BlackBerry App Roundup Dec 3

Howdy and welcome to the weekly app roundup! We’ve corralled some apps we reckon you folks want to take a gander at. Yee-haw! So, we’re into December now, and it’s time to get a move on with your holiday shopping. I suggest you check out the CrackBerry Holiday Gift Guides for some great ideas. Today, we announce the winners of the ShortcutMe giveaway and also give you the chance to win one of 50 copies of Blurts Pro! Have a rootin’ tootin’ weekend! Giddy up!

Freebies of the Week: Taskee for Producteev, GEICO Insurance GloveBox, Password Manager Secret Saver

In Case You Missed It: My Books, Where’s my phone?

New This Week: Project Planner, Battery Icon, Redial Sentry

Cool at BlackBerry App World: Backstage

Contest: Enter to win one of 50 copies of Blurts 2.0 Pro

Freebies Of The Week:


Taskee for Producteev -Taskee is a BlackBerry client for the task management application Producteev. In order to use the application, an account with Producteev is required. You can sign up for one through Taskee. The application synchronizes all dashboards and tasks and caches them for access when network connectivity is not available. Existing tasks can be edited and new tasks added. Any changes are synchronized with Producteev immediately, or when a connection is available next.


  • Overhauled UI
  • Improved networking and syncing
  • Added labels
  • Added notes
  • Added support for repeating tasks
  • Added support for OS 4.6 and 4.7

Free from the CrackBerry App Store

GEICO Insurance GloveBox

GEICO Insurance GloveBox -Talk about having it all at your fingertips! The GEICO GloveBox app makes being on the go a breeze. Trapped in a long line waiting for your morning latte? We've got you covered! Pay your bill, check out your insurance cards or watch a funny Gecko video.

Accidentally lock your keys in your car before that dinner date? With our Roadside Assistance tool, help is on the way. We've even got how-to features to help you become a road warrior superhero; without the cape, of course. With GEICO GloveBox, it's never been easier to stay current on your payments or get the help you need if you're ever in an accident.


  • Bill Pay - Pay your GEICO auto insurance bill.
  • View Insurance ID Card(s) - Access your current insurance ID cards from your phone.
  • Accident Helper - Helps put you in contact with emergency services, gives you a place to organize photos and much more.
  • Roadside Service - Find nearby tow services and gas stations...anywhere, anytime.
  • Taxi/Rental Car - Find taxi or rental car services.
  • Auto How To's - Get step-by-step instructions on how to jump start a vehicle, change a flat tire or check your tire pressure.
  • Videos - Check out the real story behind the Gecko - he's had quite a life! Can’t get enough of those sensitive Cavemen or the stack of money with googly eyes? We’ve also got your favorite commercials right here.

Free from BlackBerry App World

Password Manager Secret Saver

Password Manager Secret Saver -Keep all your important passwords at your fingertips at all times! This great app features an intuitive user interface making it easy to store, access, and organize passwords, and other private data. Secure Password and Data Management App for Businesses and Home Users This password app combines enterprise-level security with home-user simplicity, making it a convenient choice for both IT professionals AND home users.

You can:

  • Keep private information well-organized and secure.
  • Easily create, view, and edit passwords.
  • Access passwords from your phone AND your computer.
  • Enjoy using features that display well and load fast.
  • Create ‘favorites’.

Count on Extreme Security:

  • Your passwords are safely stored on a secure server—not on your phone.
  • You get top-level AES 256 bit encryption.
  • You get a personal pin code lock for an additional layer of security.
  • A built-in password generator creates strong, unique passwords.
  • Your data is backed by a leading enterprise password management platform.

What makes this password app different:

  • You have unlimited password storage.
  • If you lose your BlackBerry, you can access your passwords from a computer.
  • You can safely share passwords with work colleagues or family.
  • You can see which passwords were recently accessed or edited—a full audit trail tracks all modifications.

Safe Storage for:

  • Enterprise-level or personal passwords
  • Bank account and tax numbers
  • ATM Pins
  • Social security numbers
  • Credit card numbers
  • Combination lock numbers
  • Even create your own templates!

Free from BlackBerry App World

In Case You Missed It:

My Books

My Books -This app is a perfect companion for any book readers. It has almost everything any book lover needs. Keep track of what books have you read, what books you have in your inventory, what books have you given to others and when they should be retrieved from contacts list


  • Wish list for the books you want to have or want to read
  • Whether you bought the books in wish list or not
  • Search for the books or content in your database, on the Internet, or in the google books.
  • Sort the books in your wish list on priority basis.
  • Send Email or a text message once you read any book.
  • Share the same info through Facebook & Twitter.

$3.99 from BlackBerry App World

Where's My Phone

Where’s My Phone -Where's My Phone helps you find out where your BlackBerry is- whether it s lost at home, on the road, or anywhere else! You control Where’s My Phone by sending e-mail or SMS messages to it.

Free Edition Features:

  • Remotely trigger a loud alarm, even if your BlackBerry is on vibrate or silent mode!
  • Display a message on the screen, telling the finder how to contact you.

Upgrade to the Pro Edition for these additional features:

  • Get your BlackBerry s location via GPS, emailed back to you on devices with GPS .
  • You can test, but not fully use, the GPS function in the free edition
  • Have your BlackBerry call you at another number, so you can hear where it is.
  • Check the battery level remotely.
  • Customize the alert screen.
  • Additional security features.
  • Require code word to access options or to stop app
  • Choice of alert tones
  • Option to auto-delete Where's My Phone emails on device
  • Download contacts remotely.
  • Get notification if your SIM card is changed (GSM Only)
  • Remote Disable/Erase.

