The BlackBerry App Roundup

Hope everyone had another great week. Time to relax (hopefully!) and have a fun weekend. To help kick things off, I've put together another version of the roundup. Covered this week are the following titles, including some fun new puzzle games and more for the Storm:

New BlackBerry Apps: Ideal Home Manager for BlackBerry, THEMES!, Word Shake for the Storm, Stained Glass for the Storm, Marble Rescue! for the Storm, BerryTweak, SiteLaunch

Free BlackBerry App: BerryScreenCleaner for the BlackBerry Storm

Cool Stuff: HD Se7en Theme, Storm Level Pro for the BlackBerry Storm

New BlackBerry Software

Ideal Home ManagerIdeal Home Manager for BlackBerry

Need help keeping track of your home and office vital info? With Ideal Home Manager you can easily keep track of tasks, inventories, media, loan and picture info... and a heck of a lot more. Setup multiple profiles for different homes or businesses. The interface has been optimized for easy data-entry and viewing. Keep important details of your home and business safe with this very useful new app.

Get Ideal Home Manager for BlackBerry for $11.99 at >

BlackBerry ThemesThemes, THEMES and More BlackBerry Themes!

Lots of new themes hitting our store this week. If you've had the itch to give your Berry a brand new look and feel, take a few minutes and browse our themes. New themes are being added each week, so be sure to check back often for all the best and latest in BlackBerry Themes.

Browse available themes at >

Word Shake for the StormWord Shake for the Storm

Fans of word games will love this one. The goal of the game is to find connected words. Can't find any? Simply shake your BlackBerry Storm and the board will rearrange itself... But be careful how often you do this as it will cost you points! Gameplay is easy, it makes great use of the Storm touchscreen and accelerometer... and heck, it's pretty good fun.

Pick up Word Shake for $2.99 at >

Stained Glass for the StormStained Glass for the Storm

Yet another puzzle game joins us this week. Stained Glass is a great puzzle game that challenges you to reconstruct a stained glass that has been broken into a bunch of small pieces. As you progress through the game, the number of pieces needed to complete each puzzle grow and grow. A nice little puzzle game for sure.

Get Stained Glass for $2.99 at >

Marble Rescue for the StormMarble Rescue! for the Storm

Might as well stick with the puzzle games! I know I've played this game before... on the PC, Mac, and on other devices as well... But for the life of me I can't remember what the proper or traditional name is. At any rate, this version is called 'Marble Rescue', and the whole goal of it is to rescue the blue marble block by getting it out of the frame. You do so by moving the other pieces around in the frame... It's a simple and challenging game, and gets harder and harder as you go.

Try Marble Rescue! for $2.99 at >


BerryTweak is a new utility that adds some new features to your Berry. It can automatically lock your screen and keyboard during calls, vibrate on specified key events, and even control the backlight settings after a call. All that is required here is a minimum of OS 4.2, and a free three day trial is available.

Get BerryTweak for $2.95 at >


SiteLaunch is a handy little utility that lets you launch your browser automatically at a specific time. Useful if you go to the same websites around the same time each day. Use it to check the weather, monitor stocks at certain points in the day, or just during that lunch break to read the latest news. Configure the URL and launch time, and SiteLaunch does the rest!

Get SiteLaunch for $4.95 at >

Note: This is a Beta version, so if you purchase and run into any issues, be sure to let the developers know about it.

Free BlackBerry App

Berry Screen CleanerBerryScreenCleaner for the BlackBerry Storm

Tired of cleaning your Berry's screen? BerryScreenCleaner is a tongue-in-cheek app that 'virtually' cleans your screen for you. The app simulates splashes on your screen, and then a mop appears to clean off the splashes. Tilt your Storm to move the mop around, cleaning up the splashes in the process. Good 'clean' fun here.

Get BerryScreenCleaner for FREE at >

Cool Stuff

HD Se7en ThemeHD Se7en Theme

Like the look of Windows 7, and want to skin it on top of your BlackBerry OS? Now you can, thanks to the HD Se7en theme. From the folks at Hedone Design, the Se7en theme gives you all of the looks of 7, while retaining all of the BlackBerry goodness you're addicted too. This theme is available for the Bold, 8300 series, 8100 series, and even the Storm.

Pick up the HD Se7en Theme for $7.00 at >

Storm Level ProStorm Level Pro for the BlackBerry Storm

In case some Storm users out there haven't tried this one yet, thought I'd give it another mention here. If you've ever needed a ruler or level while on the go, or on a jobsite, Storm Level Pro turns your BlackBerry into both of those handy tools! Use it as a level on both a vertical and horizontal axis... It will adjust to each depending on the orientation of your device. There's also a ruler feature which can be set to display measurements in either inches or centimeters. Handy stuff!

Pick up Storm Level Pro for $4.99 at >

Until Next Week..

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