BlackBerry App Roundup 12/25/15

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Howdy CrackBerry nation! Another week has passed so you know what that means? Not only is it time to share with you another batch of applications for your BlackBerry 10 or Priv device but also a way to catch up on all the news that transpired since we last met. However, due to the holiday festivities, this time I am going to change things up a bit. Throughout 2015, BlackBerry has undergone several changes. We've seen them embark on a new journey with the release of the BlackBerry Priv, enhance their portfolio with a few acquisitions including Good Technology and how they beat the market's expectations in Q3 Fiscal 2016. I cannot wait to see what other changes are in store for them in 2016.

Throughout it all have been the fans and our readers. For those who celebrate Christmas, I wish you and your family all the best this weekend. I also want to take a moment to wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Now it's time to bring you this week's picks for all you passionate BlackBerry addicts out there. You can find each app and game I've rustled up for you by clicking through the gallery below. If your favorite didn't make the cut this week, remember you can help by offering your suggestions at the end. See you next year!

Scope10 for Periscope by Nemory Studios


Nemory Studios is at it again, this time focusing their attention on a native Periscope Client for BlackBerry 10. Scope10 began in the BlackBerry Beta Zone, but has since found its way to BlackBerry World. While functionality is limited, it gives users the ability to view live streams and broadcasts, search for users, follow and unfollow users, block and unblock users, and report broadcasts.

However, please note there are a few features which are not currently supported. Users cannot login using Twitter, there are no notifications on the Active Frame, and you cannot broadcast your own live video. This means if you choose to create an account through the application, you will have to sign in using your cell number. For now, you can still view broadcasts as well as the other features discussed above. You can find Scope10 in BlackBerry World for $2.99 for all BlackBerry 10 handsets running OS 10.2.1 and higher.

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Cut the Rope: Magic by ZeptoLab

Cut the Rope Magic

Can you believe everyone's favorite little monster, Om Nom, is five years old? Well he is and to mark the occasion ZeptoLab released another new adventure for him which offers a fresh spin on the original formula. This time he needs to defeat an evil wizard who has stolen all of his candy. Each level still comes with different physics puzzles only this time with a magical twist. This includes having Om Nom himself transform into various forms. As always the game is enjoyable, the graphics are high quality, and the levels gradually become more difficult.

Cut the Rope: Magic is normally $0.99 to download from the Amazon Appstore. However, for those with access to the Amazon Underground (US, UK, Germany, and France only), you can download an exclusive version for free, which includes all in-app purchases. This version also gives users a starter pack of 10 free level solutions and 3 more every day you return to play. In addition, there is no energy meter in-between levels. For those who are fans of that adorable green, candy eating monster, this is another great addition to the series.

Learn how to install Cut the Rope: Magic from the Amazon Appstore

Yahoo Weather by Yahoo

Yahoo Weather

Even before I started using the BlackBerry Priv, Yahoo Weather was installed on my other Android devices for tracking conditions at home, work, or when travelling. What initially drew me to this particular one is the polished interface, the home screen widget, the information provided, and how easy it was to setup and use. Not only does it present hourly, 5-day, and 10-day forecasts, but beautiful Flickr images to match your location, time of day, and current conditions. On a side note, users can submit their own images by joining Yahoo's #projectweather group.

Yahoo Weather also offers interactive maps, ability to add up to 20 cities, several screen/popup widget options, and a clutter free interface. If you are looking for a feature rich weather application for free in Google Play be sure to give this a spin.

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reddit is fun by TalkLittle

reddit is fun

Between work, blogging, and studying for designation exams, I didn't always have free time to explore Reddit. Now that the holiday break is here, I finally found a few free moments to dive into the threads (especially the Doctor Who and Star Wars ones). Browsing through Google Play, one can see there are plenty of applications, each with their own set of capabilities, to choose from. I decided to go with reddit is fun. It is a nice and simple application whose interface mimics that of the website. It also comes with a handy little feature called cross-device history sync. This allows for switching between your phone and tablet with ease.

Whether you choose the free or premium version, users can easily read, reply, and search through threads, topics, and comments. It offers a plethora of settings and customizations including theme support and the ability to adjust the appearance. If you are looking to browse Reddit on the go you can download the lite version in Google Play or upgrade to the golden platinum version for $1.99.

Learn more / Download reddit is fun from Google Play

Quill by Kirk Glendonwyn


Over the years, we have seen several application with which to jot down our thoughts, special memories, events, and ideas. These special scrapbooks took many forms growing up. Whether it was old fashioned planners and diaries or digital ones, preserving these memories was an important task. Quill is the latest option to add to the list. This native application provides a simply way to express your thoughts. Users can search past entries, add images, insert tags, switch between a dark or light theme, and set a password. Quill is $0.99 to purchase in BlackBerry World.

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What You Might Have Missed

Evo Explores by Stampede Games

Evo Explores

As I always say, you can never go wrong with a new game. Fresh in BlackBerry World this week is Evo Explores, a highly addictive puzzler. Inspired by Monument Valley on iPhone and Android, Evo Explores employs optical illusions and structure manipulation to create mind blowing puzzles. Your goal is to guide the space explorer Evo through different planets, each of which defies the physical laws of gravity.

Stages appear to be three dimensional and sometimes rotates the perspective. The game itself is free to download, though only the first five levels are accessible. After that an in-app purchase of $1.99 is required to continue. For free, there is no reason why you cannot try out this physics defying game.

Learn more / Purchase Evo Explores in BlackBerry World

Until next week...

That's it for this week folks. For more apps and games, be sure to head on over to the CrackBerry Forums where you will find even more hidden gems to choose from whether it be for BlackBerry 10, BBOS, the BlackBerry PlayBook, or even Android Apps in the Google Play store for the BlackBerry Priv. Of course, you can always find the latest and greatest top editor's picks in the CrackBerry App Gallery. Are there any apps or games you would like to see? Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments.

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