The BlackBerry App Roundup

Ahhhh summer time is truly here. Finally some warm weather up here in Canada. Hope all is well in your parts. Getting right down to business, below is what you'll find in this weeks' edition of the BlackBerry App Roundup:

In Case You Missed It: Phoenix Freeze, Freddy Falling for 83xx Devices, StormKick Theme, Yatca Updated, Poynt Now Available in the UK, BBFileScout 1.0, Mancala for BlackBerry

New This Week: Totomi, Proud American, Keep Fit, OS X Pro Edition Theme for BlackBerry Bold, yoMotion Advanced Calculator

Apps on Sale: StopTilt, Tip Calculator, PhoneLog, SMSPic, MemoryUp Professional

Cool at BlackBerry App World: HRS Hotel Organizer

Freebies of the Week: Good Food Near You

Note: Don't forget, you can always search for titles featured in the App Roundup within App World... Some apps mentioned may be available there for your device.

In Case You Missed It...

Just in case you missed these titles, below are some apps that were covered in the CrackBerry Blogs this past week. Check 'em out!

Phoenix FreezePhoenix Freeze

Work with a lot of sensitive information in your daily business? Would it be nice to have your computer 'locked down' and secure whenever you weren't around? That's where Phoenix Freeze comes in. Install this small app on your computer and your Berry, and you're all set. The app is setup to lock up your PC whenever you (and your Berry) get up and walk away from the computer. You can setup a 'zone of safety' (or distance) within the app to set the locking distance. Protect vital info, and save power while you're at it.

Go ahead and checkout the free trial of Phoenix Freeze.

Freddy Falling for 83xx Devices 

Freddy Falling for 83xx Devices

The popular 'Freddy Falling' game from Lone Dwarf Games was originally only available for the BlackBerry Storm. Now, thanks to some hard work by the developers, a new version is available for all 83xx series devices. Freddy is being chased by a swarm of mosquitoes, and it's your job to help him avoid their bites by dropping him down through the holes in the platforms. While doing so, be sure to collect as many coins as you can to increase your score. A fun game for sure, and I believe it's on sale till the end of the month.

Check out Freddy Falling at

StormKick Theme

One of the more popular themes to hit our store for some time, 'StormKick' by KD is one sweet little theme optimized for the Storm. Check out the video above for a complete walkthrough. The theme delivers the following features:

  • Tap the StormKick Trackball Orb on the homescreen to switch between the first six Static icons and the next six User Definable icons
  • Icons 7-10 in the Application Menu are accessible on the homescreen by clicking one of the four buttons on the StormKick Trackpad from top to bottom
  • On the Homescreen, by tapping any of the first six static icons, a corresponding large icon pop up will slide in from the right
  • Features a 5 entry Today Area
  • Click the top banner to launch the 3rd Party App "QuickLaunch" (not included)
  • Click the Time on the Homescreen to open the Clock application
  • Click any blank spot on the homescreen to go straight to the Application Menu

StormKick is available now for only $0.99 at

Yatca Updated 


The other day, Bla1ze told us about an up-and-coming Twitter client called Yatca. Seems as though more and more folks are using this one to make their Tweets, and it's certainly worth a look. Many new features have been integrated into a new build, including the ability to mark and unmark favorites, geotagging pictures, the ability to 'pause' tweets coming to your Berry and a whole lot more.

You can grab Yatca OTA via All you need is OS 4.6+ and you're off to the races.

Poynt Now Available in the UK

Poynt Now Available in the UK
For all of the BlackBerry users over in the UK, some good news for you if you've been waiting for Poynt to become available. Earlier in the week, we got notice that Poynt has been localized for use in the UK. Search local businesses, movie times, make restaurant reservations and a whole lot more. Many new features have been added into this latest build as well including:
  • GPS functionality has been optimized to provide faster accurate locates.
  • Cell-site locates allow Poynt to quickly access a user’s general location while awaiting a GPS lock.
  • Poynt is fully integrated with both BlackBerry Maps and Google Maps.
  • Poynt integrates with Gokivo Navigator to provide turn-by-turn voice navigation.
  • Users can add frequently accessed listings to their BlackBerry Contact List, providing convenience for future lookups

For more info or to download hit up from your Berry's browser.

BBFileScout 1.0

BBFileScout 1.0

The popular file explorer, file zipper/unzipper, playlist creator and file attribute changer (among other features) BBFileScout has been updated to version 1.0. The new version is donationware, so if you try it and use it, be sure to make a small donation.

To check it out and try it for yourself, hit up EmacBerry.

Mancala for BlackBerry 

Mancala for BlackBerry

I have to admit, I've seen the Mancala game around for years and years and years (in fact, I believe it's quite an ancient game), but I've never learned how to play. All I know is that you have marbles and a funky board with all sorts of containers. In actuality, the 'marbles' are actually stones or 'seeds' of which the player moves around the board to try and capture more seeds than the opponent. I may have to pick this one up for myself to learn how to play. I hear it's a great strategy game. Must be, if it's been around since ancient times!

