The BlackBerry App Roundup

Hope everyone had another great week. The weekend is upon us and I hope you're going to sit back, enjoy a cool beverage, and perhaps browse the CrackBerry App Store or App World a little. Sound like a good idea? Rolling into the weekend here are the titles we've got for you this week:

New This Week: Add to Contact, Mastro Bolletta, Transformers Custom Theme, TalkLock, StormSlider, Mobile Checkbook

Apps on Sale: BatteryBooster, Vista Complete by KD Storm Edition Theme, Elverado, ColorLight, Full Screen Caller PictureID, Kama Sutra, IntelliBerry, RepliGo Reader for BlackBerry, QuickText, IM+ All-in-One Messenger, IM+ for Skype

Cool at BlackBerry App World: Facebook 1.5

Freebie of the Week: Zelda 8-Bit Theme for BlackBerry 83xx Series

Note: Don't forget, you can always search for titles featured in the App Roundup within App World... Some apps mentioned may be available there for your device.

New This Week

Add to Contact for BlackBerryAdd to Contact

Ever receive a phone call from an existing contact from your address book, but from a different phone number? Wish there was an easier way to add that new number to the existing contact? Now you can with the help of Add to Contact from MobiChampion Software. The app gives you a simple way of adding a new phone enumber, email or PIN address to any existing contact. A very handy app to have on-board, all that is required here is OS 4.2.1 or higher.

Get Add To Contact for $2.95 at >

Note: A free trial is also available.

Mastro BollettaMastro Bolletta

Manage your personal expenses and payments right on your BlackBerry with Mastro Bolletta. No internet connection is needed, all management takes place right on your Berry. Record payments and expenses, categorize into categories and sub-categories, search past expenses, view expenses over a one, two or three month period... and even view a history by category or payee, in table or chart view. OS 4.3 or higher is required for this one.

Pick up Mastro Bolletta for $3.99 at >

Transformers Theme for the BlackBerry StormTransformers Custom Theme for the Storm

I grew up watching the Transformers. In fact, I think I still have a lot of the original toys... You know, the original solid metal Optimus Prime... I'm sure it's worth a few dollars now, as they seem to make the new Transformers out of cheap plastic these days. At any rate, when I noticed this one I had to include it in the roundup. The theme features many of your favorite characters including the aforementioned Optimus Prime. There are 2 hidden docks that allow for a total of 16 user selected icons, along with many other neat features. Sorry to all those not on the Storm, but this one is of course for the Storm only. Had to get some Storm love in here off the top.

Get the Transformers Custom Theme for $8.00 at >

TalkLock for the BlackBerry StormTalkLock

To continue on with the 'Storm Love' today, TalkLock claims to be the '#1 Screen Locking Application for the BlackBerry Storm'. I'm not going to argue with that, so if you're looking for an app to provide you with all the screen-locking functionality you can handle, then you might want to check it out. The app prevents accidental presses during calls, comes with a 'slide to unlock' function, and allows for a customizable background image. The app is reasonably priced and is well worthwhile if you've ever experienced the frustration of an accidental screen press.

Pick up TalkLock for $2.99 at >


One more BlackBerry Storm locking app to tell you about today. This one has a definite 'iPhone' flavor to it. So, if you have somewhat of a soft spot for the iPhone, and want to combine that with the BlackBerry Goodness on your Storm, StormSlider is a winner. The app is very similar to TalkLock, with the major difference being the look and feel of the app. You'll no doubt recognize the styling put into this as it is almost identical to the 'slide to unlock' screen on the iPhone. The 'slide to unlock' screen works both in portrait and landscape mode, and there are quite a few customizable features within that make it a handy purchase.

Try StormSlider for $2.99 at >

Mobile Checkbook for BlackBerryMobile Checkbook

Need help with your personal accounting? Enter Mobile Checkbook for BlackBerry! If you need a little bit of help keeping track of your balances, Mobile Checkbook can help out. The app makes it easy to record transactions on-the-go, and you can view easily at a glance all types of information... including current balances, transaction details (date, time, payee, etc...) and much more. Mobile Checkbook lets you manage an unlimited number of accounts, and transaction lists can be exported to HTML, XLS or QIF (Quicken) formats. All current BlackBerry models are supported by this app, including the BlackBerry Storm.

