The BlackBerry App Roundup

Howdy folks, hope you've all had a great week. Lots to get talkin' about in this weeks' BlackBerry App Roundup, so let's get down to business. Covered in the Roundup this week are the following titles:

In Case You Missed It: V CAST Video Available for the Storm, LaunchPad Updated to v1.5, BerryScroll Flick Scrolling for the Storm, Poynt Adds Local Restaurant Search, BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife Updated

New This Week: UnlockIt, ControlBBanel, Squirrel Hunter, Call Blocker Pro

Apps on Sale: I Charge Cool, Empower SMS Viewer, LaunchPad, SlickTasks, MP3 Ringtone Creator

Cool at BlackBerry App World: Tiger Woods PGA Tour '09

Freebie of the Week: Blink Previous

Note: Don't forget, you can always search for titles featured in the App Roundup within App World... Some apps mentioned may be available there for your device.

In Case You Missed It...

Just in case you missed these titles, below are some apps that were covered in the CrackBerry Blogs this past week. Check 'em out!

V CAST Video Available for the Storm

V CAST Video on the Storm
Guess I'm starting off this week with a little BlackBerry Storm love. Actually, there's a lot of Storm love to go around this week. Verizon has launched a new service called V CAST Video that allows users to view more than 100 full programs direct from their device. Of course, the service isn't free... It'll run you $10 per month, and it could be well worth it if you use it enough. To check it out hit up the Get Apps link from your VZ browser, and select 'V CAST Videos' to download.

LaunchPad Updated to v1.5


The popular shortcut creating app, LaunchPad has been updated. The update brings the ability to create web shortcuts, phone calls, and emails all from within the app. Kinda cool. The phone call shortcut will start dialing a specified number when clicked (handy)... and the email shortcut will pop open a new email message with a specified address in the To: field. Very nice. This one is compatible with the Curve 8900, Bold, Tour and Storm only.

For more, check out LaunchPad in our store >

BerryScroll Flick Scrolling for the Storm

Want the ability to 'Flick Scroll' like you can on the 'ol iPhone? This has been a heavily requested feature for RIM to integrate... but until they do, you can integrate it yourself by installing BerryScroll! The only downer here is it will only work in certain areas of your BlackBerry OS. It's a third-party app, so we have to make due with this for now, ok? No free trial is available, but you can pick it up for $4.99 in our store. Initial reviews are coming back quite positive.

Poynt Adds Local Restaurant Search

Poynt Adds Restaurant Search

We knew this was coming, and sure enough... it has arrived. The developers of the location-based 'Poynt' app have announced and released a restaurant search feature. It allows you to search listings of restaurants, read reviews, make reservations, and much more. For more details you can hit up from your Berry's browser.

Poynt is free, so check it out!

BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife Updated

BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife

The BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife is the ultimate app for those that love to tweak out their Berry. It's ultra-easy to use, and lets you perform some real powerful processes with the click of a button. A recent update has seen the following key features integrated into the app:

  • Kill Processes Button added (if your having trouble connecting click kill processes to close
  • (BBdevmgr.exe and RimDevManager.exe both started by desktop manager)
  • Full System Dump (Save ALL Cods on device) (Dump CODs)
  • Save button added to Read System (saves all the file names to a SystemRead.txt)
  • ACCURATE Progress Bar added to 3rd Party Backup
  • Files now displayed as they are being saved
  • Can now Save Multiple CODs at one time

For more details hit up the BBSAK thread at RIMGeeks.

New This Week


First in the newbies this week comes UnlockIt, a handy unlocking tool for your BlackBerry. Easy to setup, configure and use, UnlockIt makes it possible to unlock your device with one click. Not much else to say here, super simple... UnlockIt should work just fine on all Berry's running OS 4.3 or newer.

More on UnlockIt >


ControlBBanel is a nifty little tool that allows you to clean device memory, restart your device, check battery status, and even delete third-party apps... all from the same place. Think of it as a control panel for your BlackBerry. Lots of features are built-in to this one, and all that is required is OS 4.2.1 or higher.

Check out ControlBBanel >

Squirrel HunterSquirrel Hunter

I could never kill a squirrel in real life, but in a BlackBerry game, I could probably give it a shot. Designed for the Storm, Squirrel Hunter is reminiscent of the classic 'whack-a-mole' game. Find the squirrel, and touch the screen to smack him with your mallet.

It's a good way for Storm users to work out some frustrations.

More on Squirrel Hunter >

Call Blocker ProCall Blocker Pro

If you get a lot of unwanted and distracting calls throughout your day, Call Blocker Pro could be of assistance. You can use this one to block numbers from your contact list, call log, or by manually entering a number. There's also a 'privacy mode' that blocks all incoming calls to keep your mind clear and free of distraction (I could see that coming in handy... although turning off your device works well too :P ).

A free trial is available for this one, and it should work just fine and dandy on any Berry running OS 4.3 or newer.

Check out Call Blocker Pro >

BlackBerry Apps on Sale:

I Charge CoolI Charge Cool

Battery charging animonitor - makes charging status and temperature easily visible.
On sale for $0.99
until August 31st

Empower SMS ViewerEmpower SMS Viewer

View your SMS in Style! With Incoming & Outgoing icons, Colors, Smileys, Web Links and more. Customizable themes to choose from!
On sale for $9.99
until August 31st


Create your very own home screen website, phone, SMS and email launcher icons!
On sale for $0.99
until August 31st


Visual stunning, powerful task management application for organized lifestyle.
On sale for $2.95
until August 31st

MP3 Ringtone CreatorMP3 Ringtone Creator

Easily create your own Ringtones directly from your BlackBerry.
On sale for $2.95
until August 31st

Cool at BlackBerry App World:

Tiger Woods PGA Tour '09

Tiger Woods '09

This one has been available for more than a few months now, but I figured it was about time I gave it a mention. In the latest of the ever-expanding franchise, EA has brought the uber-popular Tiger Woods series to the BlackBerry. In it, you can play as Tiger or as any number of other pros. Plus, you can even create your own character and play as an Amateur, Pro or Legend in three different game modes. Lots of fun and challenges built-in to this game... and is an almost must-have for any seasoned golfer.

Tiger Woods is supported for all current Berry models, from the 8800 series through the Curve 8900, Bold 9000, Storm 9500 series, and even the Tour 9630.

Look for Tiger Woods PGA Tour '09 in App World for $6.99 USD.

Freebie of the Week:

Blink Previous

Blink Previous
In this recent free addition to our App Store, Blink Previous brings the ultimate in LED light customization to your Berry. Change the color of your LED for new mail, missed calls, SMS and MMS messages, low battery and more. Choose from 7 colors and frequencies, plus there's even a wacky 'disco' mode.

I should note, this one is a 'test' version from the developer... hence the free-ness. If you download and install, be sure to leave a comment or two for the developer to address any nagging bugs/issues.

You can pick up Blink Previous for free in our App Store >

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