The BlackBerry App Roundup

Cheers to another great week... hope everyone out there is doing well. Lot's to talk about as per usual in the Roundup, so let's get right down to it, shall we? Covered this week we have the following titles:

In Case You Missed It: bChat Threaded SMS, BerryAddon Utility, PaderSyncFM Mobile File Manager, Compass Lite for the Tour 9630, I Charge Cool

New This Week: HoneyDew Synchronized Todo List, Dog Whistle, Countdown for the BlackBerry Storm, Debt Rescue 911

Apps on Sale: MemoryUp Professional, BlackBerry Executor Keychain, Jewel Breaker, NetworkAcc, RollerFlash

Cool at BlackBerry App World: and BlackBerry Shortcuts

Freebie of the Week: Mango

Note: Don't forget, you can always search for titles featured in the App Roundup within App World... Some apps mentioned may be available there for your device.

In Case You Missed It...

Just in case you missed these titles, below are some apps that were covered in the CrackBerry Blogs this past week. Check 'em out!

bChat Threaded SMS


If you can't wait for threaded OS to make its way to the BB OS, bChat has come to the rescue. bChat brings threaded SMS to your Berry, along with these other features:

  • Texts organized by conversation/contact
  • Allows texts longer than the standard 160 characters
  • Customize the UI colors
  • Integration into your profiles
  • Save your chats to the device or memory card for your records
  • Follow links and emails directly from the conversation, no need to copy and paste the link
  • Send texts with just a press of the enter key, just like BlackBerry Messenger
  • Track how many texts you send and receive

Check out all the details on bChat in our store. You can pick it up for $0.99.

BerryAddon Utility


Earlier in the week Adam stumbled upon this all-in-one utility in the forums. Called BerryAddon, this one brings the following features to your Berry:

  • Vibrate on call connect/disconnect
  • Vibrate when ringing
  • After call, prompt to add call number to addressbook
  • When creating contact, you can add new contact or update exist contact
  • Log blocked call to calendar
  • Email signature
  • Save sms/email/pin message as text document
  • Insert contact's number or email address into sms/email/pin message
  • Auto lock keypad when screen goes blank. you can create exceptions to disable this feature

Currently BerryAddon is in Beta, and you can download it for free right now. You can download for OS 4.5 right here, and OS 4.6 right here.

PaderSyncFM Mobile File Manager


Need the ability to copy files from your BlackBerry to a remote server? With PaderSyncFM you can do just that. Use it to connect to a remote server via FTP, SFTP, SMB and WebDAV. Many configuration options are available, so if you think this is something you can use, you might as well give it a spin... cause it's free for personal use. A full license for commercial use will set you back $18.

For more information hit up PaderSyncFM.

Compass Lite for the Tour 9630

Compass Lite

Now available for the Tour, Compass Lite brings old-school navigation to your Berry. Use it to track your speed, line of travel, latitude and longitude. Being a 'Lite' version, this one of course has limited features... But expect the full version to arrive for the Tour in the near future.

For more details or to purchase for $0.99, hit up the CrackBerry App Store.

I Charge Cool

I Charge Cool

I love this one.. it's a totally different take on your normal charge indicator. I Charge Cool lets you view your current charge status right on your screen when plugged in! As your device charges the % number changes as well as the color of your screen. File this one in the 'fun' category for sure... But I have a feeling some of you may want to pick this one up.

You can nab it for $0.99 in our store.

New This Week

HoneyDew Synchronized Todo ListHoneyDew Synchronized Todo List

HoneyDew is a new synchronized todo and task list built for two users. Setting up new todos and lists is super-easy and quick... and synchronization ensures that you and your partner/co-worker/whoever are on the same page. Off-hand I would think this might be useful for putting together the ol' grocery list... Store it on your Berry, add new items as you need them, keep the list updated between two handsets (between husband/wife/whoever), and yeah... well... at least I think that'd be a handy use for this!

You can pick up HoneyDew Synchronized Todo List for $1.49 at

Dog WhistleDog Whistle

I thought this one was kinda fun, and heck, useful for dog owners. Dog Whistle turns your BlackBerry into a dog whistle (duh), by emitting high-pitch frequencies to grab your dog's attention. The app comes with 3 whistles, a variable frequency tone generator and 2 different wave forms (sine and square). I can't attest to the effectiveness of this one, but I'd be interested to hear your stories. There's lots of settings within, so I'm sure with a little tinkering you can find a setting that works optimally with your pooch!

