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Good day all! Another week, another great batch of BlackBerry apps to talk about. This week I've got 25 copies of Vorino Timer & Stopwatch from our pals at Vorino Software to giveaway, so keep reading for all the details...Covered this week in the BlackBerry App Roundup are the following titles:

Giveaway of the Week: Vorino Timer & Stopwatch

Freebies of the Week: Flickr for BlackBerry, BlackBerry Superstore, JShoppingList

In Case You Missed It: BerryBuzz 3.0 Now Available, BMW Launches Roadside Assistance App, XM Radio Online+ Now Available in Canada, NFL Mobile App Now Available from Verizon, Track Your BlackBerry Usage with Mobholic

New This Week: My CreditCards, Charades, BarBack Party Drinks

Cool at BlackBerry App World: Dilbert Calendar

Note: Don't forget, you can always search for titles featured in the App Roundup within App World... Some apps mentioned may be available there for your device.

Giveaway of the Week:

Vorino Timer / Stopwatch

Vorino Timer and Stopwatch

Vorino Timer & Stopwatch is a timer/stopwatch (duh) with both analog and digital displays. There's four operating modes (up, down, down-repeat, down-up), it'll run in the background, plus, there's a whackload of appearance options. Use it for your next workout, for timing that important presentation, or keeping tabs on that roast you have in the oven. The number of features built-in is quite extensive, so be sure to check it out in our store for the complete list. All that is required to run this one is a non-touch Berry with OS 4.2 or newer.

If you'd like to enter for your chance to win one of 25 free copies of Vorino Timer & Stopwatch, answer the following question in the comments:

What activities do you time? And what specific features do you like to see in a timer (for example, a continuous down/repeat mode).

Leave your answer in the comments now... Good luck!

Freebies of the Week:

Flickr for BlackBerry

Flickr for BlackBerry

Want to make your pictures immediately available on your Flickr® account?  With the Flickr app for BlackBerry, take a picture and upload it to your Flickr® account directly from your Berry. If you already use this application on your desktop, you will be happy to note that the features and the functions are designed into the app for BlackBerry as well. You will be able to learn this new app in no time at all with the familiar keyboard, menus and prompts on your BlackBerry.

Download and install this free application for your BlackBerry today. The app supports all current-gen BlackBerry devices.

BlackBerry Superstore by MobiHand

BlackBerry Superstore by MobiHand

Want to browse the best in BlackBerry apps, games, themes and accessories... all in one convenient shop? Enter the MobiHand Superstore for BlackBerry. The Superstore is easy to use, and delivers the latest and greatest in apps, accessories and more, right to the palm of your hand. There's a 'Deal of the Day', tons of categories, detailed descriptions and reviews, and much MUCH more.

Check out the BlackBerry Superstore by MobiHand >



Can’t find a pencil and paper to jot down your grocery shopping list? No need to try to remember any longer what you need to pick up at the store. With the JShoppingList app; Add, and delete items from the list using the Add and Delete menu items, set prices for each item and keep track of your shopping lists expenses when you assign prices to each item along with the currency of the country that you are in. When you backup your phone, the JShoppingList data bases will also be backed up so no worries about losing your list. The JShoppingList works with BlackBerry OS 4.6.x and above.

Get this great time-saving app today, Click here.

In Case You Missed It:

BerryBuzz 3.0 Now Available

BerryBuzz 3.0

Version 3.0 of BerryBuzz is now available, loaded with new features that both new and existing users will appreciate. Support has been added for additional 3rd party apps such as Twitter (RIM), TweetGenius, UberTwitter, SocialScope, OpenBeak, BeejiveIM, IM+, WhatsApp, Skype, MySpace, Viigo, ebay App, MeterBerry, instango. Users can assign LED colors to specific calls, SMS and email from identified contacts. Four new colors added and twelve new disco LED colors added. Now you can also select an option to vibrate while ringing for all notifications and to also vibrate or play a sound when a call is connected or disconnected. New users can purchase the BerryBuzz for $5.99 while existing users can upgrade for a small fee of $1.99.

