The BlackBerry App Roundup

Howdy folks... Another week, another great roundup full of apps + another giveaway. This week we've got 30 copies of 'Piczzle' to give away, courtesy of GrayMatter Software. As always, just leave your answer to the giveaway question in the comments for your chance to win. Covered in the roundup this week are the following titles:

Giveaway of the Week: Piczzle

Freebies of the Week: The Help Haiti App, Baby GO!, BlackBerry Quick Search (powered by Google)

In Case You Missed It: Unread Now Available for all 5.0 Devices, Grooveshark Updated to 1.0.7, Craigslist Mobile App for BlackBerry

New This Week: My Gadgets, Ski Jump 2010, Mobile Pickup Guide

Cool at BlackBerry App World: Winter Sports Live

Note: Don't forget, you can always search for titles featured in the App Roundup within App World... Some apps mentioned may be available there for your device.

Giveaway of the Week:


Piczzle for BlackBerry

Piczzle is a new take on an old classic. Shuffle the board pieces around to form a picture, in as few moves as possible. Simple, right? You'd think so, but the game is quite challenging. Unfortunately this one is only available for the Storm series (it needs the touchscreen goodness), but rest assured next weeks' giveaway will bounce back to compatibility with more of today's Berry devices. Suppose this is a chance for the Storm and Storm2 owners to get their hands on a free game, no?

If you'd like to enter for your chance to win one of 30 free copies of Piczzle, answer the following question in the comments:

How many moves will it take you to solve your first 'Piczzle'?

Leave your answer in the comments now... Good luck!

Freebies of the Week:

The Help Haiti App

The Help Haiti App

I can't stop mentioning this app. Seems like the very right and appropriate thing to do. You probably know the story by now... Xtreme Labs together with CrackBerry and MTV have put together this app which not only delivers the latest news and photos on the Haiti situation... but it also makes it extremely easy to donate to the cause.

For all the details check out the Help Haiti App in our store >

Baby GO!

Baby GO!

Designed for the kiddies under 2 years old (yes, under 2 years old, you can never start too early!), Baby GO! is geared to keep your infant entertained. If you find your little rascal is getting his or her hands on your device more than you'd like, install Baby GO! and your device will be safe against any phantom (and destructive) key-presses. It's fun, very visual, and even educational.

For more information, or to pick up Baby GO! for free, hit up App World >

BlackBerry Quick Search (powered by Google)

BlackBerry Quick Search

Want a quick and efficient way to run those Google queries while on-the-go? The BlackBerry Quick Search app makes it easy. Simply click the Google icon on your home screen and punch in your search. Your Berry web browser will open and give you the results. Easy stuff...

Check out BlackBerry Quick Search in App World >

In Case You Missed It...

Just in case you missed these titles, below are some apps that were covered in the CrackBerry Blogs this past week. Check 'em out!

Unread Now Available for all 5.0 Devices


Unread, the somewhat new app that lets you view all of your Google Reader feeds, is now available for all devices running 5.0. Previously it was only available for the Storm. Nothing much to say about this app, open it up and view your feeds, your read and unread status will update in real time, and watch as new stories drop-in as the feed updates in the background. Unread integrates nicely with your Google Reader account, and seems to be the 'go to' solution while we wait for an official Google Reader App.

For more information check out Unread in our store >

Grooveshark Updated to 1.0.7


The premium streaming music app Grooveshark recently got an update to version 1.0.7. As is the case a lot of the time, no changelog was published... so we can't tell you exactly what's new here. If you've already purchased and installed the app, be sure to let us know if you notice any major changes. If you'd like more info on this one, hit up the Grooveshark website.

Note: You'll need to drop $3 per month if you want to sign up for the VIP program. It allows for unlimited streaming and caching of music played for offline listening enjoyment.

Craigslist Mobile App for BlackBerry

Craigslist Mobile App for BlackBerry

Me? I'm not so much into Craigslist. Never have been... But I know a heck of a lot of folks that are, and lets face it... The site wouldn't be around anymore if people didn't use it. The new app is now available in App World, but sadly, you'll need to purchase it for $4.99. I was kind of expecting this to be a freebie when it arrived. Still, if you're a hardcore Craigslister you may want to give it a look. All of the standard categories are there for your browsing pleasure, plus you can search, bookmark, reply and make posts to your hearts' content.

For more information check out Craigslist Mobile for BlackBerry in App World >

New This Week

My Gadgets

My Gadgets

My Gadgets is a nifty new utility app from the folks at MMMOOO. Pop it open and you'll be able to activate any of the following functions:

  • Auto-lock the homescreen
  • Reboot the system with the same effect as a battery pull
  • Vibrate when successfully making an outgoing call
  • Keep the radio on when battery is low

My Gadgets is available for the Storm and all other BlackBerry devices running OS 4.5+. Check it out in our store.

Ski Jump 2010

Ski Jump 2010

With the Vancouver Olympic Opening Ceremonies going on tonight, I thought it may be appropriate to throw some winter sports action into the mix. Ski Jump 2010 from MForma Europe is a ski jumping game that lets you fully customize your skier and compete in the World Cup. Compete over 26 of the world's toughest jumps, against 49 AI competitors. There's a pass and play multiplayer mode, trophies to win, and a lot more.

Learn more about Ski Jump 2010 >

Mobile Pickup Guide

Mobile Pickup Guide

This one promises to help you 'attract the woman of your dreams'. Uh huh. Inside you'll find the latest techniques from 'the Pickup Artist and Seduction Community'. Sections include: Getting your psyche right, fine-tuning your communications skills, tips on approaching women, and mastering 'instant attraction' to name a few. All that is required here is OS 4.3+. To buy, it'll set you back a cool $4.99. Pretty reasonable price to find the woman of your dreams, right?

Check out the Mobile Pickup Guide in our store >

Cool at BlackBerry App World:

Winter Sports Live

Winter Sports Live

My cool pick of the week also happens to be a freebie. Bonus. Again, I couldn't help but share some Winter Olympics love with the BlackBerry Community. Winter Sports Live from Handmark helps you stay up-to-date with all of the news, results, and more from the Vancouver Olympics. Inside you'll find up-to-the-minute news, analysis, daily photos, quotes, and a lot more... all for free.

Check out Winter Sports Live in App World >

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