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Wewt! Weekend is here folks. Been a long and busy week but, now that the it's here some of us can kick back and relax if even only for a few hrs. We've dug up some great apps this week for you all to explore and I'm personally excited for the contest we have. Hoping you will be too. If you're a twitter user, be sure to enter. You'll get a chance at 1 of 5 invites to an extremely limited beta Twitter app called Blaq™, good luck folks and enjoy your weekend!

Freebies of the Week: Sugarbear Translator, FAIL for BlackBerry v0.2.0.5, CallbyName

In Case You Missed It:  Updated NFL Mobile from Verizon Wireless, Molson Canadian Seize the Summer, Virtual Vault for BlackBerry

New This Week: TellMe! v1.1.1, QuickBubble v1.0, Pocket Yoga

Cool at BlackBerry App World: Photo Editor Recolor

Contest: Enter to win 1 of 5 invites to beta test a new Twitter client - Blaq™

Freebies Of The Week:

Sugar Bear

Sugarbear Translator - Send text in your native language. Response will come back in up to 12 languages. Support for Arabic, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Hindi, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Haitian-Creole. Application requires internet connection in order to be able to translate.

Free in the CB store


Fail For BlackBerry  -  FAILBlog, Engrish, Lolcats, Loldogs, Celebs, and Comix from the "I Can Haz Cheezburger?" network.


  • New updated version - fixed major bugs with non-touch devices
  • Shows random images from each category available
  • Simple to use, just click on the screen(Touchscreen devices) or click on "Next" (trackball/trackpad devices) to go to the next image
  • Pre-loads images ahead of time for a seamless experience

Free in the CB store

Call By Name

CallbyName -  lets you call the world almost for free from your mobile phone thanks to the sponsored calls. It gives you the opportunity to save a lot of money for your long distance calls with a simple and seamless experience for the mobile user. Sponsored local calls mean that you will listen to an 8 second ad message while you're dialing the temporary local phone number assigned by CallbyName.

CallbyName brings free calling and advanced unified communications features to your mobile phone. The application is integrated within your local address book and can be automatically launched when you dial abroad one of your contacts or decide to leave a voice message on his email address as an attachment.

Free in BlackBerry Appworld

In Case You Missed It:

NFL Mobile from Verizon NFL Mobile from Verizon

NFL Mobile For VZW - Starting last week the updated NFL Mobile app was being pushed to Verizon Bold 9650 users. The app has the same guts as in previous years but adds in some features to keep things fresh. While it rings in at a whopping 2.8MB download, it does pack quite a punch if you're at all a fan of the NFL. You can get breaking news, highlights, video on demand and more. Follow the preseason with stats and updates all the way to kickoff. When the season starts, NFL Mobile brings live video and audio as well as the RedZone Fantasy Tracker. Verizon 9650 users should see a download icon pop up if you haven't already.

Learn More By Clicking Here>>

Sieze The Summer

Molson Canadian Seize The Summer - To call it a unique app would be a lie, but to call it a bushel of awesome is the total truth. If you plan on rocking out this summer, you'll need to have the Molson Canadian Seize the Summer  app along for the ride. While it's pretty much the closest thing to foursquare since foursquare, this app wants you to share your love of summer and earn badges along the way. You can earn a "Summer Awesomeness Badge" for doing summer stuff like mountain biking, road trips, seeing a moose, doing a cannonball or my personal favorite "barbeque a variety of meats".

Each badge is in turn posted to your Facebook page so your friends know just how much cool stuff you do over the summer. During the course of earning badges you'll also be entered to win an "amazing trip" so at least you have some incentive to go big or go home. Check out the video above for more, then download the app from the link below to get started.

Learn More By Clicking Here>>

Virtual Vault

Virtual Vault -  Now officially available, this cool app saves all of your BIS emails (sent and received) and you can even access them to forward/reply in the future. Features of Virtual Vault include:

  • Saves all BIS received and sent emails
  • Import of all existing emails on a users BlackBerry into the "Virtual Vault"
  • Full email "Search" capability within the Virtual Vault
  • Emails can be forwarded or replied to from within the Virtual Vault
  • Original email content can be edited before being sent thru the Virtual Vault
  • Each Virtual Vault file is Encrypted and Password Protected

Currently this app is only for use on BIS, but an Enterprise edition is on its way in the next week or so. Virtual Vault sells for $9.99, but to celebrate the release you can grab it for just $4.99 using the code VV4CB in our mobile app store (the code will only work in our mobile app store or app store client).

Learn More By Clicking Here>>

New This Week:


TellMe v1.1.1 - TellMe! is unique software that will offer the user the ability to add different informational statistics to the menu. Some examples of what you can add are the time, weather, date, phone, email, battery information and memory information.


