The BlackBerry App Roundup

It's frack'n cold around here. I just got in from the great outdoors, and not only is it about -20, with the windchill factor it's probably around -40. Not fun... So lets move on to some more enjoyable things, namely BlackBerry apps! Covered this week in my roundup are the following titles:

New BlackBerry Apps: Storm Slots, Can't Stop Klondike Solitaire, Stock Manager, Ringtone Shuffler, DownCounter

Free BlackBerry Apps: Staples Easy Button, BBTran, Keyboard Lock Utility

Cool Stuff: Storm Optimized Apps from gWhiz

New BlackBerry Software

Storm SlotsStorm Slots

Want the thrill and excitement of a slot machine right on your BlackBerry Storm? Storm Slots is a Vegas inspired slot machine that is sure to fill those idle moments in your day. Bet different amounts and swipe the screen to see the payout table. Realistic sounds and graphics add to the whole experience. The game also lets you submit scores online... can you beat the all-time high score?

Pick up Storm Slots for $2.99 at >

Can't Stop Klondike SolitaireCan't Stop Klondike Solitaire

Solitaire fans have yet another app to enjoy on their BlackBerry. Can't Stop Klondike Solitaire features one of the all-time best solitaire games, Klondike. If you've never played it before, detailed rules are easily pulled up for your reference. Chose from a variety of card backs, backgrounds and more to personalize gameplay. The game also keeps track of games played and won.

Get Can't Stop Klondike Solitaire for $7.95 at >

Stock ManagerStock Manager

If you're invested in the crazy markets these days, you no doubt can use all of the tools and utilities out there to help you along the way. Stock Manager is a stock portfolio manager that helps you stay up-to-date on the latest stock prices from markets all around the globe. Manage multiple portfolios, view charts, graphs, daily highs and lows, and a whole lot more. Multiple currencies are supported, and stock prices are updated automatically in the background.

Pick up Stock Manager for $29.95 at >

Ringtone ShufflerRingtone Shuffler

Want to mix things up with a random ringtone each time you get a call? Ringtone Shuffler lets you select ringtones that you want to shuffle. This is cool if you have a whole whack of ringtones on your device... Each time you get a call, you never know what you're going to get! This one requires OS 4.6 or newer, a media card inserted, and 300kb of free space.

Get Ringtone Shuffler for $3.95 at >


Need a fast and easy way to setup a countdown timer when you need it? Now you can with DownCounter. Select a time from the dropdown list and hit 'Start'. You can also enter your own custom amount in minutes if you want. Finally, select how you'd like to be notified when the timer finishes counting down... by sound, vibration, or my personal favorite... both. :P

Pick up DownCounter for $2.95 at >

Free BlackBerry Apps

Staples Easy ButtonStaples Easy Button

Call it fun, useless, or whatever you like... the Staples Easy Button has arrived for the BlackBerry. Available for the Curve, Pearl and Bold, press the button and feel the stress relief as only the Easy Button can bring :) All that is required is OS 4.3 or newer. That was easy.

Get the Staples Easy Button for FREE at >

Note: There's also a version of the 'Easy Button' for the Storm. Check it out here.


Need a powerful translation tool? BBTran supports more than 40 languages and acts as a meta translation tool of sorts. It allows access to Google Translate, Systran, FreeTranslation and more, to give you a very powerful translation tool at your fingertips. The app features a dictionary mode, any-to-any language translation, and a simple interface to help you find translations quickly and accurately.

Get BBTran for FREE at >

Keyboard Lock UtilityKeyboard Lock Utility

Tired of random key-presses, notes, emails and phone calls as a result of your Berry banging around? Avoid these mistakes and annoyances with the new Keyboard Lock Utility from BEIKS. The ultra-simple app locks the keyboard on your Berry after a set amount of idle time. After you install, simply head over to your global settings app to modify the amount time it takes before the keyboard locks. Very handy.

Get the Keyboard Lock Utility for FREE at >

Cool Stuff

gCalc from gWhizStorm Optimized Apps from gWhiz

Mike over at gWhiz dropped us a note earlier this week to let us know that the gWhiz suite of apps has been updated to include support for the BlackBerry Storm. Now you can get your hands on new versions of gFlashPro, gCalcPro and gRefPro setup exclusively for use on the touchscreen Berry.

The gWhiz suite can help all students get the most out of their study time, be more productive, and in the end... Get better grades. You can check out each app via the links below.

... Or pick up the entire suite (and save!) right here for $9.99.

Thanks Mike!

Until Next Week..

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