The BlackBerry App Roundup

Another week, another Roundup for you all here this fine Friday morning. I'm hoping there's a little bit of something for everyone this week. Covered this time around in the BlackBerry App Roundup are the following titles:

New This Week: LeatherBerry Executive Theme, American Sign Language, Hip Hop Dictionary, Stop Watch 2

In Case You Missed It: Facebook 1.6 for BlackBerry, LEDReset, Sexy Dice

Apps on Sale: CopyAll, Tip Calculator, PhoneLog, Mobile Bartender, SImon Says 'Storm' Memory Game

Cool at BlackBerry App World: Mini Golf 99 Holes

Freebies of the Week: ForceRadioOn, Bible

Note: Don't forget, you can always search for titles featured in the App Roundup within App World... Some apps mentioned may be available there for your device.

New This Week

LeatherBerry Executive Theme

LeatherBerry Executive Theme

This is one of the nicer themes to have caught my eye this past week. The LeatherBerry Executive Theme brings a clean and professional look to your Berry's interface... Custom backgrounds and icons bring this one to life with a real black leather look and feel to it. Pretty cool. Versions of this theme are available for the Storm, Bold and Curve 8900. Each will set you back $3.95.

Now, if only the theme could make your BlackBerry smell like leather as well... Oh well, I suppose we have cases for that :)

American Sign LanguageAmerican Sign Language

Want to learn sign language? The American Sign Language app from Incelligence contains hand signs for the entire alphabet and numbers 1 through 10. Plus, there's also a dictionary with tons of words and explanations on how to sign the selected word. This app is an excellent choice if you've always wanted to know the basics of American Sign Language.

You can check it out right here.

Hip Hop DictionaryHip Hop Dictionary

Hip Hop Dictionary is exactly what you think it is. A dictionary jam-packed of almost 1,000 words, phrases and expressions for you to reference at any time. This one is fun for sure... You might get a kick out of browsing through the dictionary... and you might learn something while you're at it :) Concise definitions and examples are displayed clearly for easy use and reference.

Check it out yo.

Stop Watch 2Stop Watch 2

Nothing too crazy here... But handy for sure. Stop Watch 2 is a simple stop watch and countdown timer. The app supports the use of convenience keys on the side of your Berry for easy use in the palm of your hand. The timer features 1/1000 of a second accuracy, and the countdown timer plays a sound when reaching zero.

Two versions of this app are available, one for OS 4.0 and 4.1, and another for OS 4.2 +. Check it out here.

In Case You Missed It...

Just in case you missed these titles, below are some apps that were covered in the CrackBerry Blogs this past week. Check 'em out!

Facebook 1.6 for BlackBerry

Facebook 1.6 for BlackBerry

One of the bigger app announcements of this past week was the launch of Facebook 1.6 for BlackBerry. The new version features the following enhancements and improvements:

  • Status updates and highlights on the home page - you can now view your friends' most recent status updates right on the home page. Highlights like photo uploads and wall posts are just a click away and you can comment on a photo, poke a friend, etc. right from the home page.
  • Wall access from within Facebook for BlackBerry - with one click on your friend's profile picture from the home page, you can access their wall without having to go to the mobile site.
  • Photo viewing in a simple, easy-to-use slideshow format - check out your friends' latest photo albums with improved photo viewing, and view albums in a simple and easy-to-use slideshow format. Just scroll back and forth through the thumbnails along the bottom to display the larger picture in the center of the screen.
  • Facebook for BlackBerry 1.6 will also support three new languages: Thai, Indonesian, European Portuguese

You can pick up Facebook 1.6 via our Berry's browser at or from your desktop at



Bla1ze touched on this one a few days back. LEDReset is a simple app that resets your LED light to make it stop blinking. If you've ever been in the situation where your LED is blinking but you're not quite sure why... Use this app to shut it off... especially if the blinking is annoying you :)

You can get LEDReset OTA via

Sexy Dice

Sexy Dice

It's sexy time! Some time ago we let you know about the Sexy Dice app for the Storm. The big news here is that the popular app is now available for non-touchscreen Berry's. That's right, if you're on a Curve, Bold or any other recent Berry running OS 4.5 or 4.6 you can get your 'Sexy Times' on with Sexy Dice. If you're bored and searching for something to do with that special someone... Sexy Dice will spice things up, guaranteed.

BlackBerry Apps on Sale

Install this app and you get "CopyAll" in your menu, copy full message memeo or task in the easist way!
On sale for $0.99
until June 15th

Tip CalculatorTip Calculator
This is the tip calculator that you have been waiting for. Easy to use, very powerful, and it looks great!
On sale for $2.99
until June 14th

Logs completed and missed calls to your calendar for easy viewing.
On sale for $0.99
until June 30th

Mobile BartenderMobile Bartender
The most comprehensive cocktail guide for BlackBerry, with hundreds of easily searchable drink and shooter recipes, and the ability to add new recipes at anytime!
On sale for $4.00
until June 16th

Simon Says Storm Memory GameSimon Says 'Storm' Memory Game
America's Favorite Memory Game now on BlackBerry Storm!
On sale for $1.99
until June 14th

Cool at BlackBerry App World

Mini Golf 99 Holes

Mini Golf 99 Holes

Anyone that reads the roundup will know of my addiction to the game of golf. Due to this, one might say I have a tendency to over report on golf focused apps, and this week is no different than the rest. This week I've decided to feature 'Mini Golf 99 Holes' which is available for $4.99 in App World. The game is extremely addictive and fun to play. It helps if you enjoy a good game of mini golf of course... But even those that aren't into the game will enjoy it for sure. The graphics are fun and colorful, and there's enough holes and challenges within to provide many hours of enjoyable gameplay.

The official description:

Get more than ever with Mini Golf 99 Holes™! Enjoy 99 exciting tracks in great locations on your way to a hole-in-one!

Get more than ever with Mini Golf 99 Holes™! Go after the thrill of a hole-in-one and experience 99 tracks packed full of fun and surprise. Play through expertly designed courses in forests, beaches and even your own backyard – each with wacky objects like bumpers, bombs and teleporters along the way. Scoring a hole-in-one has never felt so good! By Digital Chocolate.

This one is certainly worth a look if you need a new game to pass some time. As I mentioned earlier, you can pick it up for $4.99 in App World right now (may not be available for all devices/show up for all OS's - 5.0).

Freebies of the Week

Force Radio On
Longtime friend of CrackBerry Fabian Heuwieser has put together this little gem for those of you that need to keep your radio active while you get the 'Battery too low for radio use' message. Very handy to have on-board in case of emergency. In fact, it is recommended that you activate this one for emergency situations only. ForceRadioOn is completely free and you can pick it up right now at ShopCrackBerry.
Bible for BlackBerry

This brand new Bible app has made its way to our store, and yes, it's completely free. With it you'll get 40 different translations of the Bible in 22 languages. Plus, almost instant access to an online community. Very cool. The app is quite small in size and comes with many powerful features including a handy search. The one feature I found the most interesting and intriguing is the 'One-Year Bible Reading Plan. It provides daily selections that help you read through the entire Bible in one year.

Multiple versions are available for most current models of BlackBerry. Check it out in our store for more details.

Until Next Week..

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