Pick up Dog Whistle for $2.95.

Countdown for the StormCountdown for the BlackBerry Storm

Need help counting down to that special day or event? With Countdown for the BlackBerry Storm you can stay on top of things. Punch in birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or any other important events you want to be reminded of. All events are renewed yearly, and you can assign icons to distinguish between reminders easily.

Countdown for the BlackBerry Storm is available for $3.99.

Debt Rescue 911Debt Rescue 911

The last year or so has been quite a ride for the world economy... Times have been tough and a lot of folks are in debt like never before. It's certainly a horrible situation to say the least. In an effort to help those in trouble, Debt Rescue 911 is a useful app jam-packed full of handy ideas to help manage debt now and into the future. Areas covered within include medical, credit cards, taxes, loans, utilities, and the list goes on.

You can pick up Debt Recue 911 for $2.99 at

BlackBerry Apps on Sale:

MemoryUp ProfessionalMemoryUp Professional

MemoryUp Pro is a powerful BlackBerry RAM boosting tool and Java virtual machine (JVM) management application specially designed for BlackBerry users.
On sale for $12.99
until August 31st

bbExecutorBlackBerry Executor Keychain

bbExecutor has 8 Classic assault sounds - from phasers and machine guns to bombs and explosions!
On sale for $0.99
until August 31st

Jewel BreakerJewel Breaker

Rotate groups of four jewels at a time to make horizontal or vertical lines of three or more jewels to gain points and reach the highest levels!
On sale for $2.99
until August 25th


NetworkAcc is a powerful mobile network accelerator specially designed for BlackBerry.
On sale for $5.95
until August 31st


Emergency vehicle flashing light imitator (police, fire, ambulance, security)
On sale for $0.99
until August 31st

Cool at BlackBerry App World: and BlackBerry Shortcuts and BlackBerry Shortcuts

While these aren't apps per-se, installing these free BlackBerry desktop shortcuts deliver all of the latest news, schedules, stats, and more on the Yankees and Red Sox to your fingertips. Whether you're a Yankee fan or a Red Sox fan, staying up-to-date with the latest on these two amazing baseball franchises has never been easier.

Look for both the and BlackBerry desktop shortcuts in app world.... and while you're at it, be sure to peruse the new BlackBerry App World online portal.

Note: Many other MLB teams have their own launcher as well... actually, might even be all MLB teams. To look for your favorite team, pop open App World or browse the sports & recreation category online.

Freebie of the Week:


Mango for BlackBerry

Big Manga fan? Want to read more of your favorite comics, without sitting down in front of the computer to check out the latest scans? Now you can, with Mango! This simple app is a free manga reader. It lets you read any series from OneManga's library of scanned manga translations. As you download and read upcoming images are downloaded in the background. View details such as artist, author, genre, cover art, popularity rank and a lot more.

Key features of Mango:

  • Full mobile access to every OneManga series
  • Preloads pages as you read so the next page is always ready to read instantly
  • Ability to view series details such as artist, ranking, categories, and summary for any manga
  • List search makes it easy to find the specific manga or chapter you want, without tons of needless scrolling
  • Supports portrait or landscape screen orientations
  • Server-side transcoding strips ads and other unnecessary data from OneManga before sending it to the device, resulting in less data useage and faster speeds, and near instant delivery for cached data.
  • Advanced bookmarks system with low memory usage per bookmark, sorting, ability to auto-update old bookmarks with new chapter and page numbers, and the ability to bookmark any series, chapter, or page.
  • Touchscreen controls including doubletap to zoom, click to advance page, and swipe left/right to switch pages.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for non-touchscreen BlackBerrys, so you Curve, Bold, and Tour users can still keep up with the Storms. :P
  • Pageviewer automatically scales down pages to fit the width of your screen, meaning you only have to scroll up or down.
  • Various configurable preferences for convenience.
  • Recently Read screen shows the last 10 chapters opened, in case you forget to make a bookmark.
  • Automatic update notification

Mango is available for the Storm, Bold, Tour and Curve 8900. For more, check it out in our store.

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