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Boom! Another week in the history books. We've seen BBM updated, RIM release new devices and new apps. We've spent all week talking about the Middle East and issues with BlackBerry Bans. We've done reviews, hands on and much more. Now, time for a relaxing weekend, hope you all do the same. This week Durak winners are announced and we got new apps and a new Quicklaunch contest. Dig in folks, be sure to leave comment so you can have a chance to win 1 of 10 copies of Quicklaunch.

Freebies of the Week:  7Yes, Aces™ Cribbage Classic, PocketGrapes

In Case You Missed It: PlugItIn , BlackBerry Messenger Updated, FileScout 2.0

New This Week: Clipboard  v1.0, Lottery Picker (Mega, Powerball, Regular)  v1.3, Memooo - Note On Wallpaper  v1.0

Cool at BlackBerry App World: TyperLearn

Contest: Enter to win 1 of 10 copies of Quicklaunch From Nikkisoft!

Freebies Of The Week:


7Yes by Technology Digest inc - Available in English, Spanish and Chinese, 7Yes is a mobile application that works on BlackBerry®. 7Yes lets you browse famous, inspirational quotes, refrains, and proverbs that have withstood the test of time, culture, and generation.  Registered users can browse over 5000 quotes by theme like Hope, Love, Teaching, Empowerment, Friendship, and Happiness.  Once you’ve chosen a quote, you can send it to anyone on your contact list.  All that's left is to hit "SEND" and positive 7Yes energy is on its way to your loved ones!


  • Text or Twitte your selected Quote
  • About 5000 quotes
  • Divided into main and sub categories
  • Easy browsing
  • Select phone number directly from your contact list

Free for a limited time in AppWorld!


Aces™ Cribbage Classic by Concrete Software - Play the classic cribbage game on your BlackBerry®!  New to cribbage?  This game is perfect for the new cribbage player with in game tutorials, hints, rules, strategies and more! Play cribbage your way with multiple counting styles, and two different speeds.  You can even track your statistics to see how much you have improved.

Once you have mastered Aces Cribbage Classic, challenge yourself by upgrading to Aces Cribbage.  Aces Cribbage offers 3 difficulty levels, 7 game speeds, optional muggins, optional tutorial, best of 1 to 8 game series options, and tons of themes (boards, pegs, backgrounds, and cards)!  Statistics and online leaderboards make it simple to compete against your friends for the position of Aces Cribbage Champion.

Game Features:

  • New user tutorials and hints
  • Glossary of commonly used Cribbage terms
  • Multiple ways to count your hand; including fast count, slow count and auto count.
  • Tracks tons of statistics including number of wins, loses, skunks, and the average point leads.
  • Option for Muggins
  • Competitive computer player

Free in AppWorld!

Pocket Grapes

PocketGrapes by Cassetica Software Inc. - Undoubtedly the best Digital Wine Diary available!  With over 70,000 wines in our database, building and maintaining your own personalized diary has never been easier – simply scan the wine bottle’s barcode or manually enter wines using our regular search function. Each search will provide a detailed description of the wine, including vintage, professional rating and more. Next, create your own review or add it to your wish list!  You even have the option to access your Diary online from any computer. 

That’s not all, use PocketGrapes to:

  • Add ratings based on our customized rating system.
  • Record personalized user comments to help you keep track of your preferences.
  • Sign up for wine discount promotions.
  • Access all information on   So, you can access your wine diary from your computer or your phone.
  • Add your own wines, if we happen to be missing some.


  • -Barcode scanning requires an auto focus camera, so this feature is disabled on some phones.
  • We have already have barcode information for 40000+ wines and we are adding more daily.
  • Our wine catalog is updated on a daily basis as new wines are released.

Free in AppWorld!

In Case You Missed It:


Plug It In app alerts when your battery is low - Perfect for new Torch owners! -  Plug It In  is a simple app that pops up an alert when you battery is low. You can set the threshold (I like it at 30) and when your battery gets down, Plug It In alerts you with a popup, colored LED and sound (if you choose). This way you can get your device plugged in and charge up before it eats it. Whats cool is that Plug It In also shows a notification in the banner after your threshold level letting you know exactly how much battery power is left. Charge up the device again and the notification goes away. Granted there shouldn't be a need for this app, but if you want to keep up and running without the fear of your device randomly shutting down, this is definitely the way to go.

