The BlackBerry App Roundup

Happy July everyone! To all Canadians, hope you had a great Canada Day back on the 1st... and to all of our American friends, hope you have a great 4th of July celebration this weekend. This week in the roundup we have the following titles:

In Case You Missed It: ZonaSnap Screen Capture, Nobex Radio Companion Adds 250 NPR Stations, PatternLock Lite for the Storm, WiFi Disabler, BeeJive Storm Beta Updated

New This Week: Bubble Defense, Bartender's Bible, Arcade Side Golf, Can't Stop Solitaire Collection, The Art of War

Apps on Sale: QuickPull Pro, Berry Labyrinth, Tip Calculator, Flashlight Pro, NetworkAcc - Mobile Network Accelerator

Cool at BlackBerry App World: Mobile Reader

Freebies of the Week: Stitcher Radio

Note: Don't forget, you can always search for titles featured in the App Roundup within App World... Some apps mentioned may be available there for your device.

In Case You Missed It...

Just in case you missed these titles, below are some apps that were covered in the CrackBerry Blogs this past week. Check 'em out!

ZonaSnap Screen Capture

Need a new screen capture utility that is simple and easy to use? ZonaSnap allows you to preview screen caps, and even email or send your screen captures to photobucket. Pretty cool. It's certainly worth a look, as it is available for free in our store. It should work great on all Berry's running OS 4.3 through 4.7.

Note: A Spanish version of ZonaSnap is also available.

Nobex Radio Companion Adds 250 NPR Stations 

Nobex Radio Companion 

Nobex has gone ahead with some updates recently. This time around they've added 250 NPR stations. Each station is commercial free (always a good thing). The new stations all work great in the 50 states and Puerto Rico. For more information and to download hit up

PatternLock Lite for the Storm

Pattern Lock Lite
The Paid 'PatternLock' app for the Storm has been a top seller for some time now. Thankfully, the developers at Tafasa have noted this, and are now offering a 'Lite' version for all of the Storm users out there! Of course, being a 'Lite' version, you won't get all of the same features as the paid, but still... it offers basic functionality and gives you a taste of what you'll get in the full version. 

Tafasa is also offering $1.00 off the full version of PatternLock. Simply head over to our store and use coupon code 'patternlock1off' to purchase for only $1.99.

Note: This coupon code will only work from your device at

WiFi Disabler 

WiFi Disabler

Looking to save a bit of battery life any way you can? A new app called WiFi Disabler can help. The app will turn off your WiFi radio any time a connection to your router is lost. This will save you (hopefully) some much needed battery life. Also, you can set a time-out to give your device a chance to reconnect. If it can't connect, WiFi will shut off and the app will alert you. Kinda handy. It's available in our store right now for $3.95.

BeeJive Storm Beta Updated 

BeeJive Storm Beta
The final version of BeeJive for the Storm might still be some time away, however, an update to the Beta has dropped. New features in this latest version include:
  • file transfers via link, you can now transfer files to buddies on all IM accounts.
  • updated push when idle settings, you can now choose an email to use for push notifications.
  • clock fixed
  • option to use color blind status icons

To download the latest version OTA from your Storm, hit up

New This Week

Bubble DefenseBubble Defense

Bubble Defense is a new and addictive tower defense game from the folks at Second Gear Games. The object of the game is to pop the bubbles before they reach the end of the path. The game features 7 unique maps, 200 enemy waves to destroy, 4 upgradeable towers, 5 difficulty levels and much more.

You can pick it up for $4.99 at, and versions are available for the Storm, Bold, Curve 8900 and Tour.

Bartender's Bible 

Bartender's Bible

Seems like there are a lot of 'mobile bartender' apps out these days for BlackBerry. Could it be that us Berry folk like to relax with a great drink after a hard days' work? Perhaps we're too stressed out? Whatever the case, Bartender's Bible is a new drink recipe app that delivers easy to follow steps and directions to making some great drinks. All drinks within are categorized into 'occasions and moods', so no matter if you're attending a 40th birthday party, or are just in a crabby mood... Bartender's Bible will have a drink all lined up for you.

Arcade Side GolfArcade Side Golf

I know I've played a game like this before... Simply can't remember where. Might have been a flash game on the 'net, not too sure. Whatever the case, I remember the game was fun, just like this one promises to be. If you're into golf and want to try a game that's just a bit different, Arcade Side Golf brings just that. Make your way through the course from a unique side view, hitting your shots with just the right amount of power to navigate tricky slopes. This one is compatible with the Pearl, 8700 and 8800 series only, and can be picked up for $9.95.

Can't Stop Solitaire CollectionCan't Stop Solitaire Collection

Solitaire fans, there's yet another great title for you to check out this week. Called 'Can't Stop Solitaire Collection', this one from Paragon Software brings 250 solitaire games right to your Berry! Play and master Freecell, Pyramid, Joker, Canfield, Yukon, Klondike and many, many, MANY more. Detailed rules and help are available for each game. Many options are also customizable including custom card backs and backgrounds.

This insanely large collection of Solitaire games is available at right now for $17.95.

The Art of WarThe Art of War

The Art of War is one of the most popular books of all-time. Written over 2,000 years ago by Sun Tzu, the wisdom and information within is still very applicable today. Inside this eBook you'll find a great introduction, a history, notes, and of course, the entire text of the book. I've got a hard copy of the book laying around here somewhere... But if you'd like to step up to a digital version, The Art of War is now available for only $2.95 at

BlackBerry Apps on Sale:

QuickPull ProQuickPull Pro

QuickPull's "Smart Reboot" features frees memory and improves performance by simulating a "battery pull"
On sale for $4.99
until July 10th

Berry LabyrinthBerry Labyrinth

Classic wooden labyrinth game where you control a steel ball to find a way to finish hole.
On sale for $4.99
until July 15th

Tip CalculatorTip Calculator

This is the tip calculator that you have been waiting for. Easy to use, very powerful, and it looks great!
On sale for $2.99
until July 5th

Flashlight ProFlashlight Pro

Flashlight - becomes very useful when you are in the dark! Capable of running for up to 60 minutes!!! Choose from FIVE VIVID colors! Also colors your BlackBerry's trackball! 
On sale for $2.99
until July 8th

NetworkAccNetworkAcc - Mobile Network Accelerator

NetworkAcc is a powerful mobile network accelerator specially designed for BlackBerry.
On sale for $8.99
until July 20th

Cool at BlackBerry App World:

Forbes Mobile Mobile Reader

If you're a fan of and all of the news and headlines the site delivers... You may want to check out the Forbes Mobile Reader via App World. The app is free, and delivers the rich goodness of the website right to your Berry. Initial setup of the app allows you to setup quick and easy 'tabs' to help you sort and browse through news at your leisure. After that, use of the app is fairly self-explanitory. Content for news items is downloaded in the background, so the app runs smooth and quick (which is really nice). Browse news on the markets, technology, opinions, leadership, business, personal finance and more.

Of course, one of the best things about this app is the fact that it's free. Look for the Mobile Reader in App World and give it a try.

Freebie of the Week:

Stitcher RadioStitcher Radio

To wrap up this week, we've got a new freebie called Stitcher Radio, which is now available at With Stitcher you can stream your podcasts, news and more all right to your Berry. The app is named 'Stitcher' because it 'Stitches' together all of your favorite news, sports, entertainment and more all in one place. International stations are also available within. Very powerful, and certainly worth exploring.

Important note: Stitcher requires OS 4.5 or newer, and should run fine on the 8300 series, 8900 and Storm.

Until Next Week..

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