Click here to download the BerryBuzz >

BMW Launches Roadside Assistance App

BMW Roadside Assistance App

Roadside assistance is always important no matter what kind of car you drive, however now with the new and improved Roadside Assistance App for BMW’s, drivers can arrange for assistance through their BlackBerry in less time than direct calling. The app comes with a number of features that most drivers will appreciate if you have ever had to call for roadside assistance.  Find a dealer near you along with hours of operation and contact information. Select the type of service you need from a menu and receive up to date information regarding service dispatch, estimated time of arrival and your reference number. Even your vehicle’s VIN can be included which expedites confirmation that you are entitled to Roadside Assistance. This is an app that no BMW driver should be without.

Learn more >

XM Radio Online+ Now Available in Canada

XM Radio Online+

XM Radio Online is now available in Canada to all Canadian users. You can receive many of the same channels as the SIRIUS application. Try out their 14 day trial to check out all of the services. Prices are competitive with $2.99 for mobile users if you are already an XM subscriber and $7.99 per month if you are not an existing customer. The XM Radio Online app works on 3G and WiFi and all devices from 85xx and up are supported as well as the Storm series.

Listen to all of your favorite programs online with the XM Radio Online app! Get started right here >

NFL Mobile App Now Available from Verizon

NFL Mobile App

Want to keep tabs on the NFL draft, schedules, prospect information, scores and other NFL information? Download the NFL Mobile app which works on Verizon’s network on all of their native devices. This app is just in time for the draft and we expect that you will receive the latest news about the NFL draft, lots of details about the prospects and much more. The NFL Mobile App is expected to have scores, schedules and general NFL news during the season. Unfortunately you cannot download this app from other carriers.

This is a free app... and Verizon customers can get it by clicking here.

Track Your BlackBerry Usage with Mobholic


Want to know if you're really addicted to your BlackBerry? For a clean-cut answer, get Mobholic to track all of your usage statis and more. If you decide to upload you stats to their website, you can compete and compare usage results with other users from around the world. Will you make the top 10? Are you in one of the top MobHolic countries? Are you a true addict?

Get your copy of Mobholic via App World >

New This Week

My CreditCards

My CreditCards

My CreditCards is a feature rich app that provides everything you need to manage your credit cards, track expenses and generate reports. Keep track of due dates with the handy reminder service, add as many credit cards as you need, search for cards, track all of your transactions, add detail notes and track transactions in a variety of ways. (category, date, date ranges, amounts and more). Generate statements, payment due dates, closing balances, custom statements and protect all of your data with a master password. If you need to keep track of all of the details for your credit card purchases, then the My CreditCards app is for you.

Learn more about My CreditCards >



Charades is a great game to play at parties, between couples or teams. Now you can browse thousands of Charade topics to select the ones that best fit your party theme. Choose from a variety of topics from movie themes, celebrity themes, TV shows, books and more. Your guests will be impressed and a little challenged with the topics that you throw at them, guaranteed. If you're running OS 4.3 or better then Charades will work just fine on your Berry.

Get your copy of Charades from our store >

BarBack Party Drinks

BarBack Party Drinks

Want to impress your friends with the latest drinks? Or how about something totally new and off the wall? With the new BarBack Party Drinks app you can do all of that and more. There are over 10,000 drink recipes in the data base along with ingredients, liquor, glassware and even the proper garnish for each drink. Even professionals will find this app useful for those one of a kind requests that you get while working... Even shots, slammers and various shooter drinks are included. Surprise your guests with a different outlandish drink every time they come over. The BarBack Party Drinks app is a must have for anyone who does a lot of entertaining, or for those special occasions that always seem to pop up.

Get your copy here >

Cool at BlackBerry App World:

Dilbert Calendar

Dilbert Calendar

If you're a Dilbert fan, you will appreciate this new app from Metranome. Priced at $9.99, this one gives you an animated Dilbert cartoon with your daily agenda. Start the day with a bit of humor and share some of the better cartoons with your friends. You get one year of cartoons when you purchase. Once you download the app, it will seek to make a connection over WiFi or your high speed internet connection... Make sure you set the Dilbert Calendar to make ALL HTTP requests and you will also need a micro SD card to store videos. This is a must-have for all Dilbert fans!

Get your copy of the Dilbert Calendar via App World >

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