BlackBerry App Generator apps moving to Amazon Appstore

If you have an app in BlackBerry World that was made using the BlackBerry App Generator you'll want to note that the apps will be moving to Amazon's Appstore. Earlier this year, BlackBerry App Generator reached its end of life, and no new apps could be made and submitted using the service, and at the end of the year these apps will be removed from BlackBerry World. If you have an app in BlackBerry World that was built using the service, there are a few things to take note of.

In line with BlackBerry's strategy to support consumer apps with the Amazon App Store, we are now migrating your app to the Amazon App Store. You don't need to do anything - we'll simply rebuild your BlackBerry app and submit it to the Amazon App Store next week - no hassle, no additional cost! Thereafter, not only will BlackBerry users have access to your app via the Amazon App Store on BlackBerry 10 devices, but millions more users will have access to your app through Amazon supported devices.

As mentioned above, you won't need to do anything to have your apps migrated to the Amazon Appstore. It is noted that the apps will be unpublished from BlackBerry World at the end of 2015, but no specific date is mentioned.