Pick up MobileCheckbook for $12.95 at >

BlackBerry Apps on Sale


Boost your battery's current runtime!
Available now for $8.99 (Regular $9.99)
Offer Ends April 28th

Vista Complete ThemeVista Complete by KD Storm Edition Theme

A Vista Total Conversion for the Blackberry Storm
Now only $3.00 (Regular $5.00)
Offer ends April 30th

Elverado ThemeElverado

A sharp theme emphasizing customization, usability, and clean lines. Now with 100% more Storm themes (on top of the popular 83xx, 81xx, and 88xx devices)!
Now available for $5.99 (Regular $7.00)
Offer ends April 24th

Color LightColorLight

You can customize Pearl trackball or Status LED and Phone Screen light with different colors/effects. It's very useful when you are in the dark!
Available now for $6.99 (Regular $7.99)
Offer ends April 30th

Full Screen Caller PictureID for BlackBerryFull Screen Caller PictureID

Full screen picture caller ID application for the BlackBerry® smart phones. Assign any JPG, PNG or GIF picture as caller ID from Internal memory or from the external SD Card.  
Now $9.95 (Regular $14.95)
Offer ends May 31st

Kama Sutra for BlackBerryKama Sutra

Everything you want to know about Kama Sutra, History, purpose of Kama Sutra, positions and more.
Only $1.99 (Regular $3.99)
Offer ends April 30th


Run Apps, Lookup Contacts, Seach Files Instantly and Intelligently.
Available for $4.95 (Regular $6.95)
Offer ends April 30th

RepliGo Reader for BlackBerryRepliGo Reader for BlackBerry

It's like Adobe Reader for your BlackBerry! View native PDF files and email attachments stored on your BlackBerry with the highest fidelity solution on the market today.
Now $9.95 (Regular $19.95)
Offer ends April 24th

QuickText for BlackBerryQuickText

Because texting should be quick.
Available now for $4.99 (Regular $7.50)
Offer ends April 30th

IM+ All-in-One MessengerIM+ All-in-One Messenger

Enjoy real time chat within all popular messengers. File and photo transfer, cheap SMS all over the world, only for 5 cents to US, Canada, UK!
Available now for $19.99 (Regular $49.95)
Offer ends May 1st

IM+ for SkypeIM+ for Skype

IM+ for Skype enables text chat with other Skypers and provides cost-effective calling to landlines and mobiles. No extra voice delays even for long-distance calls! 
Available now for $19.99 (Regular $29.95)
Offer ends May 1st

Cool at BlackBerry App World

Facebook 1.5 

Facebook 1.5 for BlackBerry
I know many BlackBerry users had been eagerly awaiting the release of this latest build of Facebook... So much so in fact that some were using a leaked version of 1.5 to help tide them over. Thankfully, a few days ago word came out that Facebook 1.5 is indeed now available for all via App World, or via your Berry's web browser at Many new smaller tweaks have been built-in to this version, including message folder notifications and additional language support. The most useful update however appears to be the integration with your BlackBerry contacts. 1.5 allows you to pull images from Facebook and use them as profile pictures for your contacts. At any rate, any Berry user with a pulse that is on 'The Facebook' will want to pick this up and fool around with it right away... The update is definitely a step in the right direction.

You can pick up Facebook 1.5 in App World right now... and yes, it's free.

Freebie of the Week

Zelda 8-Bit Theme for BlackBerry 83xx Series

Zelda 8-Bit Theme for BlackBerry
I couldn't help but include this one... I love the classic games! In this simple Zelda tribute from NinjaThemes, you'll get screenshots and meters taken direct from the original Legend of Zelda game. The bottom dock is customizable, and heck, it's just so gosh darn neat. I know I'll disappoint many folks out there this week, as this freebie is pretty targeted... and it's only available for the 83xx series on OS 4.5 or higher. But hey, like I said, I just had to include it. Hopefully a few others out there get as much of a kick out of this one as I did :)

Pick up the Zelda 8-Bit Theme for FREE at >

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