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As we get set to roll into the weekend, it's time for another round up. This week we got a nice assortment for you all. Plus, we've worked out the winners for the 50 copies of Weather Plus. You'll wanna read on through and find out what's good. This week, 20 copies of Find my Phone are to be given away so, be sure to drop us a comment folks. Cheers, enjoy your weekend folks!

Freebies of the Week: Zhiing, OutOfBattery, River Water

In Case You Missed It: Find My Phone, Foursquare v1.9, SugarSync 1.5

New This Week: SecurePhoto, Vault, Attack Alarm

Cool at BlackBerry App World: Cravings Manager

Contest: Enter to win 1 of 20 free copies of Find My Phone

Note: Don't forget, you can always search for titles featured in the App Roundup within App World... Some apps mentioned may be available there for your device.

Freebies Of The Week:


Zhiing - zhiing is a location messaging tool that allows you to share your location, or other locations of interest, with your friends, family or co-workers. Even update your location on your favorite social network!
Forget about map printouts or scribbling down directions....just zhiing the location! Simply enter the mobile number or email you want to zhiing, and press send. Your buddy receives your message and a dynamic map showing turn-by-turn directions to where you are located, or where you want to meet. Your buddy can respond with his or her location, or forward your location to others that are joining you! With zhiing you can send directions to anyone, anytime, over any network without a hassle. You can even communicate your location to people that don't have zhiing - as long as they have a cell phone or email address. "It's a big world, don't get lost."


  • Forget about map printouts or scribbling down directions....use zhiing!
  • zhiing gives you 100% control of your location, 100% of the time.
  • zhiing is currently available for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Symbian.

Minimum Requirements:

  • GPS Capability.

FREE in the CB store.


OutOfBattery - Someone wants to borrow your BlackBerry but you don't know how to say no? Don't worry, OutOfBattery can display on your screen an empty battery with just one click.

When to use OutOfBattery: - You and your friends are at a party, and one of them asks you if he can borrow your cool BlackBerry device to make a call. The problem is that you don't want to share your phone credit, but meanwhile, you don't want to make yourself out to be a cheap friend. What's the solution? Just click on a convenience key button on your BlackBerry device to display an empty battery status. Now, you can just say "Sorry bro, my device is out of battery".

FREE in the CB store.

River Water

River Water - River Waters gives BB users water levels of rivers/creeks/streams in the U.S. All in a basic simple and easy to use application. No more slow web surfing for those water levels! Coming in v.1.02 will be GPS river locator. This update will give you the ability to find closest rivers and levels to you, based off your current GPS location

Features: - River Waters gives BB users water levels of rivers/creeks/streams in the U.S. All in a basic simple and easy to use application. No more slow web surfing for those water levels! Coming in v.1.02 will be GPS river locator. This update will give you the ability to find closest rivers and levels to you, based off your current GPS location

Free in the CB Store.

In Case You Missed It: 

Find My Phone

Find My Phone - Find My Phone has 3 quick and easy was to locate your device. Find My Phone sets off a loud alarm, flashes the screen and flashes the front LED and vibrates, making it easy for you to find your phone. It also overrides whatever profile setting you might be on, so even if your phone is on silent or vibrate the alarm will still sound. 12 different alert types to choose from. Try out the free 3 day trial!


  • The alarm can be triggered by 3 different methods: Phone call – 1). A call from the same number 3 times within 60 seconds. If you don’t want this to be available for every phone number calling you can set up to 3 numbers that will trigger it. You do not need to let it ring until voicemail picks up, as long as it rings at least once it will count. 2) E-Mail – E-Mailing your phone with your secret pass phrase as the subject. 3) SMS – Sending a text message with your secret pass phrase in the body
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More information and purchase of Find My Phone>>


Foursquare - The folks at foursquare have been hard at work tweaking their BlackBerry app and today have released version 1.9 with some new improvements. The features as still coming along, and some minor tweaks and fixes have helped out things like battery life this time around. Updates include:

  • Sort Check-ins - Quickly sort your nearby check-ins by time (most recent check-in) or by distance (closest check-in).
  • Photo Upload - Now change/upload a profile photo via your BlackBerry!
  • See Specials Nearby - Now you can see what venues feature specials when searching for what's nearby.
  • BlackBerry Maps Integration - From a venue details page, click on the Google map tile and automatically get launched into BlackBerry maps.
  • Improved Battery Life - foursquare is always focused on battery performance and has made a few improvement. Expect even more improvements in the future.
  • Improved Location Support - Additional improvements have been made to location, allowing for better location support when checking in.
  • Small Tweaks & Fixes - foursquare is always listening to user feedback and making small fixes & tweaks along the way.

