Howdy CrackBerry nation! Today is Independence Day in the US, so I send you my best wishes for the holiday weekend. For all of our Canadian readers, I hope you enjoyed Canada Day. Don't forget to check out the July 4th sale at the CrackBerry store for 20% off all accessories.

We all know you are here to see what this week's picks are so let's get back to the show shall we. Each app or game can be seen by clicking through the gallery. If your favorite did not make the cut this week, remember you can help by offering your suggestions at the end.

Sync for BlackBerry 10 by Miciniti

While there are various backup alternatives available, I always say having options is a good thing. This week Sync popped up in the store and of course, being that I am always nervous about losing my information, decided to try it out. The interface is easy to use and all of the files you are able to backup are presented in a clear and concise manner. You can save your pictures, videos, music, books, voice notes, and print to go documents to your device, memory card, FTP site, Dropbox or Amazon S3. What I do prefer about this application is the settings and how you can set the default configuration. To be more specific users may adjust the sync (i.e. Two way, backup, or restore), condition (when to perform a sync), how it should handle conflicts, and even the ability to select a temporary folder. The application requires permissions to access BBM and Shared Files. It runs smooth and gets the job done no matter where you are to ensure your personal files are safe and sound. However, I do recommend using WiFi for the larger files to conserve data. You can grab it $1.99.

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ODF Reader by AriaPazooki

For those of you who use OpenDocuments, this is the first ODF Reader for BlackBerry 10. It allows you to read your ODF formatted documents (such as OpenOffice or LibreOffice documents), no matter where you are in a clean and simple way even if they are password protected. In addition to text documents and spreadsheets, presentations are also supported including complex formatting, graphs, and embedded images. You can purchase ODF for $2.99.

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Public Canvas by Lantasia

This next application is for the all those who love to sketch and want to share their creations with others around the world. The interface is straightforward in that you are presented with a white canvas with which to draw your pictures that are reserved for at least twelve hours. There are various tools to choose from and they are easy to select and use across the board. As it is free it is quite an interesting application especially if you want a quick way to sketch on your BlackBerry on the go. It only supports all touchscreen BlackBerry 10 devices and they ask that you connect to WiFi.

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Time Gap HD by Absolutist Ltd

Nothing beats a game you can't put down and this one certainly fits the bill. This hidden object adventure game not only has you traveling around the world completing tasks, assembling diverse collections, and learning amazing facts about historical figures such as Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, Napoleon and more. Also featured are numerous mini-games including bubble shooter, snooker, Cleopatra's casino, and Match-3. I have to say it is clever how integrate history into a fun and addictive game. Free to download for the BlackBerry PlayBook and touchscreen BlackBerry 10 smartphones you won't be disappointed.

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Ultimate To-Do List (Smartphone & Tablet Editions) by Custom Solutions

I'm the type of person who is always seeking a better way to organize my tasks and to-dos. This application sync with Google Tasks and the online productivity tool Toodledo for power users. It supports all features of the website and Google including multiple accounts, automatic synchronization, and subtasks. With this Android port, users can organize tasks by folder, location, context, tags, create snooze alarms, and also lets you customize the user interface so you can remove the features you do not want to see to keep things simple. It is compatible with the BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 and is $2.99 to purchase.

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What You Might Have Missed

Carlulu Service Record by Dannis Fung

Making sure you perform regular maintenance on your car is not always easy. Take me for example. I basically left performing the inspection until almost the last day it was due and then, above all else, had to replace the battery because of how I had let the car sit. As the daughter of a veteran auto mechanic I should have known better. However, there is Carlulu which is a great way to organize and record your service record. Rather than having to search through years worth of receipts and records (though having that backup is always a good thing) they are easily accessible wherever you go. Available in a light version and a premium for $.99 it is compatible with BlackBerry 10.

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