Plug It In is available as a free download for the Torch 9800 and other devices in the CrackBerry App Store. Be sure to check out all the other great apps from ShaoSoft while you're there.


BlackBerry Messenger Updated - v5.0.1.38 now available for download -  The latest BlackBerry Messenger is live. Through BlackBerry Beta Zone, RIM had released v5.0.1.32 but, the live links to the update are showing v5.0.1.38. You can hit the BlackBerry Messenger link  to download the latest version.


FileScout 2.0 - Updated to support BlackBerry 6 and new features -  Matthias, has released v2.0 of FileScout which adds some new features to the app and ensure BlackBerry 6 support.

New features include:

  • RibbonBar for TouchScreen Devices (incl. the new 9800 Torch!)
  • ZIP Browsing: When you have marked a ZIP you can select, if you would like to extract the complete archive or if you would like browse the content of the ZIP.
  • New ZIP-Browsing Key ShortCuts (TouchScreen Devices will show a own ZIP-Browsing RibbonBar to offer identical functionality)
  • Small Menu tweak for OS6 (to keep the OS and FileSout MenuItems separated from each other)
  • When the ‘File Rename Dialog’ will be opened the filename is already selected

What’s Fixed?

  • Opening directories containing a lot of files should be way faster then before
  • Possible dead lock while browsing images fixed
  • A lot of small tweaks and some small menu name adjustments

If you don't already have FileScout you can pick up the premium version for $6.99 which, comes with a free trial.

New This Week:


Clipboard  v1.0  by e-Devco - A Copy/Cut clipboard that stores each line of text that you copy or cut. It is available in most menus and always available in the switch application menu.


  • Stores everything you copy or cut (up to max of 20).
  • Available in most menus (all standard blackberry menus)
  • Accessible in the switch application menu
  • Configure the number of entries in the clipboard
  • Clear button to remove old entries.
  • Stores your clipboard entries after every reboot

$.99 in the CB Store


Lottery Picker (Mega, Powerball, Regular)  v1.3 - This Lottery Picker uses a custom made algorythm to select numbers for Powerballs, Mega and regular lotteries. You specify which type of lottery you are playing and how many quickpicks you need and the program will give you a series of excellent numbers to play for the lottery!


  • Powerball Numbers
  • Mega Numbers
  • Regular Lottery Numbers
  • Generate Multiple Quick Picks

$2.99 in the CB Store


Memooo - Note On Wallpaper v1.0 by MMMOOO -  Put the important note or to-do on your phone's home screen. Never forget what to do next.


  • Home screen display.
  • Quickly to add and manage notes.
  • Multi memo styles for optional.
  • Wallpaper optional
  • Memo position can be customized in any place
  • Font size, type and color customizable

 $3.99 in the CB Store

Cool In BlackBerry App World:


TyperLearn by Fabian Heuwieser - This Application for BlackBerry© devices allows the user to become a fast typer and increase his/her typing skills. It is aimed at users who are new to BlackBerry© or at those who just cannot type fast but really need this skill.

The App contains 48 Lessons for you to type and when you have completed 10% of the Lessons, you can take the first Test, after 20% the second Test, after 50% the third Test, after 70% the forth Test and after 90% the last Test. For each completed Lesson, the typing speed (in word-per-minute) is displayed so that you can see in which Lessons you still have to get better and in which you already are a champ. The total average words-per-minute speed is also displayed.

$2.99 in AppWorld


The fine folks at Nkiisoft are headlining our give away this week. Above you'll find the A to Z video of all you need to know about QuickLaunch. Big shout out the Nikkisoft for allowing us to have these copies to offer up. We'll have a new Quicklaunch 3.0 review up for everyone soon as well. Leave a comment, you could win.

Last Weeks Winners:


Here are the winners of last weeks contest, brought to you all by BerryBlow. Congrats folks you all win a free copy of Durak. You'll all be contacted within then next week to collect your winnings. Again, many thanks to BerryBlow.











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