Howdy CrackBerry nation! Hope you all are ready for the weekend. What else can I say but that this was certainly a MAD week and I mean that literally. Moving along to bigger and better things this week we not only saw the release of OS 10.3.2 Beta Autoloaders for developers but the acquisition of WatchDox by BlackBerry and that BlackBerry expanded the BlackBerry Leap's availability to U.S., Germany and France.

Now it's time to bring you this week's picks for all your passionate BlackBerry addicts out there. You can find each app and game I've rustled up for you by clicking through the gallery below. If your favorite did not make the cut this week, remember you can help by offering your suggestions at the end.

Secure Hub by Utkarsh Kumar Jauhari

First up this week is an application that I came across in my inbox. Secure Hub allows you to hide e-mails in the BlackBerry Hub to prevent others from accessing your emails without using a device password. We all know that we have the ability to show our email accounts in the hub, in a separate account, or in both. For this application to work properly it is best to choose the "Show Only in Hub" setting. Once an account is locked, the messages can no longer be seen in the hub. The application is easy to use and you can either lock emails automatically or manually. Users can even change the notification pop text for new messages received. For now the developer limited the maximum email count to 300. You can find Secure Hub for $0.99.

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Simply Bowling by FileArchiveHaven

For those who love bowling the developer behind Secure Antivirus Pro brings us this simple multiplayer 3D game. Players can not only compete against their friends on other phones but are able to play against each other on the same device using hot seat mode. The game offers quite a few features including the option to control the graphics quality, multiple lanes to choose from, free online multiplayer mode, and the ability to customize the AI difficulty. It may be simple but it is fun to play. Users can also move the position of the ball on the lane adjust the angle for a better shot. The premium version is $1.99 to purchased and there is also a free, albeit limited, version available to download with ads.

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Microtrip by madpxl & birslip

If there was ever a game to be addicted to it is this one. Microtrip is a physics arcade game that is unlike most of the ones we're used to. It is an endless runner game whereby you are put into the body of a strange creature. There are few twists to the game, such as it is vertical instead of horizontal, but that makes it more interesting. Your goal is to go as far as possible all while avoiding the monsters and eating the white cells that keep you alive. How do you play this game you might ask? All you have to do is tilt your device in the direction you wish to go in. The visuals are stunning and it is a fun little game to play. Microtrip is free to download from the Amazon Appstore.

How to install Microtrip from the Amazon Appstore

Easy Task by bbDeveloper

Our BlackBerry devices are all about productivity and efficiency and there is nothing wrong with a third party application to improve upon that. This native application allows you to create and manage various tasks. It offers a variety of functions including seamless synchronization with OS 10 and the Remember App, two time mode for adding a simple due date and complex start/end date, ability to sort, share, and copy, password protection, backup and restore, shortcuts for QWERTY devices, and various others to help with your day-to-day tasks. Easy Task supports OS 10.3 and higher. The free version comes with ads and has limits of adding up to 6 tasks and 3 items, while the premium version is $1.99.

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OfficeSuite 8 Free by MobiSystems, Inc.

When it comes to Docs to Go there we've documented a few updates we would like to see. So when going through the Amazon Appstore I decided to check this out. For work, Excel happens to be my most used application for accessing various financial spreadsheets. As you know, some of the basic features such as creating, deleting and renaming a sheet is missing as was inserting and deleting rows. I have to say that even in the free version of this suite, all of those functions are back. What I also like about this suite is how it offers templates, another feature I utilize on the desktop version, even if the selection is limited on the free version. If you are looking for an alternative office program for your BlackBerry you download it for free. The professional version is $19.99, however, at the time that I am writing this it is currently on sale in the Amazon Appstore for $9.99.

How to install Office Suite 8 Free from the Amazon Appstore

What You Might Have Missed

Blaq for BlackBerry 10 v1.5 now available on BlackBerry World

This week Kisai Labs released a massive update to their popular twitter application. There are too many features to list but this release includes the ability to upload multiple photos, video support (viewing only), in-app notifications, and 100 emoiji, just to name a few. Also included are several enhancements such as Faster Hub card loading, better caching, and bug fixes.You can read the entire change log at this link and for those who have not already purchased, you can grab yours for $2.99 in BlackBerry World.

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Until next week...

That's it for this week folks. For more apps and games, be sure to head on over to the CrackBerry Forums where you will find even more hidden gems to choose from whether it be for BlackBerry 10, BBOS or the BlackBerry PlayBook. Of course, you can always find the latest and greatest top editor's picks in the CrackBerry App Gallery. Are there any apps or games you would like to see? Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments.

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