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Hola, folks. Another great week here on the app front. This time around I've got 25 copies of Vorino Clock to giveaway to 25 lucky commenters (just answer the contest question in the comments to enter)... and of course the usual run-down of what's new and exciting on the BlackBerry App scene. Covered this week in the App Roundup are the following titles:

Giveaway of the Week: Vorino Clock

Freebies of the Week: ScoreMobile, FlashOn, Pick the Winners Oscar Contest

In Case You Missed It: SugarSync Unveils Upload by Email Feature, 35% Off all Apps from Fabian Heuwieser, Foursquare Moves to Version 1.5... Then Version 1.5.5 with Storm Support!

New This Week: Ultimate Lock, MyStocks 1.0, Unsend Email

Cool at BlackBerry App World: Old School Gamer Theme

Note: Don't forget, you can always search for titles featured in the App Roundup within App World... Some apps mentioned may be available there for your device.

Giveaway of the Week:

Vorino Clock

Vorino Clock

In the giveaway this week we have another entry from Paul at Vorino Software. He's offered up Vorino Clock, a highly customizable screensaver with clock functionality. Change the background color, add wallpapers, add periodic chimes, and much more. You can even use it to launch messages, the address book and calendar from the menu or keyboard shortcut. When you enable screensaver mode, the clock will be visible as long as your backlight is on. I've used Vorino Clock myself, and for some reason I did get good use out of the large, easy to read clock.

If you'd like to enter for your chance to win one of 25 free copies of Vorino Clock, answer the following question in the comments:

Which colors and wallpaper would you choose in configuring Vorino Clock?

Leave your answer in the comments now... Good luck!

Freebies of the Week:

ScoreMobile for BlackBerry

ScoreMobile for BlackBerry

I know I've mentioned this app before, but I can't help myself. It's so good I have to share yet again. ScoreMobile is pretty much the ultimate news, scores and stats app for BlackBerry (at least it is, for me). Get up-to-the minute scores, odds, game previews, even betting odds. Back in mid-January the app was updated to address some connectivity issues, so it's running smoother than ever. If you're a fan of the NFL, CFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA or MLS to name a few (there's more inside), ScoreMobile is worth the download.

It's free, and you can pick it up in App World right here >



I know I know, another flashlight app. What can I say, it's been awhile since I've seen any new apps like this. New from ShaoSoft comes FlashOn. The app lets you use your built-in video camera light, the front LED and screen all together to create a customized light source. You'll need at least OS 4.2 to run it... and hey, it's free... So go ahead and check it out.

Pick the Winners Oscar Contest

Pick the Winners Oscar Contest

With the Oscars coming up next weekend, I wasn't surprised to see this one pop up in our store. The 'Pick the Winners Oscar Contest' app from Incelligence allows you to compete in a contest for a $100 gift card. Download the app, choose your winners, submit the entry, and a winner will be picked and notified by email. I haven't read any details on how the winner will be picked, but I assume that the winner will be the entry with the most correct entry. Hmmmm, I wonder what happens if there is a tie? Maybe the developers could chime in on this one.

At any rate, you have until March 7th at 7PM EST to enter. Check it out right here.

In Case You Missed It...

Just in case you missed these titles, below are some apps that were covered in the CrackBerry Blogs this past week. Check 'em out!

SugarSync Unveils Upload by Email Feature


The backup and sharing service SugarSync has been busy adding new features. Most notably, they've unveiled a new upload by email feature. It allows users of the service to send files to a dedicated SugarSync address, and from there the file will be synched across all devices. Very cool. Now you can backup attachments by forwarding them to the address... Plus send whatever you like, documents, pictures, videos, etc. to the dedicated address and have the files available right away on your PC.

For more information and pricing, hit up SugarSync >

35% Off all Apps from Fabian Heuwieser

Fabian Heuwieser

I'm sure you've read about Fabian's apps here more than once. He develops LaterDude Pro, VibAndRing, and TyperSpeed to name just a few. Well, to show some love for the audience that pays his bills, he's offering 35% off all of his apps through the end of the month, February 28th. If you've been pondering picking up one of his apps, now may be the time.

Browse what Fabian has to offer in our store >

Foursquare Moves to Version 1.5... Then Version 1.5.5 with Storm Support!

Foursquare Updated

I have to admit.... I don't get it. I just don't get it. I've tried foursquare on for size and I'm not a fan. However, I suppose I'm not a great representation of the greater audience, as the app sure does seem to be taking off. Earlier this week version 1.5 was made available to download. In the new version you can add friends and tips, welcome features for sure. Still, no BlackBerry Storm version has been made available as of yet... But wait... what was that? Only a day or so later version 1.5.5 arrived, with touchscreen support. Storm users can now hop in on the world of Foursquare. There were of course some other new features included in the latest update including the ability to see nearby tips, add friends and find friends...

For all the details hit up

If you're into Foursquare, pick it up right here >

New This Week

Ultimate Lock

Ultimate Lock

Ultimate Lock is 'the pinnacle in locking apps for BlackBerry'. The developers at Epic Applications are obviously humble about their new app, which features a customizable lock screen, allowing you to stay up-to-date while leaving your device secure. Lock your device and unlock it with a secure keycode. You can even set a 'lock out' if a too many failed attempts are tried. Set it to lock on call, on device start, after a timeout, and more. There's many features built-in to this one... So if you're looking for a very useful locking solution for your BlackBerry, this could be it. All that is required here is OS 4.7.

Check out Ultimate Lock in our store >

MyStocks 1.0

MyStocks 1.0

New from ToySoft, MyStocks 1.0 allows you to keep an eye on your stocks. Add stocks to your watchlist from the Nasdaq, AMEX, TSX and MANY more exchanges. Receive detailed quotes including the open price, previous close, volume, percent change, and the list goes on... You can also use it to pull up graphs for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and 2 year performance.

For more information on MyStocks 1.0 check it out in our store >

Important Note: all quotes are delayed by 20 minutes.

Unsend Email

Unsend Email

With Unsend Email, you can undo that email you accidentally sent... Stop it before it gets through to your boss, your colleague, friend, whatever... nip it in the bud before it gets there! All you have to do is hit one button, and the app will 'unsend' your email. It is configurable to work from 5 to 30 seconds of your message being sent. Handy for sure. I can think of many applicable uses of this one, and I'm sure you can too! All that is required here is OS 4.2.1 or newer.

More info on Unsend Email >

Cool at BlackBerry App World:

Old School Gamer Theme

Old School Gamer Theme

I had to mention this one... because I'm definitely an 'old school gamer' myself! This new theme for BlackBerry is for those that want to 'represent' their old school roots. If the original Nintendo system is where you come from, it's time to show your style. The developers at A3 Media Network ensure us that it should work just fine on all current BlackBerry devices, including the Storm and Storm2.

For more information or to pick it up for $4.99, hit up App World >

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