  • Phone Menu Item: You can add your latest completed or missed phone call to the menu both include the signal strength in decibals. When the menu item is clicked, it will take you to your phone logs.
  • Time Menu Item: You can add the time to the menu with 3 different templates. When the menu item is clicked, it will take you to your clock.
  • Date Menu Item: You can add the date to the menu with 3 different templates. When the menu item is clicked, it will take you to your date.
  • Memory Menu Item: You can add memory details to the menu with 3 different templates. When the menu item is clicked, it will prompt you asking if you would like to soft reset, if answered yes, it performs a soft reset.
  • Weather Menu Item: You can add your local weather to the menu with 4 different templates. When the menu item is clicked, it will take you to the BeWeather application.*Please note that the weather is pulled from BeWeather, without BeWeather then you can't get the weather in the menu!
  • Battery Menu Item: You can add battery details to the menu with 3 different templates. When the menu item is clicked, it prompts asking if you would like to turn the radio on; This only works when your radio is off whether you turned it off or the radio is too low for use.
  • Email Menu Item: You can add the last email received to the menu. When the menu item is clicked, it will take you to your messages; not specifically your email, but your messages merged folder.

On sale for $1.99 in the CB Store>>


QuickBubble -  is a utility tool for BlackBerry, use QuickBubble you can:

  • In any place to quickly create a contact, task, calendar, memo or Email.
  • You can set many options for the PIM items, just like use the system PIM.
  • Any of the content you create can be seen in the System.
  • When a Email/SMS arrives, QuickBubble will be notify and popup a window, you can be preview, reply, forward, mark as read or delete (if message is SMS, you can only reply).
  • You can customize the shortcut keys for software function

On sale for $4.99 in the CB store>>


Pocket  Yoga - Just set your BlackBerry® in front of your mat, start a practice, and Pocket Yoga will guide you through your entire session.

  • This app is just unique in its style because you can create any number of custom sessions or play our preloaded session.
  •  This app consists of traditional yoga poses sequencing with a Vinyasa flow.
  • Pocket Yoga is specially designed to improve strength, balance, posture and flexibility.
  • Play and pause the pre-loaded Yoga Session which will give you 60 minutes of pure bliss.
  • View each Yoga Pose with a detailed text description of each pose along with its name, Physical and Mental Benefits.
  • Male & Female voices along with sounds included
All these images in this Yoga app are beautifully designed images that are both mentally and spiritually uplifting.

$3.99 in BlackBerry AppWorld

Cool In BlackBerry App World:

Photo Editor

Photo Editor Recolor -  Your BlackBerry® takes great pictures and you use it all the time to record the happy moments in your life. What if you want to recolor your picture, maybe make it sepia or black and white and then share it with your loved ones? Hmmm…that’s a hard one!

Not any more though! Download Photo Editor- Recolor to make life easy and recolor any picture you take using your BlackBerry, straight off your handset. Save the modified file and then share it with friends and family as much as you want!

Once you have installed the app, just go to gallery, select a photo, press menu and opt for “recolor photo”.
Recolor the photo till you are happy with the results! 

$2.99 In BlackBerry App World



This week, I bring to you an exclusive contest. A new Twitter client has been on the rise over the past little bit and while it's thus far maintained a very small beta group they have opened up the doors to allow me to offer 5 of you all out there an invite to try out Blaq™. As described on their blog:

Tired of keeping a handful of Twitter apps around on your BlackBerry smartphone just to obtain a faux sense of having it all? We are, too.

Never before has a BlackBerry Twitter client truly satisfied the user’s ideal picture of the perfect, well-rounded app — until now.

Enter Blaq™ — a feature-rich Twitter client for BlackBerry that brings the best of all worlds with the functionality you need, but also the stunning visuals that you’ve always yearned for.

Keep your eyes glued here, the official blog of Blaq™, for important news and updates on when you can expect to start experiencing Twitter — the way you should be — on a BlackBerry smartphone near you.

With the details outlined, before entering this contest a few things you should consider are:

  • You must be a Twitter user or be at least interested in starting up a Twitter account.
  • Keep in mind this is a beta release, the developers are looking for feedback. Have an issue? Wanna see something added? Send feedback. Feedback helps make better apps. Keep that in mind.

And thats about it folks, if you fit in that area then by all means, please leave some comments and we'll pick 5 of you all to participate in the beta. Having used every Twitter app out there, I'll personally say Blaq™ is a great app that shows an exponential amount of promise. The folks working on Blaq™ are great and totally open to new ideas on how to make it the best Twitter client available. Good luck to everyone who decides to enter.

Last Weeks Winners:

Contest Winners

You've all won a copy of Find My Phone

Rapid Dr3am

*Winners will be contacted over the weekend*

Until Next Week..

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