Howdy CrackBerry nation! Welcome to another edition of our roundup. What a week it has been. Not only did the AT&T BlackBerry Passport pass through the FCC and John Chen call for app neutrality but that pesky Samsung buyout rumor resurfaced. Finally, and you should pay attention to this, you should enter our Send a tweet and you could win a BlackBerry Classic contest.

Now it is time to bring you this week's picks for all your passionate BlackBerry addicts out there. You can find each app and game I've rustled up for you by clicking through the gallery below. If your favorite did not make the cut this week, remember you can help by offering your suggestions at the end.

Secure Notes – FileArchiveHaven

For those who wish to keep their notes or any other types of text safe from prying eyes can use this application. If locks down your notes in an encrypted database that no one can access but you. This application offers a simple layout and interface for storing and retrieving your notes. Users can categorize their notes by topic, add password protection, and change the theme (OS 10.3 for dark theme, white theme for OS 10.2.1 and lower). You can purchase this application for $0.99.

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Threaded SMS for BlackBerry 10

Looking to spruce up your text messages? This application allows users to change the appearance of their SMS. You can adjust the background, the color, and font including the types of bubbles. There is even an option to set your own Photo as your chat screen background. While this application works in the hub, you will have to send SMS messages from within the application to be able to access the customizable chat screen. While this version is free and limited, there is a paid version available for $0.99 for devices running OS 10.3 and lower.

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Clear Wall by Ghuyfel

While OS 10.3/10.3.1 gives us a screen devoid of icons, this application accomplishes the same concept and goes one step further and lets you set GIF files as wallpapers. It accomplishes this by recreating your desktop within the application. By doing so, you can set your own wallpaper for the main screen as well as the background for the shortcuts that are set when activated. You are giving certain shortcuts in the application including a browser (which you can set the homepage to a site of your choosing), compose email, calendar, and your social networks among others. There is also a built-in weather widget that you can access by swiping down from the middle of the screen. You can download this app for free, and it supports all BlackBerry 10 devices.

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Trivia Crack by Etermax

I am sure you all are familiar with this application but if not beware as it is extremely addictive. It is a game that pits you against your friends to see who has the most trivia knowledge. There are six categories with which to test your trivia prowess (Science, Entertainment, Art, Geography, Sports, and History), and each are represented by a character. The object of the game is to be the first person to collect all six of them. There are over 100,000 questions which means you will be occupied for quite some time. It is one of those fun games you can't put down. You can download it for free from the Amazon Appstore.

How to install Android apps from the Amazon Appstore

Quick Draw by Toysoft Development

Whether you're an artist or an amateur, this application lets you quickly draw on a blank screen or load an existing image to draw something on it. Users only have to use their finger to act as a pen or pencil to create their unique designs. There is a toolbar with which you can select pencil size and color, create a new drawing, load a picture, and save or share the drawing. There is also an option to insert clipart into your drawing and an undo button in case you make a mistake. Quick Draw is fast and easy to use for all BlackBerry 10 devices. You can grab it for $0.99.

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What You Might Have Missed

Only Screenshots by qbo

From the developer that brought you Corky Notes and MAKE comes this simple and useful application. If you happen to take a lot of screenshots on your device, and I know for I certainly do when reviewing applications, then you will appreciate what it does. Only Screenshots is exactly how it reads. Instead of having to go through your device or photos application to find your screenshots, all you have to do is launch it, and all of them are there on display. You can delete, share, or view the details. This handy application is free to download for BlackBerry 10.

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Until next week...

That's it for this week folks. For more apps and games, be sure to head on over to the CrackBerry Forums where you will find even more hidden gems to choose from whether it be for BlackBerry 10, BBOS or the BlackBerry PlayBook. Of course, you can always find the latest and greatest top editor's picks in the CrackBerry App Gallery. Are there any apps or games you would like to see? Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments.

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