Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday so far and getting ready for the weekend. It's time once again for the weekly App Roundup. Now I spent my time wisely this week rustling up some new, cool, and helpful applications for all you BlackBerry addicts to try. Be sure to check them out and remember you can help by offering your suggestions at the end.


ekkes Express Charts by ekkes-corner UG

Not too long ago, BlackBerry released their beta mobile presentation tool called BlackBerry Express. This application allowed anyone, business and consumers alike, to create and display presentations on-the-fly in a matter of moments. For those who were looking to integrate charts into these presentations, it came to my attention in last week’s roundup that forums member ekkescorner developed the free and native solution you see above. Not only does it offer integrated support for BlackBerry Express but the product is also standalone meaning charts and diagrams may be used for all your presentation needs as a normal application. Data may be imported and exported or invoked from BlackBerry Express using his handy guide. I must say the developer did a great job on this application and creating, inserting, and populating charts with your specific data is fast and easy to perform. Available for devices running OS 10.2 and higher, users may customize and store charts as templates to use later as needed. It is a must download for anyone requiring this functionality on the go. While the app is free you can support this BlackBerry Elite developer with a donation through the application.

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MindSweeper by Bryon Hummel

For anyone growing up with Windows 95 in their household, I’m sure you are all familiar with the game that came pre-installed called Minesweeper. A staple in my family it was one we were hooked on from day one. Hours of play were invested in trying to clear the tiles off the board without setting off one of the hidden bombs. It didn’t matter how many numbers or hints were uncovered, it was all part of the game. Going through BlackBerry World I came across this similar application that brings back all those memories and more. The interface may be simple but the original premise is there. Users control the level of difficulty, meaning the number of mines hidden in the field, and it is a good way to pass the time. Also included is Scoreloop integration and the ability to earn achievements and badges. As a free download you certainly can’t go wrong with giving it a try for BlackBerry 10 on OS 10.2 and higher.

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FastPress by ShowStopper

For those seeking an alternative to WordPress there is this recently published option. Some features are limited such as inserting images into a post is not available. However, it does allow for listing user blog’s posts, comments, accessing blog info, access to post info and comments, and creating or editing posts, changing status or deleting posts, and approving comments. They do plan on addressing other features in future updates. It supports all BlackBerry 10 devices on OS 10.2 and higher and can be purchased for $.99.

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Live Event Counter by Pace MobiTech

Now who doesn’t love a having a fun way of counting down to their favorite event? If you are still rocking a legacy devices this app offers calendar integration, simple and easy to use interface, real time change on the home screen as well as displaying the days/hours/minutes, attractive themes, and low battery consumption. It is free to download and supports most BBOS devices.

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GeoYeo Local Classifieds by HEKRU Inc.

We all love searching the internet for the best deals, or at least I do. As a Built for BlackBerry application, it allows users to search, view, contact, share, and post your own classified ads. Searches may be performed by category, location, or radius and it does a pretty good job of finding all of the local deals. Currently it supports popular sites such as GeoYeo, oodle, classifieds.ca, Craigslist, Backpage, kijiji, ebay, jobbank as well as others to help you find what you are looking for. Please note that there may be some mature content but this is controlled from the settings menu. The application is ad-supported and if you have any questions regarding app permissions you may refer to the BlackBerry World description for explanations. Free to download for all BlackBerry 10 handsets.

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What You Might Have Missed

Globs and Gloops by Twosheds Productions

If you happened to miss this must-have puzzle game this week, be sure to check it out. Your goal is to protect the Globs, or green colored cubes, while allowing the Gloops, or red colored cubes, to fall. Not an easy task if you ask me and certainly not a concept that is easy to explain. Throw in some vanishing blue cubes and you have one game you won't be able to put down. This game is $.99 for all BlackBerry 10 devices.

More information/Purchase Globs and Gloops


Until next week...

That's it for this week folks. For more apps and games be sure to head on over to the forums where you will find even more hidden gems to choose from whether it be for BlackBerry 10, BBOS or the BlackBerry PlayBook. Of course, you can always find the latest and greatest top editor's picks in the CrackBerry App Gallery. Are there any apps or games you would like to see? Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments. 

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