The BlackBerry App Roundup

Thought I'd change up the format of the roundup this week. For all of you regular readers out there let me know if you approve or disapprove. Just felt like I needed to mix things up a little to keep us all on our toes :P Covered this week in the roundup are the following titles:

Featured BlackBerry Apps: BerryBuzz, StormSlots, iVista 2 Theme

New BlackBerry Apps: PhoneFace for the BlackBerry Storm, myTimes, The Running Gizmo

Free BlackBerry Apps of the Week: BerryScreenCleaner, BerryTorch

Updated BlackBerry Apps: Doodle v1.21, myCallLogs v1.2, PhoneFace Speed-Dial v1.0.1.0, Sid Meier's Civ IV v1.0.10, IM+ for Skype v3.3.3

Top 10 Best Sellers: QuickLaunch, Real iBerry Blocks Custom L, Storm Lock, Storm Level Pro, BerryBuzz, iBerryXtreme, iBeeFarting, TouchBubbles, Aerize Email Alerts, Curve 8900 Replica Theme

Featured BlackBerry Apps


BerryBuzz claims to be the 'essential alert tool for every BlackBerry'. So what makes it so good? It extends your built-in alert system by allowing you to customize the LED color for many alert types and keeps the light flashing for longer than the default 15 minutes. It will also repeat alerts until acknowledged to ensure you never miss an alert. BerryBuzz also features a customizable vibrate feature for incoming calls that allows you to have your Berry ring and vibrate for an incoming call.

Pick up BerryBuzz for $5.95 at >


BlackBerry Storm users that want a nifty little app to kill a few minutes should check out Storm Slots from developer David Grant. It features high quality images and online scoring so that you can compete and compare your scores against others from around the world. StormSlots is addicting and fun, just like the real thing :)

Get StormSlots for $2.99 at >

iVista 2 ThemeiVista 2 Theme

Vista fans (there are some of those, right?) will be pleased to know that there's a new version of the Vista theme available to spruce up your BlackBerry. iVista 2 is available for all current models of Berry including the Bold, Storm, 8800 and 8300 (sorry, no 8900 version yet). The theme combines the best iPhone icons and the clean look of Vista for a very unique look.

Try the iVista 2 Theme for $6.00 at >

New BlackBerry Apps

PhoneFace for the BlackBerry StormPhoneFace for the BlackBerry Storm

PhoneFace, the popular app that lets you find, select and dial contacts via full-color photos is now available for the BlackBerry Storm. The interface is simple to use and makes it very easy to flick through your contacts to quickly send off a text, email, or make a call. There's also a built-in Facebook utility that lets you import Facebook profile pictures for your Facebook friends that are in your contacts list!

Pick up PhoneFace for $9.95 at >


Travel a lot or simply need quick access to different time zone information so that you don't wake that important client up with a poorly timed phone call? myTimes allows you to keep track of time zones around the world using your Berry's preloaded time zone configurations. There's also a cool screensaver that comes with the app that you can configure to your liking. The screensaver comes with an ALT+SPACE unlock feature to protect from unwanted button presses.

Get myTimes for $2.95 at >

The Running GizmoThe Running Gizmo

You into running? I used to run a whole lot... traveled a whole whack of miles in my running shoes back in the day... Suppose that's why this one caught my eye. With The Running Gizmo you can predict your race times for races from the 1500 meter through a marathon distance. Use it to calculate training paces for workouts including intervals, repetitions, threshold, marathon and even easy paced runs. A very handy app for any runner's toolkit.

Try The Running Gizmo for $2.99 at >

Free BlackBerry Apps of the Week


This one might seem a bit ridiculous (and it is) but it's all in good fun for the BlackBerry Storm users out there. If you're tired of wiping and cleaning your screen, why not let a handy app do it for you!? :P Open the app, and splashes of water appear on screen, and a mop appears. Tilt and turn your Storm to mop up the mess, and your screen is sparkling clean. :)

Pick up BerryScreenCleaner for FREE at >


Want to turn your BlackBerry into a flashlight? That's exactly what BerryTorch does... well, sorta. It turns your screen into a bright white screen, and activates your LED as well. I've actually found instances where I could have used an app like this, so it's definitely handy to have installed, just in case. And hey, the price is right.

Get BerryTorch for FREE at >

Updated BlackBerry Apps

Doodle v1.21Doodle v1.21
Buy Now for $2.99 >

myCallLogs v1.2myCallLogs v1.2
Buy Now for $6.95 >

PhoneFace Speed-Dial v1.0.1.0PhoneFace Speed-Dial v1.0.1.0
Buy Now for $9.95 >

Sid Meier's Civ IV v1.0.10Sid Meier's Civ IV v1.0.10
Buy Now for $9.99 >

IM+ for Skype v3.3.3IM+ for Skype v3.3.3
Buy Now for $29.95 >

Top 10 Best Sellers at

QuickLaunch1. QuickLaunch
Buy Now for $4.99 >

Real iBerry Blocks Custom L2. Real iBerry Blocks Custom L
Buy Now for $7.00 >

Storm Lock3. Storm Lock
Buy Now for $2.95 >

Storm Level Pro4. Storm Level Pro
Buy Now for $4.99 >

BerryBuzz5. BerryBuzz
Buy Now for $5.95 >

iBerryXtreme6. iBerryXtreme
Buy Now for $7.00 >

iBeeFarting7. iBeeFarting
Buy Now for $1.99 >

TouchBubbles8. TouchBubbles
Buy Now for $2.99 >

Aerize Email Alerts9. Aerize Email Alerts
Buy Now for $7.50 >

Curve 8900 Replica Theme10. Curve 8900 Replica Theme
Buy Now for $7.00 >

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