few times...

Get the Kama Sutra for BlackBerry for $2.99 at >

Color PopperColor Popper

In this new game from Link-two, your goal is to match four or more neighboring objects of the same color. To do this you use your paintbrush which is displayed at the bottom of the screen. When you touch an object, it will change depending on its color and the color of the paint brush. If the object is blue and the paintbrush is red, the object will turn purple... You get the idea. To continue on to the next level you have to eliminate an assigned number of items before time runs out. Oh, this is a Storm game too... Yep, it needs OS 4.7.

Get Color Popper for $2.95 at >

Free BlackBerry Apps of the Week

CrackBerry Smash!CrackBerry Smash

That's right, if you haven't read about this one in the blogs already, CrackBerry has its own 'CrackBerry Smash' game for the Storm! The game features our CrackBerry Logo that slides around the screen. Tilt your Storm to eliminate the other phones that pop up on the screen. Take care of business by ridding the screen of the iPhone, the G1, and others :) It's a fun little game when you have a few minutes to spare.

Get CrackBerry Smash for FREE at >


CallsBlocker is a simple app for the BlackBerry Storm that allows you to block unwanted calls from specific numbers, unknown callers, private or withheld numbers. You can block specific contacts from your contact list, or use your call log to quickly add numbers to your block list. It's simple, easy to use, and could really come in handy.

Pick up CallsBlocker for FREE at >

Updated BlackBerry Apps

ShaverBerryShaverBerry v1.0.8
Pick it up for FREE >

BerryTweakBerryTweak v1.21
Buy Now for $4.95 >

e-Mobile Previewe-Mobile Preview v1.5
Buy Now for $12.95 >

CodeBreakerCodeBreaker v1.01
Buy Now for $2.99 >

SplashMoneySplashMoney v4.1
Buy Now for $29.95 >

Top 10 Best Sellers at

Real iBerry Blocks1. Real iBerry Blocks Custom L
Buy Now for $7.00 >

QuickLaunch2. QuickLaunch
Buy Now for $4.99 >

iVista 23. iVista 2
Buy Now for $6.00 >

Storm Lock4. Storm Lock
Buy Now for $2.95 >

BerryBuzz5. BerryBuzz
Buy Now for $5.95 >

Storm Level Pro6. Storm Level Pro
Buy Now for $4.99 >

STORM Today Plus7. STORM Today Plus
Buy Now for $7.00 >

iBerryXtreme8. iBerryXtreme
Buy Now for $7.00 >

TouchBubbles9. TouchBubbles
Buy Now for $2.99 >

BBSmart Alarms Pro10. BBSmart Alarms Pro
Buy Now for $4.95 >

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