Where's My Phone requires SMS and at least one email account using BES or BIS on your BlackBerry. If you use Gmail, you need to link it to your BlackBerry using the Email Settings program. If you use a password to lock your screen, someone who finds your BlackBerry with a locked screen will not be able to see the alert screen. The other remote functions will work. Note: If your device has "Content Protection" enabled, WMP will NOT work on your device while it is locked.

Free edition found at the CrackBerry App Store

Where's My Phone Pro is $3.99 from the CrackBerry App Store

New This Week:

Project Planner

Project Planner -Track everything about your projects from this simple BlackBerry app! Keep track of all tasks so that you won’t miss one anytime! You can add tasks, milestones, summaries to each project. Gantt chart available for each project and also for all projects at one time. This is an extremely helpful application for maintaining and tracking projects.


  • You can add as many projects as you like and maintain them with ease.
  • You can add tasks to your projects.
  • Active tasks let you know the tasks that are running currently or pending so that you can take the appropriate action.
  • You can add summaries to your projects.
  • You can add milestones to your projects.
  • Monitor and plan holidays ahead of time.
  • Gantt charts are generated for your project that are very helpful in monitoring a project.
  • Backup and Restore your data.
  • Export Gantt charts to your email.

$3.99 from the CrackBerry App Store


BatteryIcon -Ever wonder what the actual battery percentage left without going to the Options to find out? Now you can, with BatteryIcon. BatteryIcon will display the actual battery percentage left as an icon and % on the Notification toolbar. The Notification toolbar is the icon bar on the top of the HomeScreen. With the new BatteryIcon you can easily see how much battery is left. BatteryIcon will automatically update the icon.

You can also set the static icon where the icon does not auto update but the percentage does. Please see the screen shots on the auto update and static icons.


  • Auto updating or static battery icon
  • Shows the actual percentage battery left
  • Automatically turn off WiFi if battery reaches a percentage.
  • Automatically set the back light according to the battery level
  • Easy to use
  • Works with BBOS6

$0.99 from the CrackBerry App Store

Redial Sentry

Redial Sentry -Call dropped in the middle of your conversation due to signal loss or network issues? Trying to call someone, but keep getting a busy signal? Redial Sentry is designed to make your life a little easier by calling back the other party after the call drops or by making multiple redialing attempts if the other party's line is busy. What makes Redial Sentry different from other apps is its ability to wait until a signal is available before making any redialing attempts. It has a no redial list that you can manage and contains a dropped call log.

Note: Your cell provider must support network error codes so that the app can detect busy signals. You must also set all permissions to allow for the app to function properly.


  • Redial on dropped call
  • Redial on busy signal
  • Supports up to 7 redialing attempts per call
  • Control the delay length between redial attempts
  • Waits for signal before redialing
  • Ability to vibrate on dropped call
  • Easily call number back from dropped call log
  • No redial list for numbers you don't want rediaing turned on for
  • Add numbers to the no redial list directly from your contacts list
  • Back up settings to SD / Media card
  • Built in help screen

On sale for $0.99 from the CrackBerry App Store

Cool In BlackBerry App World:


Backstage -If you're into music then you're in luck. Imagine listening to all the music you want from an extensive catalogue, not to mention earning free tracks and following your favourite artists. Music to your ears? You bet! Backstage is the exclusive mobile and PC music subscription service that allows you to live it first and make the experience last. We've teamed up with Universal Music, Mazzika and Melody to bring you Backstage and with it exclusive music, concert tickets and loads of goodies. (Add 3 images here for the UM, M and M logos) All you have to do is download our free application, subscribe to the service and you'll become part of the most complete mobile and PC music service offering with:
  • Over 120,000 tracks
  • 10 tracks per month to keep forever (subscribe for 12 months and you'll get 120 tracks)
  • Your playlists available on your mobile and your PC. Backstage keeps all your music in sync

But that's not all! You'll also be able to:

  • Share playlists: Make your own playlist, share it or listen to your friends' you can send your playlist to your friends' mobile or to their PC.
  • Get the gossip about what are your favorite artists are doing and where
  • Enter competitions and get the chance to win concert tickets, backstage
  • passes or a meeting with the hottest celebrities
  • Exclusivities. Hear music before everyone else

Once you subscribe you won't have to pay any further data charges, which means no extra charges for downloading, it's all included; so no need to worry, just go ahead and have fun! Backstage requires a 3G or WiFi connection and a subscription to the service.

Free from BlackBerry App World



Blurts -** Regional winner of the BlackBerry Super Apps Challenge! **

Notifications from your BlackBerry to your PC via Bluetooth. See who is calling or emailing without taking your BlackBerry out of your pocket, purse, or holster. No cables to tether your device! Upgrading to Blurts Pro allows you to read and send SMS from your desktop, plus many more features.

PC Requirements:

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 and Bluetooth hardware.
  • First install the free version of Blurts to ensure compatibility with your Bluetooth before purchasing Blurts Pro.

Visit our website www(dot)MLHSoftware(dot)com to download desktop software and see a complete list of features, including video demos.


  • Display caller id alerts
  • Display email alerts
  • Bluetooth auto connect
  • Battery and signal strength for BlackBerry is displayed on PC

Upgrade to Blurts Pro for even more features:

  • Display email alerts for all email accounts
  • Display SMS/Text alert
  • Send SMS/Text from your computer
  • Send SMS/Text larger than 160 characters
  • Answer or ignore call from your computer
  • Place/Dial call from your computer
  • Transfer PC clipboard to BlackBerry's clipboard and vice versa
  • Capture image of BlackBerry screen
  • And much more...

Blurts is free from the CrackBerry App Store

Blurts Pro is $5.99 from the CrackBerry App Store

We have 50 copies of Blurts Pro to give away! All you have to do is leave a comment to be entered. Winners will be announced next week. Now, for the 25 winners of ShortcutMe.

Contest Winners:

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