You can pick up Mancala for BlackBerry for $3.99 at Currently a Curve 8900 edition and Storm edition are available.

New This Week


Totomi is a great looking game from the folks at MForma Europe. The object of the game is to build totem poles as high as you can. It's addictive, and quite fun. The trick is to learn the delicate ecosystem within the game. Stack fish, mice, elephants, zebras and more in the correct order to build your tower taller and taller... and taller. 3 game modes are included including a nice tutorial...

Check out Totomi. It's a solid puzzler.

Proud AmericanProud American

In time for Independence Day, the folks at motek mobile have put together this fun little application. Turn it on with one simple button press, and your Berry will immediately turn into a tribute to America with flashes of stars and stripes, a red/white/blue lashing LED light, and the Star Spangled Banner pumping from your speaker.

Look for 'Celebrate Independence Day' on the Proud American store page. Custom 'Proud American' themes are also available for the Pearl, Pearl Flip, Curve, Curve 8900 and Bold.

Keep FitKeep Fit

Keep Fit is a new app that helps you get familiar with the benefits of 'Nature Cure' with natural food. So what is 'Nature Cure' ? To quote the official decription:

Nature Cure is not just a system of curing aches and pains, it is a complete science. It is the research and implementation of all that is good in Nature.

The app is chalked-full of facts and tips that will help you stay healthy. Nutritional and therapeutic values are available for each item within. There's an alphabetical index, healing food list, a 'before the doctor' section and much more.

Keep Fit is available for the Storm, and all other Berry's running os 4.2+.

OS X Pro Edition Theme for BlackBerry Bold

OS X Pro Theme

Love the look and feel of OS X, and want to integrate that same look on to your BlackBerry Bold? Now you can, thanks to the folks at EThemes. This new OS X theme is one of the best I've seen. It allows for 'stackable' icons, in which you can include 6 additional icons within each 'stack' (mac users will know what the stack is all about). The dock can be hidden to free and clean up your desktop space as well.

For more information check out the OS X Pro Edition Theme for the Bold at

yoMotion Advanced CalculatoryoMotion Advanced Calculator

Need an advanced calculator for work or study? yoMotion has introduced a very powerful calculator that might be right up your alley. Key features include:

  • Bright and beautiful easy-to-use interface.
  • Over 100 different buttons and nine button layouts.
  • Fast, easy unit conversion for length, speed, temperature, volume, and weight - over 150 different units supported.
  • Five memory locations.
  • Full set of trigonometric functions.
  • Twenty common constants built-in.
  • Copy and paste to other BlackBerry applications.
  • Support for normal, fixed, scientific, and engineering notations.
  • Exhaustive set of over 100 mathematical and scientific functions.
  • Normal, scientific, fixed, and engineering output formats.

The list of features goes on, trust me. Be sure to check out yoMotion Advanced Calculator in our store for more information. It's available right now for $9.99.

BlackBerry Apps on Sale

Disable automatic rotation of screen on Storm! Use your Storm from the comfort of your bed without worrying about orientation!
On sale for $4.99
until June 27th

Tip CalculatorTip Calculator
This is the tip calculator that you have been waiting for. Easy to use, very powerful, and it looks great!
On sale for $2.99
until June 28th

Logs completed and missed calls to your calendar for easy viewing.
On sale for $0.99
until June 30th

Pops up new SMS when it arrives to your Blackberry. Quickly read or reply to the SMS without opening the Messaging application. Optionally you can call the sender directly from SMSPic.
On sale for $5.99
until June 30th

MemoryUp ProfessionalMemoryUp Professional
MemoryUp Pro is a powerful BlackBerry RAM boosting tool and Java virtual machine (JVM) management application specially designed for BlackBerry users.
On sale for $13.59
until July 20th

Cool at BlackBerry App World

HRS Hotel Organizer

HRS Hotel Organizer is a European hotel reservation portal. It's quite powerful, and thankfully for BlackBerry users around the world, they've launched a free HRS app to help you book hotels worldwide. Search and book at over 230,000 hotels. That's a lot of hotels. If you're running a GPS-enabled Berry, you can use this to find accommodations closest to you. You can also use the app to book your hotel with any contact information from your address book, or event info from your calendar. Booking confirmations are sent to you via email or SMS. Very powerful, and very handy if you do a lot of business travel.

For more information you can hit up HRS Hotel Organizer in App World, or visit

Freebie of the Week

Good Food Near You
Good Food Near You

This one has been getting some solid reviews in the ShopCrackBerry store, but be sure to let me know if this isn't the case for you. Good Food Near You is a free app available for most current Berry devices including the Curve, Curve 8900, Pearl, Bold and Storm. It's a free-to-use app that lets you find the best food options at restaurants close to you. Perform a search, and you'll instantly get access to menu and nutrition information for all sorts of restaurants. If you want to eat smarter and healthier, GFNY will deliver the lowest calorie items first. Clicking on each menu item will display full nutritional information, plus a map to the restaurant and much more. Very much worth checking out, especially when you consider the darn thing is free.

Check out Good Food Near You right here.

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