To download foursquare for BlackBerry free and check out all of the new features, head to from your device>>


SugarSync - has released the latest version of their cloud storage and syncing application for BlackBerry. SugarSync v1.5 now includes the ability to stream music direct from their servers to your BlackBerry device. This is of course in addition to the other added features for the app as noted in the press release:

SugarSync for BlackBerry features the ability to remotely access, open and easily share your computer files, including documents, photos and more stored in a SugarSync account. With an appropriate document editor, files can be edited as well and synced back.The new version also includes email auto-complete, a time-saver feature which allows people to even more quickly share a files with colleagues or friends, as well as performance enhancements and bug fixes.

When you sign up, you get 2GB of storage allocated to you for free with larger packages available for purchase starting at only $4.99/mnth.

Download The Latest Version Of SugarSync Via BlackBerry App World>> 

New This Week:

Secure Photo  v1.3

Secure Photo v1.3 - Take secure encrypted photos on your BlackBerry with automatic password encryption for all photos taken by BlackBerry Camera! SecurePhoto application also allows you to encrypt photos stored on your device irrespective of its storage location. Encryption is based on the industry-standard ARC4 algorithm coupled with a personal pin such that your photos are secure no matter what. For ex, if a person takes your SD Card and puts it in his BlackBerry he won't be able to view your encrypted pictures. Even if he has SecurePhoto installed on his device, he can only view his own secure photos but not yours.


  • Automatic password encryption of photos taken by the BlackBerry Camera!
  • Secure your photo on SD Card using strong ARC4 encryption.
  • Supports all BlackBerry devices running OS 4.2 & above.

$2.99 in the CB store - free trial available.


Vault - The 'Vault' helps you in storing & protecting the important information like Credit card numbers, bank accounts, passwords, notes & all other secret information in your blackberry. This App will act as your personal store & keeps all your secret data safe & secure. You can use this application to manage & keep all your information handy. Just do not worry about the protection of your private information. Your data is encrypted & is protected by a secret code. That secret code can be accessed only by you.


  • Managing your secret information just became easier.
  • Organize your information in 18 predefined forms/cards and 18 categories.
  • Modify the existing field names according to your needs.
  • Associate the cards/forms with one of the 32 exclusive built-in icons.
  • Backup & restore features also provided.
  • All the data you need to be kept as secret can be stored in an efficient way by locking it.
  • Your personal store & data manager.
  • Keeps all your secret data safe & secure.
  • Your data is encrypted & is protected by a secret code.
  • Recall the information you need whenever you want.

$3.99 in the CB store

Attack Alert

Attack Alarm -  Turn your BlackBerry into an advanced Attack / Rape alarm. When you activate the alarm a loud siren will sound and the app will also text your nominated number stating you are in trouble and sending your location (if you have GPS). The app is fully configurable and you can turn features on and off.


  • Loud siren
  • Texts friends your location

$1.99 on sale in the CB store

Cool At BlackBerry App World:

Cravings Manager

Cravings Manager - Are you trying to lose weight or quit smoking? Do you want to cut back or stop using alcohol or drugs? Great! Will you still be tempted to eat cheese cake, smoke a cigarette or drink a beer? Probably. The ability to resist temptation can make the difference between success and failure. Cravings Manager puts you in control of your cravings.

Application Features:

  • Create a personalized list of reasons why you want to quit.
  • View motivational, educational and humorous quotes that inspire you to stay on track.
  • Receive instant feed back on the number of cravings you have had and the number of times you have used.
  • Customize a list of triggers so you can learn from “slips” and be better prepared to face a future craving.
  • Scroll through pictures of your family, your support team, the reward you are going to give yourself when you reach your goal, anything that will motivate you.
  • Adjustable timer starts automatically to help you delay using when you start craving.
  • Use for food, tobacco, alcohol and drug cravings individually or in combination.
  • Works with any diet or tobacco/alcohol/drug cessation plan.

$2.99 in BlackBerry AppWorld

Contest Winners: 

Agent Zero
*Winning emails will go out over the weekend folks, please reply ASAP*

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